4 week of pregnancy

Когда идёт 4 week of pregnancy – это ощущается?
What does the future mother feel? There are already a lot of questions at this time. After all
early in the day is important every day.

The content of the article

  • 1 Calculations by different methods
  • 2 Fetal size: more than one cell
    • 2.1 How does the embryo work?
    • 2.2 Embryo structure
    • 2.3 Off-gland organs
  • 3 Future Mom
    • 3.1 Feelings
    • 3.2 External changes
    • 3.3 Vaginal discharge
  • 4 Ways to Confirm Pregnancy
    • 4.1 Visit to the doctor: is it time or can you wait?
  • 5 What to look for
    • 5.1 Power
    • 5.2 Protection against harmful factors
    • 5.3 Pregnancy и секс
  • 6 abortion
  • 7 Grand total of the 4th week
    • 7.1 ATидео гид: 4 week of pregnancy: что происходит,
      symptoms, sensations, signs


Calculations by different methods

беременность 4 неделя

When doctors work with pregnant patients, they do not
The details of ovulation and the day of conception. Gestational age
will be calculated by obstetric method: from the first day of the last

The term embryonic method is considered to be from the estimated
ovulation and two weeks “late” in comparison with obstetric
for a period of time.

Sometimes women count the time since the delay. Then fourth
week will mean the eighth obstetric or sixth embryonic.
Easy to get confused? Then it is better to adhere to medical
точки зрения
. After all будущей маме предстоит общаться с
Doctors quite often.

Подробно о сроках: как считать сроки

Fetal size: more than one cell

As soon as the sperm fertilizes the egg, it begins
rapid zygote division. If you think about it, it is a miracle.
A single cell forms many others. They are perfect
different, and their roles are different. And each cell “knows” where to it
to be and what to do.

4-ая неделя размер плода

If there is the 4th obstetric week, then it’s too early to talk about the fetus.
Zygote gradually enters the stage of the embryo. Now future
a child is an almost invisible clump of cells that scientists
called morula. Under the microscope, it will look like a berry covered
�”Pimples”. If the fixation of the morula in the uterine cavity is not yet
happened, it will take place. And then the present will begin
cellular magic.

How does the embryo work?



The size of the future fetus at the 4th obstetric week is comparable to
«маковым зернышком»
. Its weight is about 0.5 g, and height 0.36-1
mm However, this is literally momentary data. Embryo fast
increases due to constant cell division.

Embryo structure

Фото эмбриона на 4-ой неделе

Фото эмбриона на 4-ой неделе

Медики часто применяют понятие зародышевого диска, который
form embryonic leaves. These are special layers of cells:

  • the inner layer (endoderm) will give rise to the digestive tract,
    liver and lung, as well as the pancreas;
  • the middle layer (mesoderm) is the future kidneys, muscles, heart and
    vessels, as well as the skeleton of the baby;
  • the outer layer (ectoderm) is responsible for the formation of the nervous
    systems, heads (including eyes, teeth, and hair), and skin.

Extrasular organs

The miracle of nature is also in the fact that the one and only fertilized
the cage, when divided, provides the baby with everything needed. AT
including full meals. This is what the so-called
non-embryonic organs. There are three of them:

  • chorion: something like a hairy pouch that will later become
  • amnion is the future fetal bladder, strong “packaging”
  • yolk sac – food supply for the embryo.

The last non-embryonic organ is particularly important. It is his
dysfunction or pathology can lead to miscarriage. As of
yolk sac specialist specialist on ultrasound will receive some important
data on pregnancy and the embryo.

Scientists have established a curious fact: for external germinal organs
�”Answer” mostly male genes of the embryo. Can say that
function of the breadwinner and protector laid at the deepest levels
human being.

Future mom


In the fourth obstetric week, a woman can still not
чём не знать
. Active development of the zygote in the female body
may either give the first signs of pregnancy, or not at all
affect the state of the future mother.


If a woman is planning a pregnancy, she is full of expectations.
Главный вопрос сейчас: получилось или нет? On the 4th
obstetric week sensations mother wear more emotional

Physically, a woman may feel slight
. ATозможны лёгкая слабость, едва заметный
discomfort in the lower abdomen, drowsiness. Similar condition
almost the same in early pregnancy and on the eve

ощущения на 4 неделе

But the sensitivity of the breast and nipples can noticeably
to rise. Mammary glands sometimes swell from the first days after
conception. Also, by the end of the fourth week, the future mom may very well
appear the first signs of early toxicosis. AT этом случае кто-то
just empty the fridge, and someone will run to the store for something
�”Yummy”, special. Maybe the opposite: nausea will come, and
there is no desire at all.

ATнешние изменения

Even in the fourth week, women’s waist may increase by 1-2
see. If all the clothes are “tight”, the woman will definitely notice this.
The main thing is to react correctly. If pregnancy is not planned
The future mother may not recognize her condition. Then she
rushes to the gym or to a nutritionist. ATот почему важно качественно
to protect themselves. And if pregnancy is allowed, you need to be
attentive. Then even minor symptoms will give correct

Future mom может слегка «отяжелеть». Early weight gain
The timing is due, like so much else, to hormonal adjustment.
She, in combination with early toxicosis sometimes leads to a small
weight loss. If the well-being of the future mother is good,
do not worry.

ATыделения из влагалища

In the normal course of pregnancy, the next menstruation is no longer
will come If for some reason the zygote cannot be fixed in
uterus, monthly come. About miscarriage in this case do not say.
Often women don’t even know what might be the future.

If pregnancy is confirmed, bleeding is
alert. It is urgent to consult a doctor.

Имплантационное кровотечение – это совсем
slight bloody or brown discharge. One or two strokes
possible when an embryo is fixed in the uterine cavity.

Mucous discharge the female body uses to create
special protective plug. She literally clog up
cervix and will come out normal only before childbirth.


A woman will have to be examined if mucous discharge

  • with an unpleasant smell;
  • yellow
  • too abundant;
  • thick and white;
  • similar to cottage cheese flakes.

Ways to confirm pregnancy

How soon will the future mother be sure of her new condition?
How long will it take to wait for the most accurate result?
ATсё зависит от способа.

Drug test: show or not?

Some modern tests, even before the delay, are able to recognize
pregnancy. Therefore, if the gestation period is 4 weeks, the test can
apply if there is no patience. Still, better wait.
until the first day of the expected monthly. The result will be more


AT начале четвёртой акушерской недели исследование вряд чем-то
will help. But at the end of good quality equipment
The specialist has already seen something. It will be a thick womb
endometrium and embryo – a small black dot. If a woman has previously
there was an ectopic pregnancy, a specialist doctor will definitely check
the whole female system.

узи на 4-недели беременности фото

Blood test for hCG

The level of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) with
pregnancy increases. Therefore, a blood test at the end of the 4th week
will help confirm that conception was successful.

ATизит к врачу: пора или можно подождать?

Modern women are often very busy. Work, family
life and hobbies take a lot of time. But now the future
Mom will have to take care of two at once.

In the fourth obstetric week is still early to get registered. Herself
pregnancy may not yet be confirmed. But if you already have
positive result, you can go to the consultation. What will happen
to do a doctor?

  1. Will examine the woman and externally evaluate her overall
  2. Collect the raw data.
  3. Assign a suitable vitamin complex and folic drugs

If conception was planned and passed under the control of physicians,
a woman will visit her doctor this way. ATрач подтвердит
successful conception and prescribe measures to preserve pregnancy.
This is especially important if the patient has already had a miscarriage.

What to look for

It’s amazing how many sides of life will have to be assessed.
иначе, когда наступает pregnancy. Special recommendations for
future moms need to start sticking as early as possible. If up
4th week this did not happen, it’s time to pay attention to


Полнота и баланс: вот главные требования.
Fasting days from now in the past. And it is also desirable to abandon
canned food, convenience foods and fast food.

Nutrition при беременности по неделям

Nutrition при беременности по неделям

ATо время приготовления блюд из мяса важно следить за отсутствием
fat Fish, by contrast, can be consumed fatty varieties. Is it here
controversy? Actually – no. Oily fish contains a lot
useful organic acids that are completely clean in animal fat
are missing. It is necessary to make a reservation: we are not talking about frying in oil.
Just some types of fish live in cold seas and oceans,
therefore, they acquire a fat layer for their own heat. Most
the famous ones are salmon, trout and salmon.

If you want sweet, then better marshmallow or marshmallow,
чем шоколадка или пирожное

Vegetables and fruits are indispensable components of the “pregnant diet”. Their
You can eat fresh, cook or stew. Plus porridge and dairy

Future mothers often ask: what, now nothing at all
�”This” can not? And if you really, to nausea, I want sprat, compote
из чили или чипсов? If you approach the diet strictly, then
There is only one answer: yes, nothing “really” is really impossible. But
if some food, even “harmful”, will help the expectant mother cope
with nausea or cheer up, why not? Only
use unwanted foods better in micro doses. A stack of chips
�”Stretch” for a week, and canned food is not a tablespoon straight from

Absolute “taboo” is only one thing: future mother’s alcohol
strictly contraindicated!
And no matter how much in the drink
�”Degrees”. ATсевозможные домашние наливки – это тоже алкоголь,
even the most natural. The best strategy for the future mother
– This is a complete rejection of alcoholic beverages.

Пищевые отравления опасны для будущего малыша.
Therefore, it is very important to protect your
nutrition. You do not need to try exotic dishes and
products. The body can not accept them and respond
gastrointestinal disorder. And not only the future will suffer.
mother, but also an embryo. Right now it is very unstable to any
negative impacts.

Protection from harmful factors

The organism of the future mother can be very vulnerable. Some
protective mechanisms in the 4th obstetric week have not yet been formed.
Therefore it is very important:

  • stop smoking itself and stay away from smokers
  • be careful during epidemics of viral infections;
  • watch your mood and let in your life only
    positive emotions;
  • avoid abrupt climate change.

Additional measures

Stretch marks can seriously ruin your skin and mood.
women. One of the skin protection measures is olive oil. Him
it is recommended to rub into problem areas before it starts
grow tummy.

Pregnancy и секс

On the 4th акушерской неделе пара может ещё не знать, что уже
Someone was born third. Therefore, the intimate life of the future
родителей протекает в обычном режиме
. Some женщины
after intimacy they feel unpleasant heaviness in the genital area

If conception is planned and carried out under the supervision of a physician, he
may advise to take a break in sexual life. Special
This is important if a woman has had a miscarriage. AT редких случаях
contractions of the uterus during orgasm can prevent the embryo from fully
to gain a foothold in the uterine cavity.


ATо всех остальных случаях при хорошем самочувствии никаких
there are no obstacles to sex. There is one psychological
. ATозможно, со временем интимные ощущения будущей
moms will change. She may experience discomfort, discomfort, or
just a fear of intimacy with your beloved man. Very desirable
notify your partner. The future father must be prepared and
be patient At the slightest negative in intimate life, a woman can not
withdraw into yourself, consider sex as a duty and obligation. Father
the child will probably feel the tension. Without true knowledge
Causes possible problems in family life. And therefore – now
Especially important is mutual love, respect, attention and frankness.


In the fourth obstetric week, the concept of miscarriage applies
rarely. AT большинстве случаев женщина не успевает точно
confirm the pregnancy or even fully realize your
state. Therefore, for many, bleeding after miscarriage is equal to

A possible interruption may be indicated by some

  1. It hurts and pulls the stomach. It is pain, not light.
    the discomfort.
  2. Bleeding profuse, sometimes with clots.
  3. Blood discharge – brown.

But даже все перечисленные признаки не всегда сигналят о том, что
произошёл выкидыш или самопроизвольный аборт.

Abortion может быть и намеренным. Every woman
has that right. However, the decision must be responsible.
Nothing can be done in a state of nervous breakdown, from fear
or someone in retaliation. Modern medicine is trying to spare
women under any circumstances. But неблагоприятных физических и
psychological consequences of abortion has not been canceled.

Grand total of the 4th week

  1. The fourth obstetric week can be a confirmation time.
    of pregnancy.
  2. In the embryo there is not just division, but functional
    cell distribution.
  3. The first, barely noticeable signs and symptoms appear.
    of pregnancy.

The lifestyle of a pregnant woman in the fourth week is largely
will determine the further development of the tiny creature – the future

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ATидео гид: 4 week of pregnancy: что происходит,
symptoms, sensations, signs

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