5 educational toys that will help yourchild quickly learn and learn new things

Parents feel even more joy when
the kids begin to develop and learn something new. This period
especially interesting, because the child is already showing its character, and
mom and dad have to look for completely new ways to help the little one
learn about the world. In this, the key role is played by developing

1. Sorters



Sorter is a toy whose goal is not only to entertain
baby, but also teach him to solve new problems. It is suitable for
children from the age of two years. Its meaning is that the crumb learn
to distinguish the forms, in the process of the game, selecting for each object
suitable hole. Thinking how to find the right one for the object
hole, the child begins to classify the form. This toy
helps to develop the coordination of movements of the child and logical
thinking. Sorters can be bought at toy stores, but they are easy
make and at home, for example, from the dishes.

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2. Constructors


The role of designers for the development of children is really great – they
help to learn colors and shades, give babies the first
representation of symmetry, but due to the abundance of details that
need to put together, the child develops fine motor skills. If a
the crumb has not yet grown to even simple constructors such as Lego
Duplo, buy him plastic or wooden cubes.

3. Stuffed toys


Choosing soft toys for a child under three years old, you need
make sure they are completely safe. With their help, parents can
to arrange a play, role-playing and plot games for the kids. For
the youngest such classes are a great way to learn
talk and recognize names. Thanks to soft toys children
easy to remember how this or that animal looks. Teddy bear
or doggy often become object, in relation to which children
learn to take care.

4. Illustrated books


Детские книги с картинками незаменимы для обучения детей,
because thanks to them, babies learn to perceive information on
слух, учат первые слова, ассоциируя их с изображениями. Reading
with parents helps kids learn interesting stories, and with
time they begin to recognize the beginning, middle and end
narrative. Joint viewing with parents
of the illustrations encourages the child to learn to call the depicted
subjects, thereby replenishing vocabulary.

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5. Toys for physical activity

детские велосипеды

As they get older, kids are increasingly active, and
it means that there comes a period when teddy bears are replaced
toys that promote physical development. For самых маленьких –
These are balls, scooters, for older children – rollers and bicycles. Such
Toys not only allow you to strengthen muscles and give an exit to excess
child energy. Sometimes they help you learn how to solve complex
tasks, for example, when a child, after long trainings, finally
learned to balance on a bicycle.

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