5 fears of childbirth

Childbirth without fear

To give birth successfully, it is necessary before delivery
focus and set yourself up in a positive way. But,
Having read mothers’ stories about childbirth in women’s forums, it’s not done
so simple. Let us examine the 5 main fears with which
face pregnant women.


Fear 1. Scary Uncertainty

Uncertainty always scares, in the situation with childbirth – so

  • Examine all the information about the upcoming birth.
    Pay attention to what to do at each stage.
    childbirth. Examine all the points of concern to you: how is childbirth,
    what to do at one stage or another, what feelings
    будущая мама в процессе childbirth.
  • Read the special literature, chat with moms who
    have already gone through childbirth. Also watch educational videos about childbirth.
    If these sources did not provide complete answers, sign up for
    special courses for moms. Usually there are such courses.
    professional midwives who can give you advice on how to
    behave during childbirth, which poses are most comfortable as
    правильно дышать, как уменьшить болезненные ощущения и так

Fear 2. Late to the hospital


Fear of not having time to come to the hospital pursues many expectant mothers,
and most often this is feared by moms who are waiting for their first
baby As you know, thoughts are material, so excitement can
only accelerate the onset of labor, so keep yourself in hand. If you
afraid to give birth ahead of time, collect all necessary for the hospital
things in advance to be ready at any time. Even if you have
premature contractions begin, you still have time to get to
maternity hospital; The main thing – take care of transport.

Fear 3. Child health



During pregnancy, all mothers experience fear for their
baby: “Is everything okay with a baby in my belly? Does he get
all the nutrients it needs? Is it ok
evolving? ”- all these questions are absolutely natural.
Unnatural they become only when you ask them yourself
too often and think a lot about it. The best you can
make for the baby – take care of yourself, abide by the regime, follow the
your health, stick to a diet, walk more in the fresh
air and think about the good. And send baby love signals! Thoughts
are material.

Fear 4. Severe Pain


Many mothers worry not only about the child, but also about themselves.
Самый сильный страх перед родами – сильные
the pains.
Многие женщины бояться, что не смогут
to cope and endure the pains and require an epidural
anesthesia or even cesarean section. Remember that giving birth is absolutely
natural physiological process which many quietly
survived. The very opportunity to give birth to a new person is a gift that
will help to realize the essence of motherhood. Fear of severe pain
during childbirth usually appears after horrible stories about childbirth from
lips of women giving birth. However, trusting other people’s stories does not have
meaning, because all births are different. If you боитесь
pains – trust the doctors: they will tell you how to behave in order to
the delivery went well.

Fear 5. Unforeseen circumstances

Occasionally during labor, unforeseen
circumstances and doctors need to do a cesarean section or
episiotomy. Many women, faced with such unforeseen
circumstances may panic. This greatly complicates
operation In order not to be frightened and not get lost in such a moment
discuss with your doctor in advance all possible scenarios.
Find out how natural childbirth goes, what may occur
difficulties and discuss their solutions.  The main thing –
tune in positively, because ahead is such a long-awaited
a meeting!

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