5 advantages of loneliness for health

Update: February 2019

There are many publications about the benefits of strong partnerships.
relationships for health, psyche and financial well-being and
life satisfaction. It turns out that loneliness has its
weighty advantages.

1. Stable weight

In studies of the Institute for Human Development in Germany proved
that, despite better nutrition, family people have
overweight, on average, 2 kg more than singles,
because less move and play sports.

In the same study, it was shown that single ladies 50-79 years old
have less weight, better pressure and use less
alcohol than their married peers.

2. Stable psyche and personal growth

University of California Santa Barbara study
proved that lonely people have a heightened sense
self-awareness and less likely to experience negative emotions. Besides,
they have great potential for development and self-improvement,
more often become successful and achieve great heights at work.

3. High performance and creativity

If a person is comfortable alone, then labor productivity and
creativity will also be high. To a person who
no one needs to be happy, more free and independent, which makes
his “psychologically younger.”

4. Strong social ties

Surprisingly, loners are more sociable, maintain strong
ties with family and friends, so others are drawn to them. BUT
a wide circle of communication has a positive effect on health,
whereas social isolation is tantamount to obesity and even increases

5. Beautiful figure

People in a marriage rarely play sports (according to research, in
1.5-2 times less bachelors and singles).  Singles are giving
more time, go to fitness and actively spend
free time.

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