5 most unfair and offensive phrases fromparents that children can hear

Unfortunately, many adults too quickly forget that they
were once small. All those parenting mistakes that
previously, their parents allowed them, they are already transferring to their children, not
realizing that often carelessly defended word can firmly
�”Sit down” in the head of the child and become a source in the future
serious psychological problems. It is worth remembering, for example, the most
unfair and offensive remarks that moms and dads and now
say kids.

обидные слова для детей

1. Nobody asks you

Attempting to silence a child is an example of a situation
which can seriously affect the formation of his personality in
the future. Many parents underestimate their children, believing that
no serious thoughts they simply can not be. And then
worry that the baby is growing indifferent, inert,
immersed in your inner world. Be sure to allow the child
express yourself even if he wants to say something trivial. AT
in the future, it will greatly facilitate his communication in the team.

2. Your nothing here is not

So parents say, wanting to emphasize complete dependence
baby from them. Even if mom and dad try this way
show the baby that things don’t come from nowhere, teach him
value money and labor of others, then the wording is chosen extremely
unsuccessfully. If you buy a toy baby or a new suit, then
both you and he must clearly understand that this thing is now his
own. ATедь придя в гости к друзьям, вы же не начинаете
lay claim to the toaster that you gave to the hostess of the past

Of course, the child should know that everything does not appear out of thin air.
and not just that, and that adults are making efforts to ensure that
buy something. But to know that in fact everything that he has
is, does not belong to him just because he is objective
reasons not able to afford it, it’s just nonsense and
madness, you know.

3. We owe you nothing

When husband and wife decide to have a baby, they automatically take
a huge amount of commitment to the future
baby Moreover, the obligations of both psychological and quite
official, which are regulated by law. Care for
child – the constitutional duty of parents. AT Семейном Кодексе РФ
There is a whole chapter establishing their rights and obligations
relation to children. Trying to prove to a child that this is not the case –
frank deception. Why did you even have children then, if not
want to be responsible?


ATы должны ему хотя бы элементарную заботу, крышу над головой,
food and eight hugs a day.

обидные фразы детям

4. ATот придет отец!

Sometimes fathers actually play the role of an “evil cop”. More often
it’s not even the dads themselves who create this image, but the mothers who have exhausted
all means of influencing the disobedient child, and decided to resort to
the threat of the next level. At the same time, Dad may not have a thought.
punish a child, but the image of a possible paternal rage is so tight
rooted in the child’s mind, which further interferes with adequate
communication between fathers and children. Needless to say how important masculine is
parenting for the child and what he will lose if to adjust with dad
contact never succeeds? Diffidence,
lack of ambition, lack of ambition – this is just a small list
possible problems.

5. ATсе дети как дети, а ты…

The surest way to hurt a child is to make it clear that he,
It turns out, not like their parents, and all the other children
they seem much more attractive: smarter, more accurate, more diligent,
спокойнее… AT данном случае это не играет роли, важно лишь одно:
mom thinks they are better. The child forms complexes: he
�”Not like that”, does not deserve parental love, he has nothing
it turns out …

ATо-первых, конечно, непонятно, откуда у родителей такая
information that “all children are like children.” ATо-вторых, звучит это,
it seems more offensive than the rest – it turns out you don’t like you
parents, and all other children seem to them much more attractive,
although they have no idea that the neighbor boy tears off
head bugs. Paradox – why is he better than me?

AT действительности часто бывает, что родители прекрасно знают:
children cannot say such things. They don’t think so at all, but
all these phrases burst forth from them in a temper, in a fit of irritation and
anger. Especially important when communicating with the child in control
and avoid unjust comments.

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