5 most strange reasons to give birth to the secondbaby

Previously, I was sure that the desire to have a second
baby возникает у родителей, когда они считают себя
prepared for this event. For example, confidence in
their ability to provide another baby, there was such
spiritual need, in the family there is a place of love and understanding,
enough strength that I want to give another man.
In a word, the same as with the first child, only confidence and
readiness to exercise parenting is much more.
But it turned out that this is not always the case.

In my whole life I have often heard very much
странные причины родить второго baby, которые вызывали у меня
only bewilderment.
Let’s talk about this in more detail.


Reason number 1. We must give birth to the second, and then the first
ребенок будет эгоистом

Absolutely erroneous position. Any child
will be selfish if you bring him up in an atmosphere of permissiveness
and indulge all his desires. I have a lot of life
examples before my eyes, when there were several children in the family, but
However, the egoists were there. Since this could happen,
if following the above logic, only an only child
can be selfish?

The fact is that selfish in large families are
just children getting more parental caress and
permissiveness – “the youngest is the best.” If the child feels
that he is distinguished, and he is “in charge” for his mom, then
start using it. In time, it will turn into the present.

And what happens to those who are “cheated”? He gets used to that
that in order to achieve his goals, he needs to be
начеку, не щелкать клювом,  отвоевывать игрушки, любовь и
parental attention. Therefore, he tries to “grab” more and
better, no one will take care of him otherwise. The rudiments of egoism
appear here.

Получается, что только в результате неправильного
воспитания дети могут стать эгоистами
. How many will have
Mom and Dad, does not matter at all. The main thing is the approach to
children and the correct prioritization.

Запомните, единственный малыш не значит
. He has a mom and dad, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts,
uncles, also family friends and neighbors. With all of them you can
contacting – taking care of elders, helping parents around the house,
play with neighbors children, share toys with them.

If you have an animal in your home that needs a permanent
then the best way to turn a baby into a caring
�”Altruista” and come up with difficult. (read also: pet for
baby: правила выбора и советы по уходу). If this does not help,
значит, рождение второго baby ничего не поменяет.

Try to start to grow and educate your
the firstborn is a loving, caring and heartfelt child.

If you can do this task 100%, then you can think about it and
о рождении второго baby. Otherwise, after his birth, the situation in
the family will only get worse. Grow two egoists will still
more difficult.

Reason number 2. Одного baby для продолжения рода недостаточно.
Humanity is on the verge of extinction …

Let’s not complain about the fact that humanity faces
catastrophic extinction. Obviously, today
the number of people living on our planet has exceeded
7 billion mark. What does this mean? Opportunity
overpopulation of the globe becomes real. Therefore if you are so
worried about the future of the whole generation, you need not have at all

Or do you belong to the number of people of a noble family and therefore consider
yourself bound to multiply? And who told you that your race will bring
something special for all the inhabitants of our planet? Leave like
reasoning, they come to nothing.


And I also want to ask a question to people who are worried about the future.
of all mankind – and what have you done for your kind, the city,
countries of the whole world? Maybe you tirelessly fight for
preservation of the pristine beauty of nature or you help people
to deal with difficulties, keep beggars and save the disadvantaged? BUT
maybe you built a big bridge in your city for convenience
movement of all citizens? Made a great discovery, invented
something worthwhile?

It turns out that you have already invested your soul in humanity, the case remains only
for small – to give birth to another person to save a kind?
Is all matters redone? Not worth it that way
�”Worry” for the fate of the whole universe, take care of others
available methods make happy humanity if the reason
рождения второго baby заключается именно в этом.


Reason number 3. It is necessary to give birth to the second, and then relatives and friends
will not understand

It often happens that we are waiting for a reaction
surrounding on their behavior. We are used to our actions.
subject to an assessment so afraid to hear if not
meet the expectations of the majority.

The case of the life of every girl. When the girl reaches
18 years old, they begin to pester her with the questions: “When
married? As soon as she gets married, the next one “sneaks up”
trick question: “When to give birth are you going to? She does not have time
to recover from the first birth, the question is: “When is the next?” AND
this goes on forever.

It turns out, we do not decide how we live. This is decided by our neighbors,
friends, relatives? AND мы должны всю свою жизнь положить на то,
to match their ideas, chase their “when”?

Of course not. Learning to get away from inappropriate questions. Recall
an old joke and draw conclusions.

A familiar old lady talked to me all the time at weddings,
that I am “next.” I put up with this pressure for a long time. Everything
It stopped at one “wonderful” moment when at our funeral
Neighbors I turned to her and said her same catchphrase: “You
the next.

ANDтак, у вас уже есть один ребенок. If that’s enough for you –
put out of your mind the unnecessary thoughts that “everybody says so
need to”. BUT кто считает, что один ребенок – это очень мало
для семьи, пусть рожает себе столько детей, сколько хочет
AND больше не лезет в чужую жизнь.

Reason number 4. First child will be much more fun if
there will be a second

This phrase can be perceived as a mockery. How are you
solve the problem of “boredom” elder? If you make of your firstborn
�”Nurse”, which will ask from time to time to bring
bottle, hold the pacifier or rattle a toy? Do not take in
the calculation of the fact that you will for some time “fall out” altogether
жизни своего старшего baby – роды, восстановление после них,
care of the newborn baby. Everything это никак не способствует его
�”Fun”, believe me.

Are you really worried about your baby being
кем играть, а не оправдываете свое желание иметь второго baby
similar reasoning? Then let your firstborn bring
friends to your home, give him a special place to play,
think how to organize his leisure. Remember that children are drawn to
your peers, so do not expect from brothers and sisters
overly close relationship. Older children are not interested in playing with
the younger ones. It is a fact. This happens only from despair.

AND главное. Notльзя «использовать» второго baby для развлечения
first. It sounds somehow humiliating, even if you are only
plan to give birth.

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Reason number 5. Осталась куча вещей от первого baby

With this approach, to be honest, it is better not to give birth and
first. A child, comrades, he is not a plush toy. He must
to be desired. Loved one. It must have resources in all

AND финансовая мотивация сэкономить три копейки на вещах —
This, excuse me, is a mental crisis, and not a reason to bring into the world a new
If you value so much junk – put it
on the mezzanine and let it be kept there for you to enjoy.

Items should not control your life. If you don’t understand
why, I can not explain. You can accept as fact –
people are primary, people are the goal, and things are just a means. Not
vice versa.

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Рожать ли 2-го baby?

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