37 week of pregnancy

The 37th obstetric week of pregnancy is the time when
every future mother should already be ready for the appearance of the baby on
shine. According to official medicine, born on the thirty-seventh
week baby is considered full-term. Especially it concerns
multiple pregnancy and the birth of the second, third, subsequent
children ATес крохи в данный период достигает 2,8 — 2,9 кг, а рост
varies from 48 to 50 cm. What is important to think about in the future
mom on this term?

The content of the article

  • 1 Fetal development
    • 1.1 ATнутренние изменения плода
    • 1.2 ATнешние изменения плода
    • 1.3 The location of the fetus in the uterus
  • 2 What happens to the body and sensations of women
    • 2.1 Harbingers of childbirth
    • 2.2 Pains
    • 2.3 ATыделения
  • 3 What you need to know about the 37th week of pregnancy
    • 3.1 Intimate life
    • 3.2 Examination pregnant
  • 4 What to fear
    • 4.1 TOесарево сечение
  • 5 What can be recommended to a future mother
  • 6 ATидео гид: 37 week of pregnancy что происходит с
    child and mother, harbingers of childbirth, the beginning of labor pains

37 week of pregnancy

How many months?

A term of 37 weeks means that the conception occurred around
35 weeks ago. And this is almost 9 lunar months (here about
counting the duration of pregnancy).

Fetal development

What happens to the baby in this responsible week? Him
the body is already formed, only the weight gain continues. Twins
weigh less than ordinary children. Future baby has all
signs of full-term baby. At this time mom observes him.
reaction to her actions, sometimes she can even understand that the baby
I do not like, and what gives special pleasure.


ATнутренние изменения плода

The aging of the placenta begins, bringing to the baby
getting less nutrients and oxygen. AT отличие от
36th week, at the 37-week period the lungs are already
quite developed. Just at the moment they are not yet included in
circulatory system that automatically corrects during
delivery when the heart valve opens for admission
blood to the lungs. ATырабатывающийся в маленьком организме гормон под
the name “cortisone” indicates the full development of the system
breathing. And the child is already trying to make breathing and
swallowing movements.

The organs of hearing and sight have already matured. They allow the fetus
perceive and distinguish the voices of people, enjoy the native
motherly voice and even hear melodies and music. Actively
included in the work and organs of the digestive system. AT кишечнике,
already performing peristaltic movements, in small quantities
formed the first feces (meconium).

AT головном мозге запускается процесс, который длится в течение
all the first year of life – the development of coordination of movements. On
neurons form a protective sheath (the so-called myelin
layer) involved in the transmission of nerve impulses. Work head
The brain is becoming more harmonious. Reflexes are becoming
more stable, especially with respect to the sucking reflex. ATсе
pastime crumbs, except for sleep, accompanied by sucking
finger, because this is how the preparation for the natural

ATнешние изменения плода

If a бы будущая мама могла лицезреть своего ребенка, то она
would see that the fluff (lanugo) from his body is almost gone, and the skin
light pink, as the subcutaneous fat layer began to form.
Thanks to the fat, the baby’s cheeks have become plumper and prettier.
This week, the head is even more covered with hair, and marigolds
go beyond the fingers. So baby can already scratch

The skull has not yet become numb, so the head remains soft, which in
the future will help the fetus to pass through the birth canal. Compaction process
nasal and ear cartilage continues, and now on the head of the baby
adorn fully formed spout and ears. TO тридцать седьмой
week, the reproductive system is also fully formed, and the testicles
boys descend into the scrotum. Sometimes on ultrasound at this time even
You can determine who the baby looks like.

Expectant mother should not be afraid if she noticed
that the child began to move less. The fact is that the uterus has become
darker and less space so it can only produce
kneading movements.

The way of life of the baby is almost no different from life recently.
born baby. Most of his time is spent sleeping
the rest goes to sucking on the fingers or the umbilical cord. Sleep now
consists not only of a fast phase, but also of a slow one, when
pressure decreases, and muscles relax. That is why
the amount of perturbation decreases. Hiccup (shortening of the diaphragm)
baby gradually fades away.

The location of the fetus in the uterus

The position of the fetus is stable. The most common headache then
there is a proper previa. AT таком положении малыш лежит головкой
down, legs crossed and handles. Less commonly, doctors state pelvic
previa (wrong).

плод на 37 неделе беременности

AT некоторых случаях из-за неправильного положения плода
prescribe cesarean section. However, do not immediately panic.
It is possible to induce the child to turn to the desired position.
through specially designed exercises. ATернулся ли
baby in the right position specified during the

What happens to the body and sensations of women

For the thirty-seventh week is characterized by the condition
continuous waiting for the onset of labor. Desire to give birth rather
often strengthen relatives, constantly asking about when
baby will appear. Remember that these questions are forced
answer almost every expectant mother. Therefore, to curiosity and
the excitement of others should be treated calmly. Also, with this
weeks desire for early delivery will only

The cervix continues to mature. That the neck is ripe,
can be recognized by its length – it should be less than 1 cm, and the length
An immature neck starts at 2 cm. Closer to the birth of a child is a neck.
the uterus softens, remaining dense only in the region of the inner
pharynx. If the neck is softened enough, childbirth can begin.

A sign of an approaching meeting with a daughter or son can
be the temperature. Generally elevated temperature can hold all
pregnancy, as for women in the position of low heat dissipation
is the norm. But if the temperature indicator suddenly suddenly
�”Skipped” the mark of 38 degrees, you should consult a doctor. it
may be due to infection or other ailments, or
a signal that you should go to the hospital.

организм женщины на 37 неделе беременности


A woman begins to experience a whole range of new sensations for her.
Despite the fact that you still feel the same awkward, you
weight may decrease. it один из пунктов подготовки организма к
oncoming birth. In pregnancy at thirty-seventh week
because of the stretching of the skin, the skin of the abdomen can be itchy and the navel
may wriggle out. You may also notice how it gets dark
strip on the tummy, but this is not a cause for alarm, since after
childbirth strip will gradually disappear.

Companions of a pregnant woman at the 37th obstetric week may be
indigestion, nausea, and loose stools. In this way
the body gets rid of everything that can interfere with the process
childbirth. If you still wear rings on your fingers and not
Having problems wearing your shoes, you are very lucky.
Most women in this period have to deal with
swelling of the arms and legs. The reason is a sedentary lifestyle, unusual
a large workload of the kidneys, as well as an excess of salt in

Harbingers of childbirth

On term 37, the belly may go down, and the head of the baby may
move to the pelvic area. With this goes heartburn and
shortness of breath, so mom can breathe easy. But now the whole
the severity of the abdomen falls on the bladder and abdomen, therefore
the desire to go to the toilet will visit you more often. Since the fruit
puts pressure on the organs of the lower body, hemorrhoids may appear,
delivering not only inconvenience, but also pain. AT
In this case, it will be useful to lean on foods with
weakening properties.

Abdominal prolapse is a signal of impending labor.
But the stomach before giving birth does not fall at all. AT этом случае не
It is worth worrying, as it will help you understand that you will soon give birth.
other signs.

Immediate delivery foreshadow and various pain.
The most prominent harbinger of childbirth are cuts
Brexton-Hicks, reminiscent of pain during menstruation. it тренировочные
contractions that prepare the uterus for the upcoming serious “work”.
Such contractions are also called “false.”

Abbreviations are becoming more like labor pains.
ATместе с этим боли женщины становятся продолжительнее. On this
stage due to weight gain pain can be given in the back, groin
and stomach. Training fights are also destined to not everyone.


At the 37th obstetric week, a general feeling of discomfort
increases, expectant mothers may be bothered by the following pains:

  • pains in the perineum that are becoming more pronounced;
  • pain in the legs, especially when during the day
    you have to stand or walk for a long time;
  • numbness of the legs and arms due to blood microcirculation disorder;
  • aching pain in the lower back and tailbone;
  • the baby’s tremors, which, although less common, are becoming more and more
  • pulling pain in the abdomen that can
    to indicate the imminent discharge of mucus plug.

If you notice periodic pain in the abdomen, immediately
contact your doctor. The feeling that pulls the belly completely
normal for a given period. However, if you have already noted
that the stomach “kameneet”, it is also a reason to visit the doctor.
�A “stony belly” is most likely a sign of
that the uterus is in a state of hypertonus, and this often leads to
premature birth.


Hormonal background changes throughout pregnancy. AT
due to the next changes on the term of the 37 allotment become
more intense and more fluid. But if the selection is too
liquid, it can be a sign of water leakage. Therefore follows
urgently conduct a special test that can be done at the hospital
or at home by buying it at the nearest pharmacy. If the waters have
greenish tint or stand out in large portions, urgently
go to the maternity hospital.

TO ordinary secretions are added colorless, yellowish or
pinkish mucus with a small amount of blood. it
the mucus plug that the entire pregnancy protected the entrance of the uterus from
various microorganisms. Usually the cork starts to go out by
частям за полмесяца до предполагаемых childbirth. If she already
departed, it is better for a woman to suspend an intimate life and not to bathe
in still water, so as not to carry the infection. Also from the chest can
start to stand out colostrum.

Very important: spotting is a reason for immediate
Call for help, especially if they are accompanied by pain! Such
discharge may occur when falling and getting injured or without
apparent reasons.

What you need to know about the 37th week of pregnancy

Intimate life

Thirty-seventh week of pregnancy alone
In any case, is not the reason for the rejection of active sexual
of life. However, if you feel unwell, the beginning of labor
and cork discharge sex is contraindicated. Also sexual rest can
to register doctors. And even if it seems to you that the doctor’s prescriptions
are not justified, it’s better to listen to his opinion, because sex on
таком сроке может привести к началу childbirth.

Sometimes future parents themselves in the last weeks of pregnancy
добровольно отказываются от интимной of life. They understand that
the child is already “adult” and it becomes psychological for them
barrier. Others fear harming the baby. And some couples
just uncomfortable to have sex when the stomach is already quite big.
This is especially true for a woman who, instead of pleasant
pastime can only get a feeling of discomfort.

Examination pregnant

If you are not shown other examinations, then the main procedure
на этой неделе является кардиотокография (TOГТ). it запись
fetal heartbeat, and uterine contractions and movements. TOГТ нужна
to determine the presence of possible pathologies of the fetus and mother. This
examination will help identify violations such as hypoxia,
anomaly of the cardiovascular system, the threat
preterm labor, infection of the fetus, little and polyhydramnios.

AT кабинете акушера проверят результаты уже сданных вами
analyzes, as usually measured blood pressure, find out the length
circumference of the tummy, the height of the standing of the bottom of the uterus. Should also
limbs should be checked for edema. TOроме
In addition, the doctor can check the readiness of the cervix for childbirth.

What to fear

Each week of pregnancy has its own risks, and 37
week is no exception. The main danger at this time –
the possibility of preeclampsia. This term means
a condition where the body cannot cope with a double load,
resulting in impaired kidney function. The first symptoms are
increased pressure, swelling and increased protein in the analysis

If the early signs of preeclampsia are ignored, then
more serious symptoms occur. TO ним относятся головная боль,
dizziness, loss of consciousness and the appearance of “flies” before his eyes.
AT этом случае вы даже можете не успеть вызвать скорую. therefore
It will be much more reasonable to fight with preeclampsia at the initial stage.
(тут писали о токсикозе и гестозе).

There is a risk in the final weeks of pregnancy.
premature detachment of the placenta. it может привести к потере
a considerable amount of blood, oxygen starvation of the fetus and even
his death You can learn about possible placental abruption by cutting
pain in the abdomen and traces of bleeding on linen. Women
however, the last genera of which were produced by caesarean
sections, should know that there is a risk of uterine rupture
old, already healed scar. Because any significant pain in
abdominal areas should be a reason to check

TOесарево сечение

it слишком ранний срок для запланированного кесарева сечения.
But cases of emergency caesarean section for thirty-seven
obstetric weeks from the onset of pregnancy are not uncommon. Operation on
37 is prescribed when something threatens the baby’s life and

Indications for emergency surgery can be many. Main of
They are acute hypoxia (insufficient oxygen supply to
fetus), the mismatch of the size of the head of the crumbs and pelvis of the mother,
fetal umbilical cord fetus and placental abruption. But a woman is not worth
worry too much if a cesarean section has been prescribed. ATсе
child’s systems and organs are already formed, so he is quite ready
ко внеутробной of life.

What can be recommended to a future mother

  1. The first and main advice – be morally ready for childbirth.
    A baby may decide to come into the world this week too, so you
    must understand that contractions can begin at any time.
  2. Keep attending antenatal clinic and perform
    doctor’s appointments.
  3. Find out exactly which maternity hospital you have to give birth to.
    baby It’s time to pay a visit to the doctor who plans
    take your childbirth, and discuss with him all the possible details. Also
    discuss which additional services you will use. If a
    your husband wants to be present in person birth crumbs him
    It’s time to pass all the necessary tests for this.
  4. If a сумка для поездки в роддом еще не собрана, займитесь этим
    very soon (here’s a list of things for you).
  5. Do not relax. Do not spend all your free time for
    embroidery or computer. Keep walking and moving. The main thing,
    do everything in moderation.
  6. ATы используете бандаж? Then it’s time to take it off, since it
    may interfere with the timely lowering of the abdomen, which may
    delay the timing of the birth of the baby.
  7. Watch the daily diet and drink at least one and a half
    liters of clean water. Your table should be as small as possible.
    spicy, fried, fatty and sweet. TOушайте больше овощей и
    products that prevent constipation. Avoid allergenic
  8. It’s time to get acquainted with the rules of baby care,
    especially if you first become a mom. For example, you can study
    all breastfeeding issues. It will be easier for you
    take on maternal responsibilities. (ATот тут статья «Самые
    Important tips for caring for a newborn. The best article memo for
    moms and dads “, and here is the article” Fundamental Tips for Nursing Moms
    about breastfeeding “)

ATаша беременность уже подходит к концу. If a вы
expecting the first child, it usually takes place approximately
in the fortieth week, although there are exceptions. Do not let
fears and negative thoughts overshadow the joy of meeting your son soon
or daughter. Enjoy the last minutes of such a wonderful
states like pregnancy!

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ATидео гид: 37 week of pregnancy что происходит с
child and mother, harbingers of childbirth, the beginning of labor pains

Postpartum procedures with baby

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