5 good reasons for hysterical babies

The baby goes into hysterics and cries so loud that the neighbors
they are beginning to knock on the battery below, and you yourself are ready
cry with him? Do not panic! The baby may have
вполне уважительные причины, чтобы заплакать. In this article, we
We will tell you what happens to a child who shouts,
and how to calm him down. The main thing – do not ignore the children’s tantrum that
would not have provoked her. Especially close attention is needed
give the kids up to one year old: they don’t yet speak, therefore
only by shouting can they “tell” mom that their
worried. If you take a crying baby in your arms and comfort,
you do not spoil him with this at all.

1. The baby hurts


Infants are often worried about stomach cramps, and they are very
painful. If this is the cause of children’s tantrums, then the crumb screams
loud and shrill, red, knocking feet.

Perhaps the baby is hurt because he is erupting
teeth – in this case, the crying will be constant, “aching”, while
the baby will pull everything in his mouth.

Sometimes babies develop otitis as a complication.
intrauterine infection. In this case, the children cry piercingly,
nonstop, and from time to time desperate cries appear.

Решение проблемы: понаблюдайте за состоянием
child, attach it to the chest, wash with warm water. If crying
getting louder, call an ambulance. Perhaps a child
really need the help of a doctor, but you yourself in any case not
can make a diagnosis.

2. He wants to eat

A common cause of children’s tantrums is that
baby is hungry. Adults may think that a child should be
full, because he ate just an hour ago. Only not in vain pediatricians
recommend “feeding on demand.” Newborn babies can
want to eat again, even half an hour after eating.

If the child is really hungry, he is not just crying, but
still opens his mouth and pulls the handle, as if looking for a chest.

All you need to do in this situation is to feed the baby, even
if you think he’s full.


3. He is overtired


Adults often think that babies just can’t get tired
(it would seem, well, why can a newborn baby get tired). but
newborn children often overwork, because everything is around for them
New and unknown – people, sounds, movements. If a child
only an hour awake, and already began to yawn, close his eyes, whimper,
then crying loudly and monotonously, he was clearly tired.

Что нужно сделать в такой ситуации: возьмите
baby in his arms. The warmth of your body and the familiar heartbeat will remind you
a child about how he lived in his mother’s belly, it will calm him down.
Ventilate the room to let in fresh air – the baby can
breathe deeper, more oxygen will flow to the brain. If a
TV is working, turn it off. Keep the child quiet and
sing a lullaby.

4. The child is bored

Также часто причиной детских слез становится обычная скука.
Своим плачем младенец пытается сообщить родителям, что ему
he became lonely, bored and sad, he got tired of just lying and
look at the wall or rattles. In such cases, the crying is intermittent:
the baby calms down periodically as if waiting for mom now
will come up and then start calling her again. If a на baby долго
not paying attention, he starts crying very loudly and

Успокоить малыша в этом случае просто: возьмите
his hands and walk around the house, tell me something

5. He feels discomfort.

If a грудничок лежит в мокром или переполненном подгузнике,
Of course, he will start screaming, because he is uncomfortable. Call in a child
hysterical and uncomfortable seam on the vest, and uncomfortable position
in a crib or stroller, even a crumb that gets under clothes
stabs tender skin.

Решение проблемы: проверьте, не пора ли менять
diaper, try changing positions – put the baby on the tummy,
wear vertically.

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Anna Sergeevna Fedyaeva, neonatologist, department employee
pathologies of newborns and premature babies in children’s urban
Clinical Hospital №1 of the city of Nizhny Novgorod tells how
to assess the causes of concern of the baby. When to contact

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