5 life hacking for a child’s illness: what you need to knowevery mom

All children sometimes get sick and every mother knows that
Enjoy this little. In this issue, I will tell you about my
life hacking, which significantly facilitate the life of the mother.

Life hacking 1: We treat with your favorite toy

If the child does not want to take medicine or comply
doctor’s recommendations I come to the aid of a favorite toy

I tell Amalie that her beloved bear, Timmy, has just
ill, and his symptoms are the same. Timmy agrees to be treated,
so he drinks medicine, and now he goes to listen to a fairy tale.

An example of a little friend usually acts on
the child is encouraging and mom gets a little easier.

Life hacking 2: Keeping it clean

A runny nose is a constant sniffing and a whole ton.
disposable handkerchiefs. In order not to collect used paper
handkerchiefs throughout the house, I connected with a rubber band 2
boxes – empty and with napkins. Has explained Amalia, that in empty
need to put used napkins.

It is not only convenient, but also hygienic. Baby can’t
reach for a used napkin.

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Life hacking 3: Making delicious medicines

Children do not like pills, but sometimes they still have to drink.
I crush the pill, and the resulting powder is added to the jelly, honey
or jam. The child eats cooked for him with pleasure
delicacy, and along with it and medicine.

Never add bitter pills to a familiar nursery.
food Это может вызвать у baby отвращение или отказ от

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Layfkhak 4: We make the schedule of intake of drugs

When a child is sick, mom adds worries and keep everything in
head is simply impossible. In order not to get confused, I gave the baby
medicine or not, I draw a table with a schedule on each bank
of reception: in 1 column I indicate the day of the week, and in 2 and 3 – the time of day
– morning and evening. With a cross, I mark the time in the required column when
gave the child medicine. (see video)

Life hacking 5: Game gymnastics

Constipation in young children – a serious problem that needs
decide promptly by contacting a specialist. But work stimulation
intestine will not be superfluous. To do this, do exercises on

Как заставить baby делать их? Very simple! We do
gymnastics in the form of a game. I ask Amalie to pick up the toys from the floor,
not squatting, but leaning toward them, or putting a toy on her tummy.
Задача baby – скинуть игрушку без рук, только надувая

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A healthy baby enjoys everything around and makes mom happy! So
let’s try to make our children hurt as much as possible
less often.

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