5 cosmetic procedures to followrefuse during pregnancy

Pregnancy – совсем не повод, чтобы перестать ухаживать за by myself.
Future moms, like all women, strive to look attractive
and stylish. But there are cosmetic procedures that are categorically
not recommended during pregnancy. let’s get a look
what procedures can not be done pregnant.

During pregnancy, women pay particular attention to caring for
by myself. However, when signing up to a beauty salon, you should know that
There are a number of procedures for which pregnancy is
absolute contraindication.

красивая беременная женщина


If you are in an “interesting position”, then you should not risk your
health and health of the baby and recorded in:

  1. Laser treatments. During the session
    all cells of the body are exposed. Even minimal
    Irradiation can adversely affect the development of the baby. poorly
    laser procedures also affect the state of the pregnant
    hormonal adjustment woman may experience severe pain
    sensations, experiencing severe discomfort. It is recommended to conduct
    procedures with laser equipment only after the end of the thoracic
  2. Whitening skin. Age spots often
    appear during pregnancy but bleach them with
    beautician can not. This is an aggressive kind of effects on the body,
    which is not recommended during gestation and lactation.
  3. Injection cosmetology. During
    pregnancy should not be mesotherapy, to increase the lips with
    using hyaluronic acid or eliminate wrinkles with botox. This
    procedure is prohibited during gestation due to increased risks
  4. Face cleaning. When you are expecting a baby, should
    abandon such a familiar procedure as mechanical or
    ultrasonic face cleaning. Due to hormonal adjustment reaction
    skin on this aggressive procedure can be unpredictable.
  5. Peeling. Chemical peeling is also prohibited.
    do because of the high risk of side effects. But you can do
    more gentle milk or glycolic peels.

To avoid unpleasant consequences, before visiting
Salon consult with your doctor. Also do not forget to warn
beautician about his position and ask what are the
contraindications to the selected procedure.

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of pregnancy

Opinion of Catherine Anushkevich (cosmetologist-aesthetist)

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