35 week of pregnancy

35 week of pregnancy. Growth of a fruit of 45-46 cm, weight
2300-2500 grams. The fetus is almost completely ready for childbirth, but light
still can not perform the respiratory function. Mom’s time to cook
things for admission to the maternity hospital. If the fetus has not yet taken
correct position in the uterus, will help special

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  • 1 What happens to the baby
    • 1.1 Presentation of the fetus
  • 2 Mother’s sensations
    • 2.1 Late toxicosis
    • 2.2 Discharge and pain
    • 2.3 Medical control
    • 2.4 Photos of tummies
  • 3 Recommendations
  • 4 Видео гид: 35 week of pregnancy что происходит с
    baby and mother, streptococcus, getting ready at the hospital

    • 4.1 Видео: Облегчение боли при схватках

35th obstetric week – how many months is it?
The ninth lunar month is coming to an end. From conception went
about week 33 (see the article on timing and methodology
counting the terms of pregnancy). 

35 week of pregnancy

What happens to the baby

The fetus under the heart of the mother is growing rapidly and gaining weight (about
two hundred grams per week). On his skin still disappears
original fluff, the skin itself is still a little straightened thanks to
the formation of subcutaneous fat. But folds in the area
the buttocks, neck and joints of the arms and legs persist after childbirth.
The unique pattern on the skin of the palms and the feet becomes more


The fruit needs a lot of calcium so that the bones can
enough to mineralize. This is one of the longest processes in
our body. Do not accidentally doctors consider the human skeleton
fully formed only at the age of 25 years.

The term of 35 weeks of pregnancy means for the baby almost
full readiness for childbirth. Many organs are already leading their full

  • the heart pumps blood;
  • the liver and spinal cord perform the functions of blood formation;
  • endocrine glands produce various hormones;
  • the brain constantly sends and receives signals along the nerve
    channels, controls the first reflexes of the fetus.

The intestine of the fetus is not fully functioning. In it for
The last months accumulates meconium (original feces). is he
consists of solid particles that enter the body of the fetus from
amniotic fluid. Meconium is eliminated from the body of the child in the first
day after birth.

Another very important body has not fully completed its development.
In the lungs of the fetus a special form has been formed for several weeks.
surfactant, surfactant. It is natural
compound helps the alveoli to crack down and prevents them
clumping when breathing after birth. Now this substance can
to be not enough.

For this reason, delivery at the 35th week of pregnancy is undesirable.
since the degree of readiness of the lungs of the fetus to breathe determine
is impossible. In patients with preterm labor at this time
doctors try to keep the pregnancy and give the fetus completely
to develop.

Now the baby is already very closely in the uterus. His movements and tremors
become stronger. Sometimes others may notice how bulging
bumps on your belly. And if you watch your belly
without clothes, it will be seen even better.

Presentation of the fetus

This question is becoming increasingly important. Childbirth is approaching, and from
The position of the fetus in the uterus depends on the mode of delivery.

плод 35 week of pregnancy

Independent labor is allowed only with head and buttock.
previa If the fruit is located legs to the fallopian pharynx,
across the uterus or diagonally (for example, the head at the right thigh,
and the buttocks under the ribs on the left), then doctors will have to hold
cesarean section.

But even if your baby has not yet taken the right
provisions do not be alarmed. is he ещё может перевернуться, а вы в силах
this help:

  1. Pick a quiet time. Lie on your side and set the timer to
    10 minutes. Then roll over. Лежите ещё 10 minutes.
    Repeat 3-4 times. Нюанс: вы можете уснуть,
    so ask someone to be by your side
  2. Lie on your back, bend your knees, slip under the lower back
    a pillow or a rolled up blanket. Lay like this for 5 minutes.
    Внимание: далеко не всеми это упражнение
    well tolerated. If you felt sick, immediately
    прекращайте и выберите другой способ
  3. If possible, visit the pool. Swim
    alone or with a special board.

It usually takes a week for the fetus to take the correct position.
As soon as the doctor pleases you with this news, start constantly.
wear prenatal bandage. With the wrong presentation of the fetus bandage


In pregnancy, twins, both children are not always
в правильном previa That is why the delivery at
multiple pregnancy often requires surgery.

Mother’s sensations

Now mums can be divided into two groups. Alone
communicate on different sites and forums, compare their bellies,
share impressions and advice. Others feel deep
fatigue after many weeks of pregnancy and are already ready to despair
waiting for childbirth.

организм женщины на 35 неделе беременности

In the first case, everything is in order. Communicate on health, only not
believe all sorts of horror stories about how terrible and heavy
may be giving birth. In this matter, everything is individual. Good mood
on well-being, preparation for childbirth at special courses and
attention of relatives is often forced women to think – well, why, why
were they so afraid?

If on the thirty fifth week to you every day
harder, time to take action.

  • Pure physical discomfort can almost always be reduced to
    the minimum. If you have heartburn, shortness of breath, swelling or constipation (normal
    phenomena in the later periods), read our recommendations for disposal
    from these states at the end of the article. And remember – very soon the uterus
    goes down, it always happens some time before delivery. You
    it will be easier to breathe right away, other undesirable ones may pass
  • In case of some unpleasant events in the family or in life
    Try to communicate more with family, friends. May be worth
    visit a psychologist.
  • If you have a planned delivery operation, and with
    these are some fears, tell the doctor about them. Ask him
    describe the whole process, methods of anesthesia, ask questions. Not
    need anything shy.

Active will help you to get away from sad, disturbing thoughts.
activity Decide the question of choosing a maternity hospital. If a
you are supposed to be lucky the father of the child or others
Relatives consider the route in advance and see if there are any
Convenient parking nearby. Find out if there are any restrictions for
travel personal transport to the territory of the medical institution.

Begin to collect things for the hospital. Fold hygienic
accessories, a bottle of water (without gas, not opened). Determine
At home, a place for a mobile phone and a charger to
need to quickly find them and take with you.

Late toxicosis

Feeling unwell can be caused by non-psychological
causes, and preeclampsia. This is a dangerous complication of pregnancy, oh
which you can read here –

Discharge and pain

Under normal condition, you are seeing a small one,
light vaginal mucus. Violation of consistency, color or
the appearance of a pungent smell will indicate an infection of the genitourinary system. From
All infections are important to get rid of before the birth of the child!

The most dangerous discharge is bloody. Amniotic leakage
water is another undesirable phenomenon. Both cases may be
harbingers of preterm labor, so urgently call

Pregnant women in later periods often pulls the lower abdomen. One more
sensation – as if the whole stomach was turning to stone. In the first case we are talking
about sprains (because the stomach is getting heavier), in the second – about
training fights. But if the stomach tightens regularly and everything
more often – the fights are already real, generic.

Medical control

On the 35th week of pregnancy, the doctor may well change the calendar.
your visits and recommend visits every seven days. Regular
passing general tests will allow you to track your

In accordance with your state of health and the testimony of a doctor can
appoint an ultrasound and / or CTG. To analyze the blood flow in
placenta, uterus and large vessels of the fetus, dopplerometry is performed.
Now a good blood supply to the fetus is especially important.

Another analysis is the taking of a vaginal smear. Have pregnant
women often have microflora disorders, resulting in
development of pathogenic microbes. Sometimes it gives no symptoms.
– for example, with streptococcus. This microbe is very dangerous for
a newborn with its weak immunity.

During a visit to the doctor you are waiting for the usual measurements: the height of the uterus,
weight, blood pressure.

Photos of tummies



  1. Even if you really want, do not back away from the usual diet.
  2. Watch for regular bowel movements. Notт стула 24
    o’clock Dried apricots and prunes will quickly help. If a запоры повторяются,
    these dried fruits should be in your diet constantly.
  3. For heartburn cook porridge, “smear”, drink jelly.
  4. Fromёки на руках можно уменьшить, если не оставлять кисти рук
    for a long time in the same position. Fight with leg swelling and
    varicose veins can be using compression socks and contrasting
  5. Even if you often have edema, do not quench yourself thirst.
  6. When dyspnea do not need to prescribe a full
    peace It will only get worse. You need to move, only a little and with
    breaks. So you can help the lungs and the heart to cope with their
  7. For the night stay with maximum comfort. Provisions for
    sleep: half-sitting or on the side. Under the belly, back and between the knees
    It is recommended to put pillows.
  8. Learn the breathing exercises (useful during childbirth).
    Inhale – quick exhale through the lips with a tube, as if blowing
    a candle.
  9. Exercises for pregnant women and kegel exercises will help you
    keep active and strengthen important muscles.
  10. For frequent urge to urinate will just get used to. it
    will take place only after delivery.
  11. Train yourself to sit up straight. Not кладите ногу на ногу, это
    hampers blood circulation.
  12. Lubricate the skin of the abdomen, buttocks, chest and thighs regularly.
    special creams for stretch marks (top 10 creams for pregnant women).
    Instead of cosmetics, you can take a good olive
  13. Get medical advice about possible pain relief childbirth
    (if you plan).
  14. Decide whether the child’s father is ready and willing.
    attend childbirth.
  15. When you leave the house, your bag should contain all your documents.
    – Medical policy, passport and exchange card.
  16. Talk with your baby about everything that happens.
    around, accustom to your voice.
  17. If a ещё не выбрали имя – возможно, уже пора.
  18. Late sex can cause premature labor.
    Fromносительно продолжения вашей интимной жизни проконсультируйтесь с
    a doctor.

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Soon you will give your baby a life. Still
One important gift should be your health, well-being and
always a great mood.

Видео гид: 35 week of pregnancy что происходит с малышом
and mom, streptococcus, getting ready at the hospital

Видео: Облегчение боли при схватках

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