5 most common mistakes in the care ofnewborn baby

When a child appears in the family at the parents always
lays a huge responsibility. Baby needs constant
care, attention and meticulous care. Of course, bathing, feeding and
changing diapers – not so complicated procedures, but they also need
perform correctly. Despite all efforts, parents often
make mistakes, especially at first. How to avoid them
read this article.

уход за newborn baby

1. Bathing in potassium permanganate

Moms often bathe their babies in a bath with a solution of potassium permanganate.
They are convinced that through such water procedures the baby will
healthy and will not catch any infection. However, pediatricians explain
that potassium permanganate is not only not good for the health of the crumbs, but can also
to harm.

�”Rose water” strongly dries the skin and if you bathe your baby in water with
раствором марганцовки часто, это может привести к ее
peeling. The same effects are given by the infusion sequence. In general, any herbs –
these are potential allergens and causes of dry skin, therefore
they can only be used after discussing this issue with
a doctor.

Really useful bath with potassium permanganate can be
only for the healing of the umbilical wound. Those. bathe the newborn in
potassium permanganate is needed only until the umbilical
wound. In other cases, use “rose water”

Когда пупочная ранка заживает, новорожденного можно купать
in ordinary warm water at a comfortable temperature. Baby foam,
shampoos and gels are best used no more than once a week,
even if they are completely safe and hypoallergenic. More often this
you should not do so as not to deprive the baby’s skin of its natural

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2. Incorrect use of diapers

Many mothers slam down on diapers, accusing them of
том, что у baby появляются опрелости и раздражения на коже. it
another misconception. Modern diapers are unique.
invention of mankind and they were created to simplify the care of
младенцем, содержать кожу малыша в сухости и чистоте. If a
diaper rashes and skin rashes occur, so the diaper is just

Every mom should know what to change the diaper baby
should be taken at intervals of 3 hours and each time after a bowel movement. With
every change of the diaper, it is necessary to arrange air
baths. If a у малышей появляется аллергия, решить проблему обычно
It helps to change the brand of diapers (what diapers to choose for
newborns (+ video reviews)).

новорожденный в подгузнике

3. Fear of hypothermia

Caring for a small child often reaches extremes and
common mistake of most parents – fear of overcooling
baby. Adults begin to wrap babies in blankets, include
heater, wear winter overalls for a walk when on
street early autumn. Grandmas make their contribution, who are sure that
the child is constantly freezing.

Any pediatrician will confirm that overheating for the baby is more
dangerous condition than hypothermia. With перегревании у него
the whole body begins to sweat at once, his skin becomes wet. From
light breeze or small draft
catch a cold Также чрезмерное укутывание baby и
overheating provokes prickly heat – a skin rash that is severely
itchy and itchy. Globally, overheating is negative
сказывается и на нервной системе baby.

Rule: Baby should be dressed just like yourself, plus
one more layer. It is important that the clothes are made of natural
fabrics, the same goes for bed linen. The room where it is located
baby, you need to air regularly. It should be supported
temperature in the region of 22-24 degrees. Then the child will


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4. Cut nails is anguish

Most parents have difficulty cutting their nails.
in the newborn. Они боятся поранить baby, сделать ему больно.
With этом малыш постоянно ворочается, шевелит ручками. However if
choose the right tool procedure significantly

A baby needs to cut its nails as they grow. Recommended
делать это почаще, потому что под ногтями скапливаются
harmful bacteria. For this, it is worth buying safe thin ones.
children’s scissors: their ends are blunt, so they can not
to injure the fingers of the baby.

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ножнички для новорожденных


5. Peeling off crusts on the head

The baby does not immediately stabilize the sebaceous glands. By
For this reason, in the first months after birth, on his head
образоваться корочки желтоватого цвета. This phenomenon is very
common, not dangerous to health, but requiring
proper care.

корочки на голове у baby

Many parents make a mistake and begin to “trick” these
crusts. It is absolutely impossible to do this. After all, kids have this
tender and vulnerable skin that is very easy to injure. And where
trauma, there and inflammation (especially given the fact that under
Parental nails accumulate a huge number of bacteria).

If a у новорожденного появились желтоватые корочки, нужно помыть
ему голову теплой водичкой и мягким детским шампунем. Then
следует аккуратно промокнуть голову baby полотенцем, не вытирая
dry, put baby oil and put on a cap. The scales will soften,
therefore, they can be easily cleaned with a comb, gently separating
scales and not causing child discomfort. To remove all
crusts will require several procedures. Rush it
really not worth it. Читаем подробно: О корочках на голове
newborns – causes and how to remove them

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