41 weeks gestation

Estimated delivery date is over, and you
are pregnant. Since the absolutely exact date of conception is rarely to whom
41 weeks gestation

известна, значит если вы еще не
родили на 41-й неделе, то это норма. The child has already grown to
49–52 см и весит ~ 3.5 — 3.7 кг. You still have some
time to better prepare for the long-awaited meeting with

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  • 1 Fetal development at the 41st week of pregnancy
  • 2 Feelings of a woman at the 41st week
    • 2.1 Childbirth approaching – forerunners
    • 2.2 Pain
    • 2.3 Discharge at week 41
  • 3 What to do if childbirth does not start
    • 3.1 What is important on the 41st week
  • 4 Video: stimulation + fees to the hospital
  • 5 How to understand that the birth began. How to identify contractions
  • 6 Bag to the hospital

How many months?

The 41st obstetric week of pregnancy is the eleventh
month of pregnancy and the 39th week from conceiving a child (right here
details on the timing and methods of counting).

Fetal development at the 41st week of pregnancy

Your baby is completely ready for birth. All his organs and
systems are ready to begin performing their functions outside
maternal womb. Being in the tummy, the baby gets stronger, gains
strength and weight gain. He looks like a newborn baby.

Internal development

All the major organs are the heart, kidneys, liver and pancreas.
glands are doing their job. Light crumbs piled up
the required amount of surfactant – a substance that helps
to straighten the lungs for the implementation of respiratory functions. Intestines
filled with the first feces, which will be released the first day after

The development of the central nervous system is suspended, it
will continue after the baby is born. Strengthened voice
bundles that will soon be used to attract
your attention. The bones of the skull continue to harden, which can
cause breaks mothers birth canal during childbirth.

Placental membranes separating the fetus from the woman’s body,
weaken and become more permeable, which allows
mother’s blood mixed with baby’s blood. Baby gets your
antibodies designed to protect the children’s body from the onslaught of infections
после childbirth. Thus, mother passes her immune experience.
to kid.

External development

On this date, the baby looks much more beautiful than
one and a half to two months ago. His body has already been cleared of the original
protective lubricant, which remained only in the most gentle places – in
armpit and groin area. The fluff is gone, and the hairs on the head and
Marigold on the fingers continue to grow. Because the birth of a baby with
decent hair and long claws in the forty-first week –
Not unusual.

Your baby’s body shape has become more rounded, and the ear cartilage –
more dense. He gains 30 grams of fat per day, and his skin
Looks smooth and pink. The fruit has already grown, the place in the stomach is not
enough, so the baby is quieter and makes fewer movements. But
you should still feel at least ten pushes a day.

If the child does not have enough air, his movements and spasms begin
intensify. This can cause bowel cleansing. In this case
meconium enters the amniotic fluid, which is stained in
greenish color, and the baby can swallow them. In such situation
It may be necessary to connect the child to the breathing apparatus.

How the fetus is located in the uterus


Normally, the baby at the end of pregnancy is located along
uterus head down. This ensures comfortable passage through
birth canal. If the baby has taken a transverse position or
head up, then pregnancy is usually
ends with a cesarean section. When the fruit is not great
weight, doctors assume the probability of natural childbirth in the buttock

Feelings of a woman at the 41st week

This week for every expectant mother is weary
childbirth. Most likely, you are often visited by the same thought:
«уже 41 неделя, почему не начинаются роды…» But если
you are under the constant supervision of your doctor, do not worry
worth it.

Pregnancy считается переношенной при достижении
42nd week. Usually women cross the 40-week mark
bearing the first child.


The cervix continues to be saturated with hormones, becomes
short and loose, the cervical canal opens.
The height of the bottom of the uterus can reach 40 cm, and its elevation above the navel
– 20 cm. Amniotic fluid decreases
(amniotic fluid), and your body’s work is aimed at
preparation for the upcoming birth process.

Childbirths are coming – forerunners

  1. Training fights. Most women in
    position is the so-called Braxton-Hicks contractions,
    accompanied by pain like menstruation. Usually uterine
    contractions begin a few weeks before delivery, and some
    start to bother just a few days before them. If a
    contractions are more intense than usual and occur through the same
    intervals, which means that prenatal contractions have begun, and
    you need to immediately get ready for the maternity hospital!
  2. Discharge of cork. Mucus plug,
    closing the entrance to the uterus, coming out just before delivery or
    a week – two before they start.
  3. Omission belly. Belly drops for a few
    weeks before the baby is born. The fact that he has already gone down can
    understand by reducing the pressure on the stomach, lungs and disappearance
  4. Weight loss On the eve of significant
    events your body gets rid of excess fluid, because of what you
    can see a slight weight loss.
  5. Isolation of colostrum. Future mom can
    detect stains on clothes at chest level. This is a secret secreted.
    from the mammary glands that feed the newborn the first day
    after the birth.
  6. Frequent urging to the toilet. Growing baby all
    more pressure on my mother’s belly, which makes constantly run in
  7. Rupture of amniotic fluid. Discharge of waters is
    the same sure sign of the onset of labor as true
    contractions. Because the appearance on the underwear colorless discharge in
    any quantity, grab everything you need and go to
    maternity hospital.

If a у вас не наблюдается никаких признаков скорого рождения
baby, it’s not scary. Pregnancy каждой женщины индивидуальна,
and many precursors may appear right before


It’s hard for a woman to endure forty one week
how during this period various painful

  • because of the position of the fetus pulls the stomach and lower abdomen hurts when it
    dropping pain increases;
  • future mothers are increasingly worried about training bouts, which is why
    the belly periodically “kamenet”;
  • the child is pressing on the lower body, which causes pain in the area
    crotch, as well as in the legs and lower back;
  • малыш шевелится не очень часто, но его движения и удары по
    stomach and liver can cause quite a lot of pain;
  • itchy skin of the abdomen;
  • numbness of the limbs;
  • pinching of the femoral nerve, resulting in
    pain in the sacrum;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases and their characteristic

At this time, the woman feels clumsy and
clumsy. She is uncomfortable to sleep in almost any position
which can cause restless sleep. Frequent on term
41 – swelling of the extremities. Feeling pregnant worsen and seizures.
irritability arising seemingly from scratch.

Discharge at week 41

On the forty-first obstetric week are considered normal light
discharge without any pungent odor. To normal
also includes the appearance of mucus with brown or red veins.
This is a mucus plug that can move away at a time, the lock
stand out in parts.

Just before the birth you may have amniotic fluid
which look like a transparent, odorless, thin, thin liquid. Often
water flow in the form of a gushing stream. There are cases when
amniotic fluid is only leaking. If a же вы заметили жидкие
highlight green color then it may signal
infection of the fetus or that got into the amniotic fluid
meconium. The latter indicates hypoxia. In any case, when
discharge of water you need to urgently gather in the hospital.

The bright red blood found on the panties indicates
threat to the life of your child. To avoid placental abruption urgently.
consult a doctor!

What if childbirth does not start

When the pregnancy has already crossed the threshold at 40 weeks, and the baby
still not willing to be born, mom is afraid to “carry”
baby But врачи не считают беременность сроком 41 неделя
worn out The PDR exposed by the doctor is only an alleged
date of delivery, which is calculated by the last date

But the exact date of birth depends not only on menstruation, but also on
a number of other factors, such as release time and fertilization time
eggs, the age of the expectant mother and the number of transferred
woman pregnancies. Because the norm is considered a birth in
period from the 38th to the 42nd obstetric week.
If a же нет
labor and there are no signs of childbirth, your doctor may consider
the question of the appointment of stimulation or caesarean section.

In the absence of contraindications, stimulation methods may be
applied when:

  • as a result of examination of the fetus and placental blood flow
    obvious signs of retardation have been found, that is, the placenta is no longer
    able to provide adequate nutrition to the fetus;
  • if the waters have already moved, and the generic activity is not
  • there is high water flow;
  • Multiple pregnancy, and the uterus is already strongly stretched.

Medical methods of stimulation of labor include an introduction to the female
organism of medicines (for example, prostaglandins, mephiriston),
autopsy of the amniotic bubble and mechanical methods. But вам могут
recommend and self-stimulation, which includes
yourself the following ways:

  1. Intimacy with her husband whose sperm contains
    prostaglandins, softening the cervix. When
    if the mucus plug is already gone, sex is better not
    to do
  2. Stimulation of the nipples leading to the release of oxytocin, which
    improves uterus tone.
  3. Use of herbal preparations for emptying
    intestine, provoking an increase in the tone of the uterus.

You can use any methods of labor induction only
after consultation with the doctor. is he explain to you how to cause childbirth and
how to quickly give birth in your situation.

If the pregnancy is normal, and the need for
there is no labor, you can continue to wait to see your
baby At this stage, the doctor will be even more closely watching
your well-being. At the reception in female consultation will appreciate
your urinalysis, blood pressure, body weight
and the size of the abdomen. May need daily conduct
cardiotocography (CTG) procedures for cardiac
fetal activity.

Often, at the 41st week, ultrasound is prescribed. This study allows
check the condition and size of the crumbs, the size of his head,
amount of amniotic fluid, placental blood flow efficiency
and the readiness of the cervix for childbirth. If you agreed to
hospitalization, all necessary examinations will be carried out in
maternity hospital.

What is important on the 41st week

  • checking the availability of documents and bags for a trip to the hospital;
  • medical supervision;
  • proper nutrition;
  • limiting the amount of fluid you drink and eat
  • day regimen and regular rest;
  • moisturizing the skin of the abdomen, chest and thighs with a special cream or
    vegetable oil;
  • moderate physical activity;
  • walks in the open air;
  • mastering a special breathing technique that will
    used during childbirth;
  • general cleaning of the house together;
  • distribution of household duties at the time of your
  • communication with baby, still in the tummy;
  • doing something you love

The 41st week of pregnancy is a great time for dad and
mothers who can finish all the necessary things before appearing on
The light of a new family member – a daughter or son. Perceive this
week as extra time that the kid wants to spend in
the closest intimacy with you is in your tummy.

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Video: stimulation + fees to the hospital

How to understand that the birth began. How to identify contractions

Bag to the hospital

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