5 bad advice to moms infantscomplementary foods

Many people find it important to give advice
mother, how to care for a child: relatives, girlfriends, neighbors and
even strangers. В этой статье мы расскажем, какие не
very useful and sometimes harmful advice can give outsiders
people. Remember that if you doubt the correctness of this or that
advice, it is better to consult with a specialist.


Probably no one gets as much advice as young mothers.
All around consider it their duty to tell how to care for
ребенком: родственники, подруги, соседи и even strangers. But,
need to be prepared for the fact that not all of these recommendations are useful
for you and the baby. Now I take it with humor, and even
made a rating of the most harmful advice that I received.

Harmful advice 1: from three months a child can be soldered
fruit juices

When Vara was 3 months old, I bought fruit in a street stall.
The saleswoman immediately gave me a lecture on what to do.
ребёнка разведенными fruit juices, ещё до введения прикорма,
baby needs vitamins. In fact, usually prikorm begin
enter when the baby is five to six months old. Before
age all the necessary vitamins and nutrients the child
receives from mother’s milk or from a mixture, so that juices need not
him and mom

Harmful advice 2: you can choose any mixture, because they all
are the same

Why not just read on mom forums. For example, often
встречается утверждение, что все смеси are the sameе по составу,
only manufacturers and price differ. In fact, it is not at all
so, the mixtures are dry or liquid, and they also differ in
composition. For example, can be made on the basis of cow or
goat milk. My daughter often burped and I decided to try
Give her a mixture of goat milk, I read that she is closer by
composition to the parent and easier to digest. Each mixture is calculated
at different ages of the child and takes into account the possible manifestations of his
allergies. Find the right mix for your baby will help

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Harmful advice 3: cereals for the introduction of complementary foods need to be cooked on
cow’s milk

Recently we were with Varya in the village visiting her grandmother. Well, I decided
помочь и приготовила гречневую кашу на cow’s milk, добавила в
her butter, all her own, natural. Keep in mind cow
milk is a heavy product even for an adult. Baby
more during the introduction of complementary foods, it will not benefit. But
almost certainly cause indigestion and possibly allergic
reaction. It is better to use either ready-made porridge for feeding from
trusted manufacturers, or add milk
which you feed the baby.

Harmful advice 4: instead of the mixture it is better to give the baby diluted
cow’s milk

A neighbor told me that it is better to give the baby divorced
cow’s milk, это ведь натуральный продукт. She even brought me
from the village a half liter of fresh cow’s milk. In fact,
цельное cow’s milk очень жирный и тяжелый продукт для малыша.
It can provoke a violation of metabolism and learning in children’s
the body needs calcium and vitamin D.

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children up to a year

Harmful advice 5: the child should eat everything they give him

Moms certainly survive when their babies eat poorly, but still
More worried grandmothers who believe that their beloved grandchildren
 starve. Do not worry if sometimes baby
refuses to eat broccoli puree or zucchini. First try
to give complementary foods when the child is hungry, in this embodiment, it is unlikely
refuse to eat. Secondly, do not force to eat the whole portion, baby
he will show you how much he needs.

And what bad advice was given to you? Let’s talk on this topic
in comments.

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