40 week of pregnancy

At the end of this week, the estimated date is
childbirth. The condition of the future mom on the 40th week can be described
in one word – “waiting”. Baby weighing about
3.5 kg, and growth – 48–51 cm, has long been ready for birth. Remains
wait for the moment when he will make mom and dad happy
the advent of.

The content of the article

  • 1 How the fetus develops
    • 1.1 Internal changes
    • 1.2 External changes of the fetus
    • 1.3 Presentation
  • 2 How is the 40th week of pregnancy for mom
    • 2.1 The condition of the uterus
    • 2.2 How to know that childbirth is approaching
    • 2.3 40th week pain
    • 2.4 Discharge from the genital tract
  • 3 What should expectant mother about 40th week of pregnancy
    • 3.1 Risks at the 40th obstetric week
    • 3.2 Intimate life
    • 3.3 What examinations need to pass
    • 3.4 What should be done on the 40th week
    • 3.5 What if childbirth does not start
  • 4 Видео гид: 40 week of pregnancy плановая
    госпитализация, how to cause labor, how to accelerate childbirth
  • 5 Childbirth. The beginning of a new life
  • 6 Contractions are false and true, how are they different?

40 week of pregnancy

How many months is it

Your pregnancy has reached 40 weeks, and this
means that 38 weeks have passed since the conception of a child, i.e.
nine and a half months (about terms and rules

How does the fetus develop

If a вы уже на сороковой акушерской неделе беременности, значит,
Your baby is not in a hurry with the birth. However, all his organs
already developed and ready for full functioning. Now baby
only adds a little weight and pulled in length.


Internal changes

Reflexes have already developed, especially sucking, in which you can
make sure immediately after giving birth. The baby is already able
evaluate the pictures, as it distinguishes between volumes, colors and possesses
sensitivity to brightness and contrast. Also he is capable
focus your gaze on a point at a distance of 20 –
30 cm, that is, when feeding, he will see his native maternal

All systems and important organs are fully formed. They already
ready to perform their tasks outside the womb of the mother. For example, the intestines
filled with feces, so the baby will be emptied first or on
the next day after the birth. BUT органы дыхания уже
allow you to breathe.

External changes of the fetus

The baby cannot be distinguished from the newborn. His skin has
pleasant light pink shade, and the original lubricant can
meet only in deep skin folds. So nature has fenced
tender baby skin from unwanted rubbing. And if the skin on the body
crumbs are almost devoid of vellus hair, then on its head can grow
decent hair.

Since the urogenital system is formed, the testicles of babies
males should already sink into the scrotum. The bones of the skull are not yet
have grown together. it позволит детской головке принять удобную форму при
passage through the birth canal. Bones will grow together over several
дней после childbirth.

плод 40 недель

A pregnant woman should be aware that the baby is not enough
places for numerous flips and coups, so he leads
yourself quiet it позволяет накопить силы, которые понадобятся ему на
childbirth. After all, an active part in the birth process takes not only
mother, but also a child.

Of course, each mom, even at the previous weeks, noticed that
her child behaves much calmer in her stomach. Still she
starts to worry when he doesn’t show himself. In order to exclude
excessive experiences, count the number of baby pushes during
days. They must be at least ten.


From the position of the fetus depends on the success of the child passing through
birth canal. The correct longitudinal position is with the head
previa This is the way most babies are in their mother’s tummy.
before childbirth. The body of the child is grouped, arms and legs tight
прижимаются к туловищу, а головка находится у выхода из uterus.

However, there are children who do not want to roll over
head down or even prefer to sit across the abdomen
moms. In such cases, doctors prescribe a Cesarean section. But
if a child in pelvic position weighs a little,
Doctors can resolve natural childbirth. There are times when
babies roll over right during childbirth or shortly before
the beginning.

How is the 40th week of pregnancy for mom

ощущение женщины на 40 неделе беременности

Condition of the uterus

The uterus is an organ that is actively involved in the generic process, because
it is a series of changes. It is at a distance of approximately
16–20 cm from the navel and 36–40 cm from the pubic joint. Most important
part of preparing for the child to comfortably go through
the birth canal is that the cervix is ​​getting shorter
and softer, and the cervical canal opens slightly. When начнутся роды,
it will expand to the required size.

Contractions of the uterus are more frequent. it происходит
thanks to hormones produced in the female body. They are
will be responsible for the delivery and production of milk after the birth of the child.
The bottom of the uterus is falling more and more, and the children’s head is getting denser
pressed against the entrance to the pelvis. Accordingly, the bones and muscles of the pelvis
gradually soften, and ligaments stretch.

How to know that childbirth is approaching

The fact that you will soon become a mother can be recognized by several
featured – harbingers of childbirth:

  • Braxton-Hicks Fights

it маточные сокращения, очень похожие на сокращения, которые вы
tested during menstruation. Such contractions are also called
�”False” or “training”. Of course, they cause inconvenience.
and often deprive of full sleep, but they are necessary for “training”
матки before childbirth. Someone has a false fight
weeks, and someone starts one or two days before delivery.

Many pregnant women are afraid of mixing Braxton-Hicks contractions with
real ones. Therefore, it is important for expectant mothers to know that the true
contractions longer and stronger. Training fights at
walking stop. If contractions occur through more and more
short time intervals, and their intensity and pain
sensations increase, it means that childbirth has begun. (О
ложных схватках видео в конце статьи

  • Discharge of mucus plug

During pregnancy, mucus plug, located at the entrance
in the cervix, protected your baby from various infections and external
impact. Now this substance is
yellowish, pinkish or white slimy lump with blood streaks,
should “open” the entrance to the uterus, freeing the baby the way. Mucous
the cork can go out right before the birth, or it can start going beyond
two or one week before them.

  • Amniotic discharge

it один из основных сигналов о начале родового процесса. When
amniotic fluid is flowing, it is difficult to confuse them with something
to others. But when the waters flow in small portions, you can
confuse them with regular urine, as some moms are on
40 weeks due to increased pressure several times
the uterus is incontinent.

Check if necessary. Amniotic fluid not
must have a smell and color, that is, must be transparent. If a
You realized that you have water waste, urgently gather in the hospital.
The baby is about to be born. If a же жидкость имеет зеленоватый оттенок,
also need to see a doctor, because it can be a sign
fetal infection.

  • Lowered belly

As the baby sinks to the pelvic floor, the belly sinks.
with him. There are positive points to this. Now tummy
much less pressure on your lungs and stomach, which makes it easier for you
breathe and eat.

  • Weight reduction

As a rule, a woman in her fortieth week
pregnancy, stops gaining weight or drops it. Getting ready
By birth, the body of the future mother gets rid of excess fluid. it
may make you go to the bathroom more often. In this case, you can
disturb not only the frequent urge to urinate, but also

  • Colostrum production

On the first day after your birth, your child will eat
colostrum – liquid with a high content of protein. However this
секрет начинает вырабатываться молочными железами еще before childbirth.
Colostrum can leave wet marks on clothing that can be
avoid applying special pads sold in

If a первые роды могут затянуться до 18 часов, то вторые роды,
usually lasts no more than 11 hours. In the latter case, the disclosure
cervix occurs faster, but childbirth takes place individually
every woman.

40th week pain

At this time pregnant woman feels
clumsy because of the huge size of the abdomen. BUT еще ее беспокоят
various pains:

  • pains from training fights, feeling
    �”Pulling down” and kamenyuschego belly;
  • back pains that mostly concentrate in the lumbar
  • discomfort in the perineum, periodically turning into
    pain caused by pressure of the head of the fetus on the pelvic
  • pains in the sacrum that occur when pinching the femoral
    a nerve;
  • numbness of the limbs due to impaired circulation
  • constipation, with the running form of which may occur
  • irritation of strongly stretched skin on the abdomen;
  • exacerbation of diseases to which the expectant mother is prone.

On the term of 40 future mothers it is already difficult to move even on
short distances, and the legs by the end of the day often numb. For
most women in the position of characteristic restless sleep, sharp
mood swings, suspiciousness and bouts of irritability,
arising on trifles.

Discharge from the genital tract

It is very important to follow the discharge this week. If a у вас
light discharge, slightly changing during the whole period
and not having a strong unpleasant smell, reasons for excitement
not. The exit of mucus with red or brownish is considered normal.
streaked. it слизистая пробка, отхождение которой является одним
from the forerunners of childbirth.

As mentioned above, you can start to move away
amniotic fluid. Amniotic fluid is clear and very liquid
consistency. Their appearance means you have to go to the maternity ward.
house. If a же водянистые выделения приобрели желтый либо зеленоватый
shade, seek medical attention immediately.

If a вы вдруг заметили на трусиках highlight red
color, call an ambulance or contact your doctor immediately.
Traces of blood that appear on the linen indicate placental abruption. BUT
This is a direct threat to the life of your baby.

What should expectant mother about 40th week of pregnancy

At this time, the doctor will advise you on planned hospitalization,
since the fortieth obstetric week ends up with an estimated
date of birth. There is a tendency to peeling a child, which
is that an aging placenta may not provide
good nutrition of the fetus. BUT в больнице медперсоналу гораздо легче
observe the maturity of the placenta, your health and
condition of the fetus.

Risks at the 40th obstetric week

During this period, every woman in the position can be “trapped”
certain hazards:

  • possibility of placental abruption;
  • preeclampsia – a disease characterized by increased arterial
    pressure and high protein in the urine, and that when
    if untreated, it may become more dangerous –
    eclampsia, threatening the health of the mother and baby;
  • lack of oxygen (fetal hypoxia);
  • aging of the placenta, which can no longer fully
    support the life of the child;
  • infectious diseases.

A pregnant woman should be attentive to any
significant changes in their state of health, because they can
serve as signs of danger to her and the baby. At the same time not worth it
worry unnecessarily with every single ailment.

You need immediate medical attention if:

  • increased pressure;
  • there were dizziness, severe headache, “flies” before
  • the child “is silent” for half a day;
  • swelling of the face and limbs suddenly appeared;
  • the waters are gone;
  • you found blood on your panties;
  • there were regular and prolonged bouts;
  • eyesight has become dull.

Intimate life

Yes, in this period, many couples lead an active sex life.
And in this there is nothing terrible, if the doctor has not banned intimate
relations. Pick poses in which there is no pressure on
stomach. Sometimes the doctor may even recommend that you have sex.
with your partner because due to the presence of prostaglandins
male sperm softens the cervix, and the woman-tested orgasm
increases the tone of the uterus, which leads to the stimulation of labor.

However, it is necessary to suspend intimate life, if the partner
is infected. Contraindication is the discharge of the tube, which
no longer protects the uterus from possible infections. In any
If necessary, proceed in accordance with the instructions of the doctor.

What examinations need to pass

You, as usual, will be expected in female consultation. There
check the previously passed urinalysis, measure arterial
pressure, size of the abdomen, palpation will check the limbs for
the presence of edema and determine the weight of your body. BUTкушер измерит высоту
the bottom of the uterus and listen to how your baby’s heart beats. it
the minimum of actions necessary to control the state

Check the work of your child’s heart will help the procedure
cardiotocography (CTG). With the help of CTG, the doctor learns about
heart rate, fetal body movements and condition
uterus. If this is required, you can do CTG daily. it
important examination that helps eliminate abnormalities
child development.

Ultrasound at 40 obstetric week is not uncommon. Special attention in
This examination focuses on the state of the placenta, otherwise
miss the moment of occurrence of its dysfunction, which threatens to hypoxia.
In addition, ultrasound will help to clarify once again.
fetal size, the possibility of entanglement by the umbilical cord, condition
amniotic fluid and posture, which took the baby from mom in

What should be done on the 40th week

  1. Do not miss the planned visits to the obstetrician-gynecologist. On this
    it is very important to monitor the condition of the fetus, even if you
    great well-being.
  2. Once again make the audit in the package that you take with you
    in the hospital, check whether there is enough children’s things. Make sure
    that all the necessary documents, including the exchange card,
    at the ready, carry them with you. Remember that labor can begin at
    away or even in the store.
  3. To avoid stretch marks do not forget to moisturize the skin of the abdomen, chest
    and hips. Use special creams or vegetable
    oil, for example, wheat germ oil.
  4. Take time to rest. Explain to your family that some
    things can wait, but you will soon need strength. Resting
    do what brings you only positive emotions.
    A great solution is to remember your abandoned hobby.
  5. Control your diet. Food should be light and give
    enough energy. Divide food intake into 5-6 meals per day.
    Sweet, flour, too fat and fried is allowed only in small
    quantities. On the “feed up” your baby, otherwise you will
    it’s hard to give birth.
  6. Focus on fresh vegetables, fruits, non-dairy cereals and
    dairy products. it поможет избежать запоров. Not
    abuse salt because it delays in the body
    fluid that causes swelling. Drink clean water, green tea,
    fruit drinks and dried fruit compotes.
  7. Notсмотря на то что вам самой требуется поддержка, уделите
    attention to your loved ones. Husbands have a hard time feeling reality.
    what is happening, and children may suffer from a lack of your
  8. If you, like most women at this time, have been visited
    a sense of “nesting”, do not too time-consuming affairs.
    It is possible to sort out children’s things for the fifth time and rearrange small ones.
    items in the nursery.
  9. Distribute family responsibilities. While you will lie with
    baby in the hospital, the husband can prepare the apartment for your arrival.
    Children can also provide all possible assistance.
  10. Read the literature about childbirth. it не только поможет вам быть
    prepared when playing baby into the world, but it will make you
    more relaxed during this process.
  11. Pregnant woman is frightened by thoughts about the future and natural fear
    before childbirth. Friends can contribute to a bad mood.
    relatives, constantly interested, when did you finally
    give birth to Therefore, communicate with those close ones who understand you and
    provide support. Direct your thoughts in a positive direction. Remember
    that you still have to give birth, and anxiety and insomnia are bad helpers in
    this business.

What if childbirth does not start

Notизменным спутником женщины, беременной на 40-й неделе,
is the fear of “perelani” fetus. Therefore, many start
Think about how to cause or accelerate childbirth. But if you are
under the supervision of a doctor, you should not worry too much. The doctors themselves
recommend starting the process of labor induction closer to the next
a week It is estimated that the pregnancy lasts 40 obstetric

The duration of the pregnancy depends on the date of ovulation,
cycle time and other factors. In addition, the date of birth,
established by the doctor is only approximate, as the egg cell
could be fertilized later on for several days of the estimated date
conception. Also, the future mother could confuse the date of the last
monthly Therefore, the norm is the birth of a child in the period 38 –
42 weeks.

There are various methods
labor induction:

  • medical: administration of medication (mephypristone,
    prostaglandins, etc.), mechanical, planned amniotomy (autopsy
    amniotic bladder);
  • methods used in the home: active sex
    life, nipple stimulation, use of herbal and laxatives

Any method of labor induction can be used only
after the permission of the doctor and in accordance with the provided them

In the fortieth week, you can be given stimulation of labor by
certain indications, for example, in case of polyhydramnios and multiple fetuses
of pregnancy. Labor induction is also performed in a situation where water
already gone, and the fight does not begin. The doctor considers possible
contraindications to this procedure, such as some chronic
diseases of the mother, diabetes and others.

Very soon you will become a mother of a daughter or son.
BUT пока не торопите события и наслаждайтесь последними свободными
in days, because after giving birth you will not have so much free
of time.

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Видео гид: 40 week of pregnancy плановая госпитализация,
how to cause labor, how to accelerate childbirth

Childbirth. The beginning of a new life

Contractions are false and true, how are they different?

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