5 alternatives to tell the child�”NOT”

В процессе воспитания детей очень часто родителям
children have to refuse to fulfill their requests
requirements and desires. Но обычно категорическое
«Notт!» становится причиной детских истерик, обид,
misunderstanding and anger. Children regard this as self-dislike, as
suppression of their freedom of choice, as infringement of their rights. Short but
such offensive word “no” does not explain to children why parents
against why they are not allowed. They do not understand the reasons for failure, that
makes them rebel. And very often in response to “No!” We hear
from their children that we are bad, that they do not love us and even

замена слову нет

To avoid hysterics and get obedience from the child,
it is necessary to explain why not, and try to do it in
in such a form that the word “no” is not in circulation. And, blessing,
the Russian language is so rich that pick alternative word
�“No” expressions that will explain to the child the reason for such a decision.
parents and do not hurt his feelings, it will not be difficult.
It’s just that most parents are too lazy to find the right words to
explain the reason. It’s much easier for them to say “No!”

  1. Give your child an informative answer that will not
    contain the words “no.”
    For example, when a child asks
    can he go to school with a classmate after school
    pad, do not rush to immediately refuse. Better explain today
    he was given a lot of homework and if he goes to play with
    friends, he just does not have time to do everything. In this case, the child
    will understand that mom does not mind him playing, but he has
    more important occupation.
  2. Respect the feelings of the child. If the child does not
    wants to go home and asks you to stay for a while, tell him that
    you yourself would like to be here a little more, but the time is nearing
    in the evening, and you need to go home until it is dark. He will understand that
    the situation does not depend on you, you agree with his feelings, but already
    need to leave.
  3. Tell about the problem. For example, you with a child
    in the store, and the money is only enough for the essentials. Kid
    starts asking to buy him a toy. Do not refuse, just
    tell me that today you only have money for food
    cook dinner, and next time you will definitely buy him something
    what he asks. The child will regard this as parental consent.
    to satisfy his requests, but not now, but a little later.
  4. Try saying “yes” instead of “no.” It happens,
    that you must refuse, but you can and agree. For example, a child
    I am not fed up with my lunch and asks friends to the street. Tell him that
    Of course, he will go to play, but only after he finishes
  5. Leave yourself time to think. Your
    the child came home from school and announces that his friends are going to
    picnic this weekend and asks you to let him go too. Not
    it’s worth telling him that at a previous picnic he caught a cold,
    and this time you will not let him go. Tell me what you need.
    to think A child without a categorical refusal will be satisfied
    that mother will seriously weigh the pros and cons, and only then
    will give the answer.

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Try not to deny the child, look for suitable
words that will help him understand and respectfully accept your
decision whatever it is. Частое «Notт!» приводит к тому, что
the child from your ally turns into an opponent who will
do everything to you in defiance. And remember that the child understands you, you
should explain to him patiently, not “cut with
shoulder “.

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