36 week of pregnancy

36 obstetric week of pregnancy. Fruit weight
approximately 2.5-2.7 kg. Full height about 45-47 cm. On it
term, the performance of each crumbs can be very different from the average in
smaller or bigger side. This is dictated by heredity and
during pregnancy. What are precursors of labor? It’s time for mom
make a list of things that are important to complete before birth

The content of the article

  • 1 Fetal development
    • 1.1 Fetal position
    • 1.2 Pregnancy двойней
  • 2 Feelings of a woman
    • 2.1 Harbingers of childbirth – false labor
    • 2.2 A few words about how childbirth occurs
    • 2.3 What Mom Should Do
    • 2.4 What not to do mom
    • 2.5 Discharge and pain
    • 2.6 Complications
    • 2.7 Photos of tummies
    • 2.8 Attending antenatal clinic
  • 3 Recommendations
  • 4 ATидео гид: 36 week of pregnancy что происходит с
    baby and mother, childbirth is near, three periods of labor

36 week of pregnancy

What month?

36th obstetric week means that since
Conception of your child is the 34th week. And how many months is it?
Almost nine lunar. About the timing of pregnancy and how to count here
— http://razvitie-krohi.ru/beremennost/kak-opredelit-srok-beremennosti.html

Fetal development


Your baby is almost completely ready for childbirth. Many internal
organs (eg, heart, endocrine glands, brain, circulatory
the system, the liver, the kidneys) are fully formed and fulfill all
its functions.

Некоторые органы заработают только после рождения baby
For example, the intestine does not fulfill its excretory function, although in
He has already accumulated a certain amount of fecal masses. It is solid
the particles that for the entire duration of pregnancy fell into the fetal stomach
together with swallowed amniotic fluid. Such masses
they are called meconium, they are black and will be removed by the intestines
on the first day after the birth of the child.

Lungs are not functioning yet. The fetus gets oxygen through
the placenta and the umbilical cord, carbon dioxide is also removed. Now it is
лёгкие – самое слабое место baby Many babies have not yet
enough surfactant has been formed, a substance that regulates
respiratory processes.

This is why giving birth at the 36th week of pregnancy is considered
premature and undesirable. Babes that appear on
this period, are often incapable of full breathing.
They need special equipment and medical supervision.

What is happening with the baby now? He gradually gets rid of
original lubrication. This substance protects thin for many weeks.
baby skin from soaking. Now his layer is getting thinner.

The fetal skeleton has almost reached the desired degree of mineralization. Bones
the skulls are connected by cartilage. When giving birth, they will move a little to
the fetus passed more easily through the birth canal of the mother. Complete bone development
is reached by an adult, approximately this happens in
25 years.

The skin of the fetus is a little straightened due to subcutaneous fat,
the extremities and cheeks gain a cute infant plumpness.
The bright red color of the skin is slightly paler, although the baby is pink.
color will appear only a few weeks after delivery.

Count movements. Fetal movements can
to be painful or just very sensitive but they are not
must be persistent, too active. If the baby now and then
kicking maybe you are uncomfortable sitting, overtired or
are in a stuffy room.

Fetal position

Now your baby in the womb is very close. Most likely, he is already
took the most correct position: down the head, arms crossed and
legs. But this is not always the case.


If the doctor has determined that you have the wrong presentation of the fetus,
fear nothing. There are exercises that will help baby
turn around correctly (read about them in the recommendations below
articles). And then there is the method of external rotation of the fetus, this
special medical procedure.

Attention. During the outdoor
turning there is a risk of placental abruption, so the decision on the procedure
takes only a doctor with all the circumstances.

Pregnancy двойней

It happens to about one mom out of a hundred. Wear two at once
children – harder work than to give life to one baby.
Multiple pregnancies rarely “fall short” to forty weeks, so
that twins or twins may well be born at thirty
sixth week.

With a multiple pregnancy, the height and weight of each baby is less,
than with singleton. And the amount of perturbation can be very
It is small, as the two children literally do not have enough space.

Woman sensations

It is on the 36th week that you can feel something wonderful:
the disappearance of heartburn and relief of breathing. Now a little belly
starts to go down. This reduces the pressure on the diaphragm and
some internal organs.


But at the same time, your bladder seems to decrease by several
Once, after all, the uterus is pressing it harder now. Desire to urinate
becomes almost constant. Because of this, leave the house for a long time
just impossible. If you are going somewhere, right away
clarify the availability of public toilets. Sometimes
the urge to defecate increases.


You may experience severe sleep disorders. Even if at night
pillowed belly can really get in the way. If not
manage to sleep off at night, make up the day. Chronic fatigue
can seriously complicate the upcoming childbirth and postpartum

It is interesting. The uterus is unique
organ. During pregnancy, it can grow 500 times.

Harbingers of childbirth – false labor

Surely you have been feeling false contractions for quite some time.
(Braxton-Hicks). This is a normal physiological process. So your
the uterus trains before giving birth. You feel as if the entire belly
turns to stone for a few seconds, and then relaxes by itself.

At thirty-sixth week, such contractions may occur more often.
Be very careful not to confuse them with real childbirth.
False contractions should not be repeated more often than four times in one.
hour, and the intervals between them should not be even.

If the contractions are repeated as if by a timer,
call the doctor – most likely, childbirth begins.

A few words about how childbirth occurs

Now you need to understand at least in general terms that you
to be in the maternity hospital. The birth of a baby is very
individual process. Childbirth in different women may be similar,
but you will definitely feel something of your own. Births are divided into three

  1. The cervix is ​​dilated to such an extent as to “release”
    fetus. This period is accompanied by regular bouts, discharge
    waters and ends with attempts.
  2. Feeling the attempts, the woman in labor at the command of the midwife puts on weight, then
    relaxes. A child is born.
  3. The attempts again begin, and the mother’s body gets rid of
    fetal membranes and placenta.

In the postpartum period, a woman is waiting for rest, a medical examination, while
necessary – stitching. All this concerns independent

If your baby is destined to appear with a cesarean
section, then in a certain period you will be done this operation. AT
she also has phases, but they relate only to medical actions.
Mother in this case plays a passive role.

What should mom do

Collect a bag for a maternity hospital:

  • hygiene supplies (pre- and postnatal);
  • sealed water bottle;
  • plastic envelope or corner with all the documents (it is always
    carry with you).

Specify the rules and requirements of the maternity hospital that you chose.
You are or determined by the testimony of a doctor. ATозможен запрет на пользование
leather, fabric bags. Then you have to put everything in
plastic bags.

If you plan to attend the birth of someone from the family,
they may need to take some tests.

And still make a to-do list. It’s all about what you want.
успеть до childbirth. For example, go to an interesting exhibition or
buy curtains for children.

We also read: the necessary things for the newborn
ребенка на первое время —

What does not need to do mom

Many women in the 36th week eagerly ask: when
Will I give birth? A very dangerous situation is connected with this question.

Many mothers believe that in this period their baby is completely ready.
to be born, and he can even be “helped.” And then women dramatically increase
their physical activity, take up hard work. There are even
those who specifically visit the bath or sauna or activates
your intimate life.

Never try to stimulate your childbirth by yourself.
A gestation period of 36 weeks means that it’s not time yet. Kid
will come to you when it is fully prepared. It is possible that
he will need more than forty weeks to do this, sometimes it happens.
Be patient so that you do not regret your early birth

ATыделения и боли

Everything is the same here. Norm – scanty white vaginal mucus
colors with a neutral smell. Violations – cheesy, yellow, bad
smelling highlight.

The leakage of amniotic fluid and bleeding are most dangerous, their
appearance requires an urgent call of doctors.

Surely now you now and then barely noticeable stomach ache,
loin, back. Light discomfort is now impossible to avoid.
However, for any real pain, immediately go to the doctor or call
him on the house.


Problems due to which normal pregnancy
нарушается, могут возникать до самых childbirth. The most frequent:

  • Gestosis (late toxicosis). Find out more here –
  • Placental abruption. Disrupts fetal nutrition.
    Является показанием для досрочного рождения baby
  • Hypoxia (oxygen deprivation) of the fetus. Can lead to
    complications of the brain and nervous system.
  • Increased uterine tone. Permanently tense muscles
    threatens with premature birth.

Photos of tummies


Female counseling visit

Schedule trips to the doctor can be very individual. Usually
On the 36th week, they go to the local gynecologist every seven days.
Events when visiting the standard:

  • verification of test results that you must pass
    the day before;
  • examination of additional examinations (ultrasound, CTG,
    doplerometry and so on);
  • measurement of abdominal circumference, uterus height, weight, blood
  • questions about mom’s well-being and possible complaints;
  • issuance of directions for regular analyzes and research.


  1. Nutrition. ATаша диета наверняка стала привычным делом. After
    good nutrition will become more important because of the upcoming
  2. Check your weight. It is desirable that from the beginning of pregnancy you
    gained no more than 11-13 kilograms.
  3. If heartburn still occurs, cook and drink jelly, cereal.
  4. Do not let constipation occur, eat prunes every day
    and / or dried apricots, prepare compotes of them.
  5. After дефекации подмывайтесь для профилактики геморроя.
  6. Palpitations and shortness of breath require cessation of physical activity
    and a little rest.
  7. ATозможно, сейчас вам очень трудно двигаться, но это необходимо.
    Do gymnastics for pregnant women, Kegel exercises, walk in
    park (without long hikes), swim in the pool,
    do special yoga. It will help your body.
    get together before giving birth and recover quickly afterwards.
  8. Keep your legs up when sitting, this will especially help
    with swelling and varicose veins. Bowl change body position, arrange
    small warm-ups.
  9. If your fetus is incorrectly positioned, do not wear a bandage.
  10. A simple exercise will help to change the wrong presentation of the fetus:
    lie on each side for 10-15 minutes, repeat several times.
    Try not to fall asleep (ask family to help you).
  11. If the child is in headache, prenatal bandage
    wear constantly.
  12. Avoid traveling, especially by air and long-haul
    distances. If there is an urgent need for this, get
    Permits from the doctor. Without this document, the carrier
    may refuse to provide you services.
  13. AT случае если вам предстоит плановое кесарево сечение, не
    worry that the baby will have the “wrong” childbirth. Operation
    appointed only because vaginal delivery is impossible in
    principle. So baby really needs a surgical
  14. Even if you do not have stretch marks, use special tools.
    against such skin damage (top 10 creams from stretch marks for
    pregnant women). Later get rid of white stripes on the chest, thighs,
    buttocks and abdomen will be more difficult.
  15. Beware of colds and infections. Any illness can seriously
    loosen you and hurt the baby.

Now it is especially important for you to accumulate positive
emotions. They will help you in the first difficult days after birth.

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ATидео гид: 36 week of pregnancy что происходит с малышом
and mother, childbirth is near, three periods of labor

Preparing for the trip to the maternity hospital

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