39 week of pregnancy

On 39 неделе мама не только физически, но уже и
morally prepared for childbirth. Baby is also absolutely ready for
the birth of. The baby weighs about 3.25 kg, and its height
is about 48-50 cm. In a word, in size it looks like
small watermelon.

The content of the article

  • 1 Fetus and its development at week 39
    • 1.1 Internal fetal changes
    • 1.2 External changes
    • 1.3 The location of the fetus in the uterus
  • 2 How does the future mother feel?
    • 2.1 Preparing the uterus for childbirth
    • 2.2 Harbingers of the onset of labor
    • 2.3 How are the bouts
    • 2.4 Pain
    • 2.5 Allotment
    • 2.6 Surveys
    • 2.7 Possible risks
    • 2.8 Intimate life
  • 3 Recommendations
    • 3.1 If a беременность затягивается. How to speed up delivery
  • 4 Видео гид: 39 week of pregnancy что происходит,
    излитие amniotic fluid recovery after childbirth
  • 5 Onчало родов

39 week of pregnancy

How many months?

If a ваша беременность достигла отметки 39
obstetric weeks of pregnancy then it means that the baby has been
conceived thirty-seven weeks ago (9 months and 1 week. About calculations

The fetus and its development at week 39

Since the child is considered full-term already for a period of 38 weeks,
no wonder that this week could be the last. All systems and
The baby’s organs are ripe, he is fully viable. Usually,
By this date, every mother is looking forward to meeting the baby,
whom she bore for nine months.


Internal fetal changes

The fruit is already formed and continues to grow. Nutritional
substances for further growth and life it is still
gets through the umbilical cord and placenta. His lungs are ready for the first
inhalation, which will be made immediately after birth. In the intestines
there are already villi needed to absorb nutrients
and the stomach produces enzymes to break down food.

Developed and various reflexes, especially sucking, which
baby will demonstrate immediately after birth. Central nervous
The system is developed unevenly. So far only sensitive ones have ripened.
analyzers, glial tissue, spinal cord and part of the facial nerve,
helping to produce sucking movements. Other components
ЦНС продолжат свое формирование после childbirth.

Your baby is already able to focus his gaze at a distance.
20-30 cm. It is at this distance when feeding will be
located his head from the face of the mother. Crumbs brain is already capable
distinguish between three-dimensional objects, color images and all sorts of
movement, sensitivity to contrast and brightness is developed

External changes

Your baby is no different from a newborn. Hairs on
head can grow up to 4-5 cm, and the specific fluff (lanugo) with
his calf has already disappeared. No on the body and the original lubricant
only a small amount can remain in deep
folds. Marigolds, they can go beyond
fingers. The skin of an infant whose outer layer must be renewed on
this week, has a beautiful pale pink color that indicates
formed subcutaneous fat layer.

плод на 39 неделе беременности

On сроке 39 будущие матери замечают снижение двигательной
activity of his offspring. However, do not worry. In mom’s
the tummy has absolutely no place for making somersaults and other
movements. The body of the fetus occupies almost the entire space of the uterus. Still
one reason is a decrease in the amount of amniotic fluid. TO
the same child will need strength to participate in the upcoming process
childbirth. That is why a pregnant woman feels little

On данном сроке жизненный ритм малыша совпадает с ритмом жизни
newborn baby. He sleeps a lot, and in the period of his wakefulness you
can feel his reaction to various stimuli.
Onпример, очень яркий свет и сильные шумы могут вызвать его

The location of the fetus in the uterus

Data on the location of the baby in the uterus are necessary for doctors to
determine the tactics of delivery. Not all kids
arranged correctly. And the normal course of labor is possible only
with the correct position of the fetus. That is why doctors give
great attention to this issue.

Most often at the thirty-ninth week the fetus takes the same
position that will hold and childbirth. And if he went down
head or buttocks in the pelvic region of the mother, then he is unlikely
will change its position. But there are times when a child
разворачивается в самый решающий момент – во время childbirth.

предлежание плода

The correct position of the fetus is the longitudinal position with
head previa, that is, when the child is head
down and along the uterus. However, the body of the fetus may be across
uterus, in an oblique position and head up. If a малыша не удается
�”Turn” in the correct position, the mother is usually appointed
cesarean section. Операцию могут произвести на этой a week

TOак себя чувствует будущая мама

On 39-ой недельке мама испытывает смешанные чувства. She is scared
upcoming births and at the same time looking forward to those moments
when she can press her baby to her chest. Pregnant woman
continues to experience various discomfort. Usually,
before the birth, the expectant mother does not want to visit, but is trying
find a lonely place in the house where no one will disturb her.

Preparing the uterus for childbirth

On этом сроке организм женщины активно готовится к родовому
process. Major changes, of course, occur in the uterus,
towering over the pubic joint about 40 cm. This
manifested in shortening and softening of the cervix. After all, soon
through it will pass the baby, who should not get

ощущение женщины на 39 неделе беременности

During labor, the pelvic bones are moved apart to skip
baby Therefore, the tissue connecting the pelvic bones becomes
softer. The excitability of the uterus increases, because it has to work in
течение всего процесса baby’s birth For now, this body
�”Is training.” The head of the child is already pressed against the exit from the cavity
матки, готовясь к the birth of.

Harbingers of the onset of labor

On сроке 39 женщина испытывает все «прелести» предвестников

  • training (false) contractions;

They are also called Braxton-Hicks contractions. They resemble
cuts during menstruation, but may differ from them
intensity. Training fights prepare the uterus for childbirth.
These contractions can be confused with the true.

If a вы не уверены, какие схватки вас беспокоят, попробуйте
a little bit like. If a схватки ложные, они должны пройти. Notice
time between contractions. If a продолжительность и сила болевых
sensations increases, and the time intervals between them
reduced, it means that you have the real fight.

  • lowering of the abdomen;

The huge belly goes down, and the presenting part of the fetus
(head or buttocks) is pressed against the entrance to the pelvis. Pressure on
the lungs and the stomach from which the woman suffers most
pregnancies are greatly reduced. Therefore, you are unlikely
tormented by shortness of breath and heartburn. It makes it easier for you to breathe and take

  • discharge of water;

Именно так могут начаться роды на этой a week If a у вас уже
amniotic fluid, which is a colorless
liquid, immediately go to the hospital. Do not be alarmed if from
the vagina will gush a whole stream of water. Waters can flow not only
in small streams, but also in large portions.

  • discharge of mucus plug;

This substance is white, pinkish and yellowish.
a red-streaked mucous substance that closes the entrance to the neck
uterus. Its function is to protect the fetus from possible infections.
The mucus plug can go away like one to two weeks before birth.
infant, and immediately before birth.

  • release of colostrum;

Colostrum is a secret produced by the mammary glands in
the last days before birth and in the first days after them and containing
a large number of proteins. Your baby will eat this liquid.
for several days after birth. If a вы заметили на
бюстгальтере небольшие влажные пятна, ожидайте скорых childbirth. In
avoidance of colostrum traces
designed for this lining.

  • weight loss;

Onверняка за девять месяцев вы уже привыкли к постоянному
increase your weight. In the last days you can do the opposite.
lose up to 2 kg or stop gaining weight. This is a sure sign
приближающихся childbirth. The body gets rid of everything
that can interfere with the birth process, including from extra

For this reason, and also because of the pressure of the stomach on the intestines and
bladder, pregnant women can be tormented by diarrhea and frequent urge to
urination. May decrease appetite. On тридцать девятой неделе
Expectant mothers do not need extra fat and loaded
digestive tract.

TOак проходят схватки

Contractions are one of the most important signs of approaching
childbirth. Usually in the last days of pregnancy a woman is disturbed by false
contractions, which at the onset of labor are replaced by real ones.
The latter occur at a certain interval,
which is increasingly shrinking.

TOак только вы заподозрили начало схваток, следует засечь их
duration and frequency. TOогда сокращения матки начнут
bother you every five minutes, take a cooked bag with
things, documents and go to the hospital. When fights are not
forget about proper breathing.

Схватки – самый болезненный этап childbirth. To make it easier for them
move, focus on proper deep breathing. In время
cuts better to be on your feet than to sit or lie down. Not
забывайте экономить силы для предстоящих childbirth.


The following painful sensations are typical for this week:

  • cramping (as with menstruation) and nagging pains below
    stomachs that are associated with Braxton-Hicks contractions, feeling
    �”Hard” as a stone of the abdomen due to the tone of the uterus;
  • pulling pain in the lumbar region and in the crotch area
    resulting fetal pressure;
  • �”Shooting” pain in the pelvic region, which may appear due to
    того, что младенец is trying найти место в родовом канале и давит на
    pelvic bones;
  • heaviness in the legs;
  • constipation that can cause hemorrhoidal
    painful nodules, especially with improper diet;
  • hands and feet may be numb;
  • exacerbation of diseases.

A woman may be bothered by swelling, causing discomfort.
If a у something sore about you, treat it with all
seriousness. After all, any pain can be a sign of beginning
childbirth or any threat.


Allotment светло-молочного цвета, имеющие слабый кисловатый
smell is normal and should not cause alarm. But
highlight green, yellow with a strong and bad smell
cause immediate visits to the doctor. They can be
a sign of infection ingested.

If you notice thick mucus in the underwear with blood
streaked, do not worry. So the mucus plug comes off,
indicating the approach of labor. At any moment may depart
amniotic fluid (colorless liquid) – large flow or
small portions. This means that you have to go to the maternity hospital. If a
they are painted greenish, immediately contact
to the doctor.

The appearance of the panties on the blood is most often caused by detachment
placenta. In order to avoid fetal death, operative medical care is required.


If a беременность протекает нормально, никаких особенных
surveys are not appointed. You have to pass a general urine test and
visit the office of an obstetrician-gynecologist, where they measure arterial
pressure, your body mass, tummy circumference and standing height
the bottom of the uterus. The doctor will palpate the abdomen with his hands to find out
whether the fetus is correctly located in the uterus. Your limbs will check for
the presence of edema.

Fetal heartbeat will be recorded – cardiotocography
(CTG). This procedure determines the correct operation of the heart.
baby, his body movements and the frequency of uterine contractions.
Ultrasound examination (ultrasound) is performed only when
need, for example, when a woman bears twins, when
danger of entanglement of the fetus by the umbilical cord or during childbirth Caesarean
cross section.

This week you can discuss the upcoming delivery with your doctor and ask
questions you are interested in. Always keep your exchange card with you.
If a куда-то направляетесь, не забудьте положить этот документ в
bag The exchange card will be needed in the maternity hospital, where you can
turn up at any time. If a же вам назначено TOесарево сечение,
this operation will most likely be done already on this or the next
a week

Possible risks

At term 39, the risk of detachment is still relevant.
placenta. This process can be identified by the occurrence of a sharp
abdominal pain, bloody discharge and feeling unwell
future mom. If a вы наблюдаете хотя бы один из симптомов, срочно
обращайтесь к to the doctor.

Hypoxia may develop this week, that is, oxygen
starvation of the fetus. It may occur as a result of entanglement of the child
umbilical cord or for other reasons. In such a situation, it is important to
medical supervision. Perhaps the wrong location of the fetus in
uterine cavity, which is solved by the operation of Cesarean

There is a danger of preeclampsia. On the development of this
disease indicates a high indicator of protein in the urine and sharply
increased pressure. To prevent the transfer of preeclampsia in
eclampsia, which is characterized by convulsions and syncope,
You can quickly consult a doctor (about toxicosis and preeclampsia).

Do not forget that any infectious disease
the mother’s organism is at risk of infecting the infant and may
affect his health after giving birth. Therefore you should avoid
large crowds of people and stick to the elementary rules of personal
hygiene. And if you were still infected, this is a reason to visit
your doctor.

Intimate life

Despite the long term, sex in the absence of contraindications
It is not a ban for a couple expecting a baby. The main thing,
use poses in which there is no pressure on the stomach. However on
thirty-ninth week active sex life can
provoke the onset of labor, so don’t be surprised if soon
after sex you will come across harbingers of childbirth.

The only restriction of intimate life – the discharge of the mucous
traffic jams, because the uterine cervix can get into nothing
infection. Of course, this problem can be solved by using
condom But it’s still better to wait for the moment when
have sex without fear. In addition, a huge belly allows
to relax not all women.


  1. Make sure that you are ready to enter the hospital – check
    availability of necessary documents and things. All this is required to put in
    plastic bag, since most maternity homes are not
    take pregnant women with bags.
  2. Ask about the unspoken rules that are followed in
    maternity hospital. Surely among your friends there are mothers who gave birth at all
    recently. Check with them which of the things taken by them
    handy and which not.
  3. Stay healthy. Eat often
    but little by little. The bulk of your diet should be
    fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals, boiled meat and sour milk
    products. Try to avoid sweets, fatty and fried.
    Помните, что при родах желудок не должен быть
  4. Get some rest! If a не получается выспаться ночью из-за постоянных
    going to the restroom, unrest and training fights, sleep in the afternoon. On
    You will need strength and energy in childbirth. And after the birth of the baby,
    most likely, you will have to forget about a full sleep.
  5. Teach your loved ones to live with you soon
    one family member. Let me get used to this thought not only to my husband,
    but also to children. Distribute responsibilities, because it is important for you to take care of your
    strength before childbirth. Especially since your family needs to get used to
    to the fact that soon you will constantly need their help.
  6. Let your husband know how you need his support. If a он
    going with you to the hospital, he must be ready with all the necessary
    analyzes and results of fluorography.
  7. Continue to apply the cream or vegetable oil on parts of the body,
    who risk covered with stretch marks (stretch marks). Vegetable oil
    (olive or wheat germ oil) can be rubbed into the tender
    perineal skin. This will reduce the risk of breaks during
    baby’s birth
  8. Read about how childbirth occurs. It will help you right
    act during the birth process. It does not hurt to get acquainted with
    literature on breastfeeding and infant care. Special
    it is useful to make those women who will become a mother

If a беременность затягивается. How to speed up delivery

Fear of preterm birth is replaced by fear of postponed
pregnancy, when a woman realizes that it is time, and the baby is still
does not want to be born. At this time, the expectant mother begins
wondering how to speed up childbirth. However, not to worry much
worth it even if the gestation period has crossed the estimated date

The fact is that doctors from the very beginning could be mistaken with the date
зачатия, а значит могли перепутать дату предполагаемых childbirth.
Therefore, pregnancy is considered postponed only from the 10-14th day.
after this date. If a же врачи убедились, что малышу уже пора на
light, they can look at you on the chair and pierce the bladder.
This will cause the beginning of labor activity.

В больнице вам могут дать советы, как вызвать роды на 39
week of pregnancy alone. This is usually done by two
in safe ways. The essence of the first method is to maintain
active sex life. Orgasm causes uterus tone, and sperm
softens the cervix. The second method is soft, but
persistent massaging of the nipples of the breast.

Both of these methods are considered effective and safe.
However, under no circumstances call home birth without
doctor’s testimony! You risk harming yourself and the baby.

That is coming to an end your pregnancy – the period
which you will remember with tenderness and warmth. Your task –
prepare for childbirth and make them most comfortable for you and
your baby. Therefore, the hospital should grab not only
necessary documents and things, but also positive

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Видео гид: 39 week of pregnancy что происходит, излитие
amniotic fluid recovery after childbirth

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