4 reasons why we are not told aboutdifficulties of motherhood

The future mom is shown only a positive and beautiful side.
maternity. But what lies behind the beautiful picture and why
experienced mothers are silent about this?

The life of young parents would begin quite differently if
they knew in advance about the difficulties that they would have to face
after giving birth. But in the rainbow dreams of moms and dads a child –
it’s a cute little ball that you want to kiss forever and
take pictures. Already at the wedding the newlyweds parents are actively
begin to demand grandchildren, because children are the greatest happiness!
But after the appearance of offspring on all complaints of young exhausted
mummies they have standard stinging answers, like: “And
did you think it would be easy? ”or“ Well, you knew what you were on! ”. Yes
and friends who have already given birth, are in no hurry to talk about all
the difficulties that await young moms. Interesting,

трудности материнства

Первую причину мне озвучила одна моя хорошая

Why bully future moms in advance? After giving birth to them in
anyway you have to go through all the difficulties of motherhood, but on
the background of happy moments these problems do not seem so
scary. Не надо сгущать тучи и рисовать всё чёрными
colors, otherwise the expectant mother may seem that care
as a baby it’s only nights without sleep and endless change of “dirty”

Surely you have repeatedly noticed that even complaining about
difficulties, parents often add: “In spite of everything, I love
his crumb more than anyone in the world. ” Man without children this phrase
skip past the ears, and in memory will remain only one negative. Nothing
awesome …

мама обнимает ребенка

Эту причину можно назвать главной, но она далеко не
рисовать материнство в розовом цвете. Grandmothers
and grandfathers, who so asked their grandchildren, maliciously remember their
suffering and well remember those times when they themselves raised
children – by the way without diapers, washing machines,
multicookers and other devices that make life easier for modern
parents. Of course, there is a scant chance that over the decades they
managed to forget all their sleepless nights spent near the nursery
cribs, and now they really dream of calm, sweet
snuffling grandchildren smelling like milk. But most of us
does not leave the persistent feeling that this is just their credo: “We
suffered, now it’s your turn to suffer. And then your children will be
suffer. Not suffered – not the mother! ”. And all the complaints of young
parents, the older generation will only accuse them of laziness and
irresponsibility, instead of providing real help.

AND, конечно, так называемый «синдром белого
, который активно процветает в интернете. Where
Are we without him in family life? A friend of mine psychoanalyst in
In an accessible form, he explained to me how things really are.
mommies who chant on the forums and blogs about their

  • To boast in social networks many of them are not
    desire to tell the whole world about your happiness, and not even
    the opportunity to earn advertising products for children;
  • Spamming beautiful photos often from dissatisfaction
    own life. Dad may not accept a child
    active participation in the care of the baby, preferring to spend time
    with pals, can abuse alcohol and even practice
  • Children may not be as perfect as they are trying.
    expose mommies. They can bring parents up to a dozen screams.
    Once a day, do not obey and roll up tantrums for any reason. AT
    apartment, except for a clean corner next to the crib and toys, can
    be a mess. But this will never be recognized.
    the truth you will never know. They have all great, they are the best in
    Mothers in the world, caring wives, they have no problems with breast
    feeding, they make the best crafts in kindergarten and
    show the child cards with tasks, and their children are always healthy and
    sleep sweetly in their cots all night;
  • They don’t talk about real difficulties and their problems
    always keep silent. But you are most likely arrogantly reproached and
    stick your nose that you are lazy and can not do anything worthwhile.
    Probably you have seen such moms more than once in the comments of any article in
    popular blogs, forums and social networks. And after reading such
    posts, expectant mothers are born an illusion that childcare and
    motherhood itself is easy, the main thing is not to be lazy and everything
    treat positively. ATот в этом то и заключается их главная

Ну и, наконец, четвертая причина. As if
trite did not sound, but it is money. Contented rosy-cheeked baby,
clean apartment with a cozy children’s corner and beautiful smiling
mom with make-up in commercials – this beautiful picture
shows us happy motherhood and sells it quite successfully.
А заодно и детские подгузники, пюрешки,  развивающие игрушки,
heaped stylish strollers, eco-friendly toys and more
a lot of everything: just buy it, and your child will be the happiest!

Being a parent is fashionable. And in the fashion there is no place swollen from tears
eyes, hair tangles, scars on the abdomen, puerperal
depression and scandals with her husband. And there should be no place daily
routine and bruises under the eyes from lack of sleep. AT рекламе кроха в
diaper sleeps quietly all night in his crib (they are often
see?!), and does not dig the night away in the chest of the sleepless mother. AND
certainly not smearing waste products on the carpet. Is it
that a bag of cereal will sprinkle – but a smiling mother in a matter of seconds
clean up the mess of the miracle vacuum cleaner.

AND самое обидное в этом то, что неважно по каким
причинам, но от нас постоянно скрывают ПРАATДУ. Feel yourself
the hero of dystopia, dear mommies! But is it right that
Is someone allowed to decide everything for us? Every future mom has
право знать, что в действительности ее ждет after giving birth.
At least in order to morally prepare for

что значит быть мамой

Что значит быть мамой

Фото галерея: Быть мамой это…

(pictures are clickable)


The complexity of motherhood in pictures

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