5 main criteria to be followedto value a pram

Parents, expecting a baby, in advance
think through all the questions that they will have to face when
arrangement of life of the newborn. Great value to ensure
baby’s comfort has a pram. In order to
to get a high-quality and reliable stroller, you need to know its rules
of choice.

коляски для детей


The main criterion for choosing a good baby carriage is convenience for
baby The frame of the cradle in the purchased stroller must be
certainly tough. Upholstered and comfortable mattress are also important.
for the first vehicle of the baby.

When you buy a stroller or multifunctional stroller,
be sure to look for one that has a comfortable seat
baby footrest and weatherproof hood
and the sun.

To the child had the opportunity to lie in a stroller when he falls asleep
or get tired, the back should be adjusted by taking several
different tilt positions.


It is necessary to acquire a carriage which does not have sharp or
small parts that can hurt the baby during a walk. She is
should be equipped with stable and maneuverable wheels, good
brakes. These elements will allow parents to easily manage it,
and the child is comfortable to travel.

Strollers for walking should have adjustable straps, removable
бампер, удерживающий baby They should not bar free
access to the baby if necessary.

Wheelchair belts may have different designs. There is
five-point products consisting of two shoulder straps of the same
the number of garters in the belt, as well as one between the legs.
There are options for three points, in which there is only
Belt two belts and one between the legs.

Five-point method of fixing the baby is safer
вариантом и лучше удерживает baby


When buying a stroller, you need to pay attention to
extra features that can be quite helpful.
Transformers and strollers for newborns are usually equipped with a removable
cradle with carrying handle.

When choosing a transformer or a walking model, it’s worth checking
whether the height of the handle is convenient for parents, otherwise when walking
will have to stoop, which is too uncomfortable.

Preference should be given to samples with a handle that has
height adjustment. In addition, consider the moment that
for some children it is more pleasant to look in the direction of movement, and otherwise
prefer to constantly see the parents. Better to buy a stroller,
equipped with a flip handle. She is позволяет возить малыша так, как
he likes.

Be sure to pay attention to the maneuverability of the wheels.

  • If the model is equipped with large rubber wheels, this
    provide a good wheelchair performance in any weather and mild
    running on a rough road;
  • when the stroller is equipped with small plastic wheels, it is
    greatly facilitate its weight, as well as it is suitable for walking
  • floating wheels will make the product more maneuverable, but they
    should certainly have clamps that allow them to be fixed in
    one position.

The ideal purchase option would be a design in which
removable wheels are provided that allows to establish in
depending on the situation one or another of their options.


A good stroller folds easily, can be quickly assembled.
You should always acquire an optimum weight design, since
if the lift breaks down, the parents will have to be pushed daily
independently make out of the doorway.

Travel lovers should better buy compact models.
(cane strollers) because they fit into
car trunk where not take much
places. ЧИТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: Сравнение 6 моделей
strollers canes for travel with the child

Most models of wheelchairs have ware baskets and are equipped with
pockets in which you can put toys, interchangeable products
children’s clothes. Also included may be additional
Accessories: sun visor, toy stand and
bottles, parent bag, mosquito net, warm case and

Also not superfluous will be car accessories: headrest,
special adapters to securely fasten in the car
cradle, “seat belt”.

ЧИТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: Как выбрать коляску для

Quality of materials

The strength of the pram is largely dependent on the materials from
which she performed. You need to buy the model for which
The manufacturer used environmentally friendly and high quality
materials, waterproof fabrics. They will provide easy
care for the product.

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