42 weeks of pregnancy does not start childbirth – thatdo?

Your pregnancy has reached 42 weeks, and the baby is not
rushing to be born. This week every woman
experiencing a reasonable fear, as carrying a child on such
Late term may adversely affect his health and process
childbirth. But 42nd obstetric week does not always mean a threat
for mom and fetus.

The content of the article

  • 1 Long-term or prolonged pregnancy?
    • 1.1 Why am I peeing?
    • 1.2 What are the risks of post-term labor?
    • 1.3 What to do if the pregnancy is delayed
    • 1.4 What causes the stimulation of labor? Why do we need preparation for
      childbirth? Says EXPERT
  • 2 Future mom – condition and sensations.
    • 2.1 Как распознать схватки
    • 2.2 Recommendations and Tips
  • 3 Births from A to Z. Useful video for expectant mothers

42 неделя беременности

How many months?

42nd week of pregnancy is the 40th week from conception
baby and eleventh month of pregnancy. We read material about
правильном подсчете сроков беременности >>>

As is known, at this time all systems and organs of the fetus are already
formed. The average body weight is 3,600 g, and height is 50–53
see. Externally, the baby is no different from a normal newborn. BUT
many children already have marigolds and hairs decent enough
lengths In short, the child is absolutely ready for life outside the womb. Why
then does he linger, forcing mom and dad to worry?

Prolonged or prolonged pregnancy?

Prolonged pregnancy is a type of post-term
pregnancy, in which the duration of pregnancy is extended by 10-14
дней и более от  предполагаемой даты childbirth.

42 weeks reach about 10% of pregnant women. On this term
pregnancy can be either post-term or prolonged.
One of the common causes of prolonged gestation is
Incorrectly determined date of conception. And even if you know when
as if a child was conceived, this is no reason to worry. For example,
late maturation of the fetus is characteristic of women with menstrual
cycle over 28 days.

There are signs by which it can be determined that
the fruit is transferred:

  • dry, scaly and wrinkled skin;
  • no amniotic fluid flakes original
  • too dense bones of the skull;
  • the presence of suspensions of meconium (feces) in the amniotic fluid;
  • large body mass;
  • long marigolds, scratched face;
  • lack of amniotic fluid;
  • old placenta that does not provide normal nutrition
  • bluish or green color of baby skin and fetuses

Understand whether the fruit is transferred, the following methods will help

  • ultrasound (ultrasound) is necessary to clarify
    conditions of the placenta, as well as to clarify the size and location
  • cardiotocography allows you to record the heart rate
    baby and follow the uterine contractions;
  • с помощью допплерографии доктора оценивают работу плаценты
    and uterine arteries;
  • aminoscopy – examination of the fetal bladder using
    aminoscope – used to determine the number of amniotic
    water and the presence of meconium and cheese grease.

It is worth remembering that a true postponed pregnancy
42 weeks – not too common

Why я перенашиваю?

As a rule, this question worries all women who have reached
42-week period. Sometimes excessive excitement turns into strong
страх, который также может стать причиной задержки childbirth. Besides
Other factors may contribute to this:

  • insufficient amount of hormones responsible for the onset of birth
  • violation of fat metabolism;
  • diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • psychological trauma;
  • hereditary factors.

There are cases when the expectant mother is so much afraid
painful childbirth that they linger.

If you are tormented by fears, you need to try to calm down, trust
your body and baby. Even if he does not wish to be born in
term in the maternity hospital you will be rendered qualified
health care. Explain this to the annoying relatives,
constantly interested in whether you will soon give birth.

What is the danger of postponed labor

Late delivery may be a threat not only to the child, but
and for mother’s health. While the fetus is in the womb,
the bones of his skull continue to harden. Therefore, during the passage
по родовым путям его головке будет сложнее принять удобную
form. BUT это чревато не только тяжелыми и долгими родами, но и
trauma to the head of the baby.

While the child and his nutrient needs
continue to grow, the placenta continues to age. Crumbs can not
lack of nutrition and oxygen. With oxygen starvation of the fetus
the intestine can reflexively release the primordial fluid into the amniotic fluid
Cal – meconium. In this case, the child can make his first
breath, which he must produce, being already outside the womb of the mother.
As a result, the baby can swallow the amniotic fluid containing
feces He may need antibiotic therapy and urgent
connection to the device for artificial ventilation of the lungs.

Post-pregnancy poses a risk to health
mothers. As a rule, labor activity during such pregnancy
weak. Childbirth can occur with complications and even with bleeding.
Sometimes the fruit grows so large that a woman has to
give birth by caesarean section. BUT если ей предписали
natural childbirth, they can end in numerous

What to do if the pregnancy is delayed

If your health care provider determines that you are reshaping, then you
Cesarean section or labor induction. Methods
stimulation of labor, there are many, and the choice
The method depends on the specific situation. So, to the main ways
Stimulation of labor include:


1. Methods used in medical

  • administration of the hormone oxytocin

Introduction is carried out using a dropper. Specific dose
drug causes a contraction of the uterus. Upon reaching enough
intense contractions, the introduction of the hormone is stopped. Minus childbirth with
oxytocin in that the woman has to lie under

  • prostaglandin hormone administration

This hormone contained in male semen causes a reduction in
uterus. Besides того, он смягчает шейку матки, что облегчает роды.
However, prostaglandin contractions are usually much stronger.
and more painful than natural.

  • amniotomy

An autopsy of the membranes is done in the case when the birth canal to
maternity are ready, but there is still no labor. After piercing the bladder childbirth
usually occur in the next day. With amniotomy
There is a risk of infection of the fetus.

2. Методы, применяемые в домашних conditions:

  • sex

As already mentioned, in the composition of the male sperm is present
prostaglandin. It softens the cervix and causes contractions. But not
This method should be used if the mucus plug has already moved away, because
this is fraught with consequences in the form of infection of the fetus.

  • nipple massage

Massaging the nipples of the breast provokes the production of a hormone.
oxytocin and uterine contractions. This action applies then
when the birth canal is already prepared for the birth of the baby.

  • laxative

Применяя клизму или laxative, можно мягко и естественно
launch generic mechanism.

Natural stimulation methods:

Do not try to cause childbirth yourself! It is necessary
do only under medical supervision, taking into account all possible

If you want to speed up childbirth, do not forget to move, walk on
fresh air and walk up the stairs. It will better prepare
your body to give birth. The decision on cesarean section is made
when the baby is too big head, there is hypoxia,
amniotic fluid has acquired a greenish tint and in some
other situations.

The forty-second week is not always the reason for
кесарева сечения и стимуляции childbirth. If the placenta is still good
performs its functions, and mother and baby feel great,
doctors may be inclined to ensure that the generic process begins
naturally. The probability of onset of labor this week
big enough. Therefore, you can recommend to expect
meeting with your child in the hospital.

What causes the stimulation of labor? Why do we need preparation for
childbirth? Says EXPERT

Future mother – condition and sensations

The emotional state of a woman can be described as waiting and
anticipation of the birth of the baby. Now for the future mother
especially important is the moral support of the attending physician and relatives.
The main thing for her is a positive attitude that will contribute
удачному течению childbirth.

Lowered stomach still causes nagging pain
belly, in the lumbar region and perineum. Some suffer from
varicose veins and hemorrhoids. Skin of the abdomen strongly
itches (reasons why the skin of the abdomen itches), and arms and legs
numb To the bulkiness and slowness of the body are often added

With rare exceptions, the norm for a pregnant woman at this time.
become training bouts that at any time can
go to the true. You can find out the latest by the same temporary
intervals between contractions and intense pain.
Other precursors of labor may also occur: the release of colostrum,
frequent urging to the toilet, stopper discharge and a small loss in

Как распознать схватки

Recommendations and Tips

  1. Make sure you are ready to go to the maternity hospital again.
    house. You must have all the necessary documents and things.
  2. Even if you are feeling great, do not neglect
    visit to the doctor.
  3. Take time to rest.
  4. Stick to good nutrition, eat less heavy
  5. Keep track of the amount of fluid you drink during the day.
  6. Master the breathing technique used during childbirth.
  7. Morally prepare close to your return from the hospital with
    new family member.
  8. Try to think positively.

42nd week of pregnancy – a period that is given to survive
not all expectant mothers. If your pregnancy has reached this deadline,
take it as an opportunity to better prepare for birth
your long-awaited child.

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