5 advantages of celebrating the New Year withas a child

Do you think that the New Year with children is boring and uninteresting? BUT
that’s not guessed! We will talk about the main advantages of the celebration
New Year’s holidays with children and show how
Winter holidays in the company of small children can be magical.

New Year’s Eve with the Children … Neither do you party all night long, nor
noisy feast with friends. But let’s look at it from another
parties, because the New Year holidays in the company of children
the pros. Unless, of course, children are babies who even have
Holidays are no different from ordinary. BUT вот с детками
Older to celebrate the New Year is a pleasure. Because winter
праздники с as a child — это…

новый год с детьми

Magic mood

Дети искренне верят в чудо, так искренне и там
it is shrill that it is simply impossible to deceive, and by their faith they know how
infect the festive mood of everyone around. BUT еще они верят в
Father Frost, and we, adults, do our best to work this faith
to strengthen. We ourselves like plunge into childhood: decorate the house,
we paint windows and mirrors with winter patterns, we cut out snowflakes,
hang garlands and Christmas wreaths on the walls, bake curly
gingerbread cookies. And, of course, we decorate the Christmas tree, then carefully spread out
under her gifts and see sincere happy smiles on children
faces. New Year with children is a chance to feel real
wizards who do wonders with their own hands.

Cultural program


Let’s be honest, when was the last time you went to
New Year’s play? BUT на елку? Cultural program — это
Mandatory attribute of the New Year with children. And don’t say that on
All festive children’s events are always noisy and crowded.
But exactly there you will truly plunge into the magical atmosphere,
when the lights come on and dressed up heroes come on the scene. Even
the most ordinary matinee can become magical if it performs
your little bears and squirrels.

Order in the morning

Yes, yes, even in the morning of the first of January this is possible. For sure in
New Year’s Eve you did not have guests. BUT если и были — то скорее
they were only the closest relatives who can
and with cleaning help, and with the preparation of salads. BUT то и вовсе
bring most of the treats with you. Therefore, in the morning of the first
January you will not have to wait for chaos in the form of dirty dishes on the table and
overflowing trash bags. Just a festive morning in a cozy
New Year’s atmosphere – the envy of all!

Great well-being

Revels until the morning, always accompanied by wild
hangover the next day – this is definitely not about you! Because
no normal person is capable of having small children
have fun all night long. If he, of course, is not the enemy himself
to myself. And not a robot, able to wake up early after a hectic fun
in the morning, prepare breakfast and go with the children to the street
play snowballs and sculpt snowman. But after a little
feasts and sound sleep under the noise of the New Year rocket launchers
don’t look so terrifying.

Sweet gifts

Yes, and savory, too! From relatives, from friends and from yourself.
Doll houses, trains with railway, constructors,
board games – all this can brighten up long New Year’s
holidays. New toys will take small fidget for a long time,
joint games with children will give vivid impressions. Well, sweet
Gifts can be eaten all together – after all, candy in large
quantities are harmful to children, why don’t parents take care of
health of children’s teeth?

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