4-month-old baby daily routine


  1. Cultural Hygiene Skills
  2. While awake
  3. How to occupy a 4 month old baby while awake
  4. Approximate daily regimen for a 4-month-old baby

At 4 months, the child continues to actively grow and develop. Him no longer suffer from colic, the digestive system stabilizes. Sleep time decreases and waking periods are increasing.

Baby’s daytime sleep 3 times a day, approximately 2 – 2.5 hours, nightly 9-10 hours. 4-month-old baby’s daily sleep requirement is 15 – 17 hours and depends on the physiological and psychoemotional state of the child, from the temperament with which he will be born.

If your child is highly excitable, then he most often wakes up ahead of time, cries loudly and inconsolably and requires feeding. Feed him by cutting a few hours between feedings, otherwise, crying, the baby will get tired and will not be able to get enough, thereby will get out of the mode completely.

Such children violently show joy and sorrow, are impatient, mobile, active. Right now, mom will understand when a newborn first begins to smile.

Calm babies often wake up feeding hours, although hungry for all signs. It’s best to wake him gently, either apply carotid to the breast if breastfed, in the process of eating, he will finally wake up.

If there was a failure in the mode, you should think about what served reason for this. Maybe you walked a little outdoors, or a child overworked, or he is unwell. The cause and return to your usual daily routine.

Cultural Hygiene Skills

The regimen of the baby at 4 monthsFrom 4 months when the baby begins to consciously respond to actions and the environment, we start to instill a good habit of self-care, we form cultural and hygienic skills.

Many habits are acquired in early childhood and often remain “for memory” for life. “Sow a habit – reap the nature of the “Time of beauty procedures is better to choose in the morning hours while awake.

Excerpt from the story “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery – Little Prince: “There is such a firm rule— I got up in the morning, washed my face, put himself in order – and immediately tidy up your the planet. ”

A good rule about the need for cleanliness, order and harmonious relations with the outside world.

Accompanying the procedures with nurseries, proverbs will make the procedure more entertaining and memorable for the child. Face wash a saying:

Eyes washed, Nose washed, Mouth washed And now we are clean Bunnies are fluffy.

Vodichka, vodichka, Wash my face so that my eyes sparkled, To cheeks blush, To laugh mouth, To bite a tooth. what age the newborn begins to crawl – learn from our publication.

Do not miss this material – it describes how to change months baby weight. For a home hairdresser you need baby combs and brushes with soft bristles. Even if nothing on the head not yet grown, combing the baby, we instill the necessary skill personal care.

We comb the baby, and then, for clarity, ourselves. Can give in hands baby comb. So that he combed you, and then comb your hair dad or doll.

Tips will make the procedure more attractive:

Cockerel, comb me a scallop. Well please please I comb the curls.

Grow, braid, to the waist, Do not drop a hair. Grow, squint, to heel – All the hairs in a row. Grow, braid, do not get confused – Mom, daughter, obey.

While awake

The physical activity of the baby is growing every day. Thanks strengthened musculoskeletal system and further development fine motor skills of fingers, the child easily grabs and holds toys. We continue to engage in physical education, do massage. AT 4 months the baby begins to roll over from the back to the tummy, so make sure that it does not fall, put it away from the edge sofa, beds, do not leave unattended for a second on changing table.

Trying to sit down, help him sit down, carefully pull for pens. We do not force events, do not sit him for a long time, the spine not strong enough and static sitting does not develop muscle corset child, it will be much more correct to teach the child to crawl.

Lying on the tummy encourage the baby with bright toys to move, trying to reach the subject, the baby moves with his whole body, straining muscles and thereby preparing for the crawling process. First, let him learn to crawl, and he sits down to 7 for months when the musculoskeletal corset is getting stronger finally.

How to occupy a 4 month old baby while awake

  • The regimen of the baby at 4 monthsDifferent rattle games: shake while extracting sound; knock, try for a tooth;
  • We hang toys at eye level at a stretched distance hands so that the baby can reach for them and grab them;
  • Games with soft toys, rag dolls, put the baby them in pens;
  • Holding the child upright under the armpits, imitate walking, without support on legs, kick balls, balls, inflatable toys;
  • Holding the child under the arms we make jumps on our Knees
  • We build dialogs with the child, show cards with animals or toy animals and voice them;
  • Role-playing games Ku-ku, Goat-horned, Magpie-white-sided;
  • We walk around the apartment with him, introducing him to the environment. decor.

Please note that at this age the child cannot see distant objects, so it makes no sense to show the landscape beyond by the window. Visibility within a radius of one meter.

Approximate daily regimen for a 4-month-old baby

6 a.m. lift, morning toilet, feeding
8:00 – 10:00 Sleep
10:00 – 12:00 feeding, wakefulness
12:00 – 14:00 sleep, preferably in the fresh air
14:00 – 16:00 feeding, wakefulness
16:00 – 18:00 sleep
18:00 – 21:00 feeding, wakefulness, evening swimming
21:00 – 6:00 Night sleep, 1 night feeding

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