38 week of pregnancy

The 38th week may be your last week.
pregnancy, especially if you are not carrying the first child. Your
the baby is getting harder and weighs about 3 kg, and his height
reaches 48-50 centimeters. The baby is absolutely ready for birth.
Mom always needs to be in touch with loved ones, because childbirth can
start at any time.

The content of the article

  • 1 How the fetus develops at week 38
    • 1.1 Internal changes
    • 1.2 External changes
    • 1.3 Fetal position
  • 2 Future mom’s condition
    • 2.1 What foreshadows the onset of labor
    • 2.2 What pains bother you at week 38
    • 2.3 Selections
    • 2.4 Possible hazards
    • 2.5 Sex at 38 weeks
    • 2.6 What examinations are to be taken
    • 2.7 How are natural childbirth
  • 3 Tips for the future mother
  • 4 ATидео гид: 38 week of pregnancy что происходит, отеки
    in late periods, preparing for breastfeeding

38 week of pregnancy

How many months?

When doctors talk about the 38th obstetric week
pregnancy, it means that 36 weeks have passed from conception, that is,
Exactly 9 months (we read about terms and methods of calculation

How does the fetus develop in week 38

Your малыш уже полностью готов к жизни вне материнской утробы. WITH
no major changes occur to them. Scarce continues
just gain some weight and stretch in length. And in his little
the body is working to bring to perfection
functioning of all systems and organs.


Internal changes

The placenta providing nutrition to the fetus is aging and becoming
thinner. Reducing the amount of nutrients your baby receives.
substances leads to inhibition of the process of weight gain. Now mass
baby’s size doesn’t increase much as most
nutrients consumed in its livelihoods. Small
the heart beats at intervals of 120 – 160 beats per minute.

At 38 weeks in the womb the baby becomes very crowded, so he
pushing and moving less. But his coordination is essential
improves, and the movements of his legs and arms are no longer chaotic
character. You should feel about ten jolts a day. Also
perfectly developed sucking and prehensile reflexes. Baby already
has a strong grip, which can be seen immediately after
childbirth. Also ребенок меньше икает.

The organs of the fetus are in working condition. BUT
the surface of the alveoli is already covered with pulmonary surfactant, which will help
baby immediately after birth to take the first breath. Continue
develop liver and pancreas. BUT в кишечнике уже
accumulated meconium – feces formed as a result of absorption
amniotic fluid.

If you are expecting a girl, then you should know more often
all girls prefer to be born earlier than boys.
Therefore, the girl’s mother should be even more ready to give birth at this
a week

External changes

The baby can no longer be distinguished from the newborn. His pink
the skin is smooth to the touch, since the down almost completely disappeared. BUT
its head can be covered with hairs of fairly decent length.
Original lubricant remained only in the folds of the body. Marigolds some
children already advocate fingertips. Therefore it is not necessary
wonder if the body or face of a newborn will be slightly

During this period, the testicles in a male infant must be lowered.
into the scrotum.

Also родителям нужно знать, что приведенные показатели
fetal height and weight are approximate, as these parameters are strongly
depend on inherited data.
If Mum and Dad
small weight, you should not expect the birth of a large child.

If you were lucky to bear twins, then this week you,
most likely should be in the hospital. Probability of occurrence
to light twins on week 36 and 37 is very great. However, if this
еще не случилось, то схваток следует ожидать на 38-ой a week Weight and
the growth of babies with multiple pregnancies is, of course, less than
in ordinary children. But after birth, they quickly catch up

Fetal position

On the 38th week of pregnancy, the tummy should already
fall, and the child should be lying head down, preparing for
the birth of. This arrangement of the fetus is called the head
previa This is the norm. But not always the head
baby is located in the lower pelvis of a woman.

плод на 38 неделе

And if before this week there is a pelvic presentation of the fetus, then
he is unlikely to turn over. But such a possibility exists,
especially if the weight of the child is small. Therefore, when
This problem Mom should definitely try to do
special exercises. Maybe the baby “changes his mind” and yet
head down.

WITHостояние будущей мамы

The future mom’s mood is not so definite this week. WITH
On the one hand, she wants to give birth as soon as possible in order to quickly see
baby and free from constant discomfort, and on the other – her
начинает одолевать страх предстоящих childbirth. Usually thirty
the eighth week of pregnancy, women suffer quite hard,
therefore, the desire to give birth faster wins the fear of childbirth.

At this time, most mothers overcome fatigue.
Appears feeling that pulls up the stomach, which should already fall
way down. It is difficult for mom to be long on her feet, uncomfortable to sit,
lie and sleep. At the same time, many people have a desire to equip
their “nest”, so they with the trebled force are taken for home
case and even repair. However, it is necessary to undertake only feasible for
pregnant job.

организм женщины на 38 неделе беременности

The uterus is also preparing for childbirth. The height of the bottom of the uterus is about
35-38 cm, and from the navel it is located at a distance of 16-18
centimeters. The cervix is ​​becoming softer. If belly
already down, then the woman becomes easier to breathe, passes heartburn.
But now the uterus puts even more pressure on the bladder, which leads
to the frequent urge to urinate. The same goes for
gastrointestinal tract, therefore occasionally occurring
diarrhea is a common occurrence for women who are pregnant on the 38th
a week

  • Weight

During this period not only the baby gains less weight, but also
mom herself. BUT многие женщины теряют вес. The reason is
preparation for childbirth and discharge of mucus plug. Generally
average weight gain throughout the pregnancy should
make up about ten to fifteen kilograms.
women who are not watching their diet can add to the
weight, which leads to pain, swelling and fatigue.

  • Edema

Also для этого периода характерны отеки. It’s one thing when swelling
small, which is the norm for pregnancy. BUT другое дело,
when they arise abruptly and are accompanied by a weight change. AT
In the latter case, you should immediately consult a doctor, since
this may be a sign of preeclampsia (about toxicosis and preeclampsia).

  • Stretch marks

Not happy future mom and appearance. Increased in size
the uterus stretches the stomach. The skin is taut from
which she not only constantly itches, but can also become covered
stretch marks. WITHтрии могут появиться в районе живота, бедер и даже
mammary glands. They are reddish grooves,
which after birth become lighter with time.


Prevention of the appearance of striae is the use of special
creams and various vegetable oils. But иногда против растяжек
these actions are powerless, since not the last role in this issue
plays heredity. Another cause for your concern
may become the navel, which under the weight of the abdomen turns out
out. But переживать не стоит, так как после рождения малыша он
will return to its former place.

What heralds the onset of labor

Thirty-eighth obstetric week from the beginning of pregnancy –
время, когда вы должны четко знать, что такое предвестники childbirth.
So, the main signs that you should go to the hospital:

  • Braxton-Hicks contractions;

These are training (false) contractions that prepare the uterus for the process.
childbirth. Such abbreviations begin approximately two weeks before
baby’s birth False contractions resembling contractions when
menstruation, becoming more palpable and causing constant
discomfort in the lower abdomen.

If you are afraid because of training bouts skip
the real ones, when they begin again, get up and walk along
the room. WITHхватки Бректсона-Хикса должны пройти во время движения. BUT
if the intervals between contractions are reduced, and their intensity
возрастает, то это может означать начало childbirth.

  • colostrum released from the breast;

It is a yellow liquid that will serve as food for
born baby during the first few days. Small
spots on your bra signal that a meeting with
your baby will happen very soon. Set aside your beautiful but
impractical bras aside. Keep your chest heavy
Better with a cotton bra with strong straps. BUT
in order for laundry to leave no trace of colostrum, you can
take advantage of special linings.

  • hormonal changes, increased mobility
    joints, pelvic bones spreading and descending

In week 38, your body is completely rebuilt and prepared
to ensure that your son or daughter was born. AT это время вас
bad sleep, false labor, swelling, and
чувство, что живот каменеет и тянет way down. Of course, not at all
future mummies, these symptoms appear so badly. Whatever
it was, know that your crumb will appear very soon, and the place of these
problems will take new worries.

If you are not carrying the first child, be prepared for
внезапному началу childbirth. The birth of the second, third and subsequent
children usually occur more quickly and easier, but much
more painful. However, this statement is not true in all cases.


What pains bother you at week 38

In addition to the occasional Braxton Hicks contractions,
pregnant experiencing a number of other pain. Pain in the area
backs and loins have become commonplace. Feeling pulling down
the belly also makes a woman feel discomfort. Often,
especially in the evening, from a large load start to hurt

Tingles in the arms and legs are often added to this. it
indicates circulatory disturbance which is normal for the last
дней of pregnancy. Exacerbated various diseases. Special
a prominent example is varicose veins, which often begins to manifest
себя именно в период of pregnancy. Because of the load on the vessels and
Malnutrition can develop hemorrhoids.

As a rule, the above pains cause
insomnia and lack of sleep. ATсе эти далеко не приятные ощущения
increase the desire of women to give birth. But малыш сам решает, когда
he come to light. Therefore it is necessary to suffer, especially since
before his birth was left quite a bit. Whenever possible
mitigate the pain by all possible and safe means. For example,
you can walk before bedtime or ask someone you love
do a massage.


AT норме ваши выделения на этом сроке должны быть такими же, как
и на протяжении всего периода of pregnancy. That is, they must be
milky, homogeneous structure and without a sharp, unpleasant
smell. ATыделения из половых путей могут незначительно меняться.
If they have acquired a green or bright yellow color, urgently
seek medical attention. They may indicate an infection.
genital tract and the possibility of infection of the fetus.

If besides the usual discharge you notice slime on your panties
clear, yellowish or pinkish with red
streaked, do not be alarmed. it так называемая слизистая пробка,
covering the entrance to the cervix. She can start going out by
parts about a couple of weeks before the baby was born, and maybe
go out and right before the birth.

A sign of the beginning of the birth process is the discharge of water.
Sometimes they depart a sharp stream, and sometimes they start only
on the sly leaking. AT любом случае, обе ситуации означают, что
you urgently need to go to the maternity hospital, since the time to birth remains
very little.

If you notice blood on your underwear, contact us immediately.
see a doctor, especially if it is scarlet. Similar discharge can
to be a consequence of placental abruption, which can greatly harm
to kid.

ATозможные опасности

At this time there are risks of which there should be
known future mom. One of the threats is placental abruption.
Premature detachment can occur quite unexpectedly, even
when a woman is in a good state of health. By signs
serve as pain in the abdomen and bleeding. AT такой
The situation requires surgical intervention by the doctor.

Another dangerous condition is preeclampsia. This term means
a disease characterized by a strong increase
blood pressure, threatening the fetus and mother. About its development
can be understood by increased protein in the urine and high pressure.
Preeclampsia can turn into eclampsia, which can cause losses.
consciousness, convulsions and even stop breathing. Another danger
is hypoxia of the fetus (oxygen starvation), the effects
which can be avoided with timely diagnosis.

WITHтоит упомянуть и о различного рода инфекциях. They demand
treatment under the strict supervision of a doctor. Also стоит насторожиться
with increasing temperature, diarrhea, constant nausea and
vomiting. Be careful, because you are responsible not only for your
condition, but also for the health of the little man who is inside

WITHекс на 38 неделе

This week most couples are on their own initiative.
prefer to leave intimate life until better times. However there is
and those to whom the “interesting position” of a woman does not interfere with leading an active
sex life. And indeed, if there are no contraindications,
you can have sex in poses where there is no pressure on

But следует помнить, что секс может спровоцировать роды. Exactly
so sometimes doctors strongly recommend having sex for
stimulation of the birth process. Intimate relationships are prohibited if
pregnant, there are any complications, improper
previa or planned caesarean section. Not worth the risk
if you suspect a partner is infected.

What tests to pass

AT женской консультации вы сдадите общий анализ мочи, вам измерят
blood pressure, death of the circumference of the abdomen, the height of the bottom
uterus and determine the size of your pelvis. BUTкушер-гинеколог проверит,
is there swelling in your arms and legs, see how it goes
preparation of the cervix for childbirth. Ultrasound on this period is assigned
only by necessity, for example, when it is necessary to exclude
the possibility of entwining the umbilical cord.

Like last week, you will need to go through
cardiotocography. The CTG procedure will record
fetal heartbeat and uterine contractions. This survey
shows whether there are any abnormalities in the development of the baby. Exactly
This procedure allows you to identify all possible unwanted

it важно: всегда держите обменную
card (the main document of a pregnant woman) with you! She is
you will need a maternity hospital where you can go to any

WITHреди будущих мам немало тех, кому показано кесарево сечение.
An operation may be scheduled for this week. BUT если ее будут
produce later, then you can be put in the hospital (for
a week or two before surgery). AT anyway, the kid is already capable
to fully exist outside your body, so worry
not worth it.

How are the natural childbirth

Of course, if you become a mother for the first time, you already
We were interested in how this process takes place. Certainly birth
each woman is individual. But через основные этапы проходят

  1. Cervical dilatation, regular discharge
  2. Attempts in which the woman in labor is straining and breathing, following the prompts
    midwives, child birth.
  3. Attempts and exit of the afterbirth, including the umbilical cord, fetal
    shell and placenta.

The woman who gives birth is examined by a doctor and, if required, imposes
stitches. Then the born child is applied to her breast, and they together
have a rest.

Useful tips future mom

  1. Enjoy the last days, and maybe for hours
    of pregnancy. WITHовсем скоро кроха будет с вами рядом, но вам будет
    miss him inside. WITHтарайтесь думать о хорошем и заполнять свои
    days of positive emotions. Try to surround yourself with loved ones
    people ready to support at the right moment.
  2. Continue to communicate with the baby as if he was already born.
    Listen to calm music together, read to him, chat with
    by him. If you have not yet decided on the child’s name, this is the time.
    to do.
  3. AT сумке, приготовленной для поездки в роддом, должно быть все
    necessary for the mother and the baby was born. Put baby
    things that are useful for the first time, prepare the necessary
  4. By the beginning of the 38th week, you should already eat according to
    special diet. Try to eliminate sweet, flour, fried
    and too fat. Eat foods high in calcium.
    Now the main part of your diet should be fresh
    vegetables, fruits, lean fish and dairy products. From coffee and
    strong black tea is worth abstaining. To reduce swelling
    consume less salt.
  5. If you still wear a bandage, you need to remove it so that it does not become
    an obstacle to preparing the child for childbirth.
  6. Think about how you plan to get to the hospital. Specify
    what you can take there with you, and what not. Find out what things and
    medication you may need.
  7. Regardless of fatigue, take a walk in the fresh air. Ok if
    you will do gymnastics for pregnant women.
  8. Finish things at home that you can’t do after.
    appearance of the baby. You can once again sort out the children’s things and
    to equip the nursery.
  9. Take enough time to rest. Surely you have a favorite
    posture in which you can easily relax. But лучше избегать позы
  10. If a husband or other close person is going to give birth to you,
    it is time for him to pass all the necessary tests.

Despite being pregnant
it gets harder, you get more filled with joy
upcoming meeting with his krovinochkoy. When the baby will be
you on arms, about pregnancy will remain the most light and warm

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ATидео гид: 38 week of pregnancy что происходит, отеки на
late terms, preparing for breastfeeding

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