5 myths about anxious children

Parents take care of the baby, give him the best
groom and cherish. Why then does the crumb become anxious? What is he
may be afraid if mom is near and everything is fine? Psychologist Natasha
Daniels debunks five major myths about disturbing

The content of the article

  • 1 Myth 1. Children have nothing to worry about.
  • 2 Myth 2. If the child is anxious, parents are guilty.
  • 3 Myth 3. Anxiety disorders in children are very rare.
  • 4 Myth 4. Misconception: when the child is older, the alarm will pass
    by herself
  • 5 Миф 5. От тревоги страдают только слабые дети

тревожный ребенок

Myth 1. Children have nothing to worry about.

So consider almost all parents whose children suddenly begin
be anxious. Coming to a consultation with a psychologist, moms and dads
they list how they indulge their child, how much they give him what they don’t
It was their own childhood. They quite sincerely believe that
cause for alarm in crumbs just can not be.

Parents are mistaken because they consider only external
factors, thinking that some clear
occasion. This is not true. Often anxiety in a child
due to genetic predisposition: external
no irritants, but for purely physiological reasons, baby
begins to suffer from thoughts of what horrors can
to happen.
Anxious man begins to be tormented by the question:
«А что, если…?»  и хоть беды и воображаемые, но они приносят
no less suffering than real problems.

Thus, the child can live in fear and fear all the time.
what events and situations that never happened to them
and, quite possibly, they will never happen.

Reflections on imaginary misfortunes may not bring
less suffering than real problems.

Myth 2. If the child is anxious, parents are guilty.

It often seems to others that they are better seen from the outside.
Often in anxiety of the child, they begin to blame the parents. Sometimes
even friends and relatives indicate that the child has been spoiled;
need strict discipline. Parents of an anxious child and so hard,
and blaming them for what happened most unfairly.
Because of such comments, parents may even lose heart. but
psychologists say that in most cases, criticism of others
completely unreasonable.

детская тревога

Anxiety cannot be eliminated with hard
дисциплины, она не является следствием плохого или слишком
мягкого воспитания.
From the side it may seem that
baby rolls into hysterics. Only the others do not know that her
caused what preceded it. They do not see that the child barely
keeps, and also do not represent, how hard it is for a kid to fight with
anxiety every day and often lose.

Myth 3. Anxiety disorders in children – a rarity.

Familiar child may not even imagine that he has
anxiety disorder. Они могут быть прекрасно воспитанными,
дружелюбными, хорошо учиться в школе. They generally do not
bully and do not cause anyone problems. Therefore, the surrounding and
they do not suspect that the child is tormented by constant anxiety.


О страданиях ребенка зачастую не догадываются учителя в
school, distant relatives, but even his close friends. Usually about
anxiety disorder know only the closest relatives
therefore, a stereotype is formed that anxiety disorders
children are rare.

Myth 4. Misconception: when the child is older, the alarm will pass
by herself

Parents of anxious children often hear such advice: “Have patience
a little bit, it will pass when the child is older. ” Such say
relatives, teachers who know about the problem. This advice is given
even pediatricians. The baby is growing up, but that’s just him
anxiety will remain with him. It will change, take a different form, but
will not be gone.

The worst advice you can give anxious parents
children: “Be patient, with age it will pass.” Unfortunately, anxiety with
age does not go away. It changes and takes other forms, but not

тревога у детей

Parents should not listen to someone’s advice when it comes to
calm and generally about the health of the child. Need to go to
professional psychologist, read specialized
literature to understand what anxiety disorder is and how to
fight him.
After that, parents can explain
the child, why does he have terrible thoughts, and also teach
its coping with them. It is advisable to do it all as you can.

Миф 5. От тревоги страдают только слабые дети

This delusion is especially characteristic of popes. Natasha Daniels
says that many fathers are ashamed that their children are something
fear, anxious. This usually concerns sons
papas are perceived as weak and characterless.

Fathers who have experienced anxiety disorder in a child
it is necessary to realize that this problem does not depend on weakness
character or lack thereof. In fact, everything is completely
vice versa. Alarming children are among the most daring, because they are daily
fight with thoughts of imaginary misfortunes and horrors.

It is very important to struggle with the errors listed above. Important
understand that and anxious kid and his parents don’t deserve
condemnation and criticism. They need support and understanding
окружающих, а не осуждение и критика.

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to blame for the anxiety of the child

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