34 week of pregnancy

34 week of pregnancy. Fetal growth average 43-44
cm, weight 2.2 kg. The baby becomes very crowded in the uterus, and
motor activity is reduced. It’s time for mom to talk with a doctor
method of delivery: natural childbirth or caesarean
cross section.

The content of the article

  • 1 Fetal development
    • 1.1 How is the fetus located?
  • 2 What does the future mother feel?
    • 2.1 Photos of tummies
    • 2.2 Preterm delivery
    • 2.3 When is a cesarean section necessary?
    • 2.4 Calendar of doctor visits
    • 2.5 Pain and discharge
  • 3 Recommendations
  • 4 Видео гид: 34 week of pregnancy что происходит с
    fruit and what feels a woman, fatigue, cesarean section

34 week of pregnancy

What month?

The 34th obstetric week is the 32nd from conception. To
To find out how many months it is, divide the number of weeks by four.
Get eight with the remainder. So, it’s the ninth lunar month.
of pregnancy. (how to determine the duration of pregnancy)

Fetal development


On the 34th week of pregnancy, your baby is almost ready for
own birth. This is on condition that he does not lag behind in his
development due to toxicosis or poor health of the mother.

The time when the fetus could freely tumble in the uterus, long
passed Now the fetus is rather tossed in the mother’s belly. Overall
motor activity is reduced. Shocks often cause pain,
especially if they fall under the ribs.

Now in the body of the fetus continues the processes that
It’s been a few weeks now:

  • the thickening of the layer of subcutaneous fat continues;
  • the skin is gradually straightening, losing its thick red
    color (finally, the skin will turn white a few weeks after
    the birth of a child);
  • the original fluff on the body disappears;
  • the lubricant layer on the skin increases slightly (this substance
    facilitates the passage of the birth canal);
  • bones are strengthened, mineralized by calcium, which
    comes with mom’s food;
  • The endocrine system actively produces hormones.

What is the future child doing? Mostly asleep. And also –
moves limbs, sucks a finger, grabs and releases the umbilical cord,
even hiccups. All movements are reflex, unconscious, by them.
�”Commands” the brain.

What is the weight of the fetus at the 34th week? Actually
it does not exist. In the third trimester, the parameters of each baby under
mother’s heart is noticeably different.

How is the fruit?

Many kids have already safely settled head down – this
best presentation for childbirth. If the doctor determines that the fetus
positioned correctly, be sure to wear a bandage. He will support your
heavier belly and will not let the baby roll over again.

плод на 34 неделе беременности

All the way around, if the head presentation of the fetus is not yet
established Then wear a bandage is not necessary. Since before birth
it remains quite a bit, it’s time to take some measures.

A great way to normalize the position of the fetus is recognized
swimming. Just do not swim in open reservoirs, at least
not alone. You may have cramps in the water, and this is dangerous.
Take care of aqua aerobics for pregnant women or just visit the pool
for your pleasure and for the benefit of the baby. Can’t swim?
Just buy a special board. Keep in the pool where
can get your feet to the bottom.

What does the future mother feel?

Many women at this time admit that they are already tired of being
are pregnant. If you feel the same, do not consider yourself bad
mom The third trimester is the most difficult. Even if at an early date
you had toxicosis, at least you could easily move and did not know
inconvenience during sleep.

34 week of pregnancy организм женщины

Now it’s getting harder to move. It’s not just about walking
or climb the stairs. You may even find it difficult to lie down and
get up. It is difficult to wear shoes with buckles (because lean
impossible). To не думать о постоянных сложностях, найдите себе
as much as possible classes. Just no physical and
emotional overvoltage!

Many sensations are familiar from previous weeks:

  • heartburn;
  • dyspnea;
  • constipation;
  • pruritus, especially in the abdomen;
  • pains in the wrists;
  • periodic edema;
  • constant desire to urinate;
  • legs are prone to cramps and varicose veins.

All these sensations are individual. You can never for the whole third
trimester not feel anything like that. But if found in
list your case – read about ways to ease unpleasant
states in our recommendations at the end of the article ↓↓↓.

Now it is very important to control your weight. At first
pregnancy weight gain can be 8-12 kg.

Photos of tummies

Premature labor

Pregnancy без осложнений считается полностью
38 weeks full term.
But if giving birth for some reason
will happen now, the child will be almost completely
formed. He may still need help in the department.
resuscitation of newborns. But some kids are already quite
capable of breathing and sucking breasts, and these are the main, vital
important babies skills.

When is a cesarean section necessary?

If you have not previously discussed your method of delivery with your doctor,
do it this week. Some women are considered the best
the way children are born, the operation, others really want to give birth themselves.
For cesarean section there are many indications. Some of them
require that the operation was scheduled. It means that
women simply can not give birth in a natural way.

The main indications for cesarean section:

  • wrong position of the fetus (legs down, across the uterus,
  • placenta previa (at the very entrance to the birth canal);
  • narrow pelvis of the woman in labor;
  • the woman already had two births through surgery;
  • large fruit (weighing closer to five kilograms);
  • double or triple pregnancy.

Some readings are absolute, that is, they assume only
operation Sometimes the doctor decides on a variety of indicators – to give
женщине родить самой или всё-таки провести operation

Calendar of visits to the doctor

Most likely, you regularly visit the antenatal clinic and
time to pass the tests. This is necessary so as not to miss the possible
осложнения вашей of pregnancy. Do all the appointments of doctors,
and if there are doubts and questions, be sure to ask them.

You may be scheduled for an ultrasound this week – for a special
indications or if you missed a planned study. Plus CTG
fetus if necessary.

If you often have problems with your teeth and gums,
Sign up with a dentist. For the first time after the birth of a child
visit this doctor will be quite difficult.

УЗИ: Малыш улыбается

Pain and discharge

At a late stage of pregnancy rarely feels complete comfort:
sometimes the lower abdomen pulls, sometimes the uterus stiffens, the back and
the loins often ache, as if after an unusual physical labor.
All these sensations are standard variations.

If something hurts badly, even unbearably, you immediately need

Be alert to vaginal discharge. Most
adverse – in the form of water or bloody. Most often they
indicate preterm labor. If the vagina came out
a slimy lump the size of a walnut — most likely it’s
mucus plug that closes the birth canal and falls out
just before the onset of contractions or wastewater. Yellow, cheesy,
foul-smelling discharge is a sign of inflammatory processes.

Surely colostrum is released from your breast. It can give
a few drops or small streaks. Use special
inserts in the bra.

Abdominal prolapse, pain and swelling


  1. Follow your usual diet, do not let yourself retreat from
    habitual mode.
  2. Your child needs calcium, so drink milk or eat
    dairy products.
  3. If you feel heartburn, often cook jelly, cereal.
  4. If you have not had a bowel movement for more than a day, eat prunes or
    dried apricots.
  5. Move so that no shortness of breath occurs. If breathing
    still broken, it is better to stand a little or sit until
    well-being does not improve.
  6. Physical activity is a must. Walk in the park, swim,
    do yoga. Just do not bring yourself to extreme
  7. The skin on the abdomen can itch badly when stretched.
    Use special средства от растяжек, чтобы смягчить кожу и
    make it more elastic.
  8. In case of edema on the legs, contrasting douches will help, this will strengthen
    vascular walls and improve blood circulation.
  9. Compression socks to help feet with varicose expansion
  10. Consider choosing a maternity hospital or giving birth
    a special contract involving a particular doctor.
  11. With well-being, a quiet sex life only on
    benefit, especially emotionally. Contraindications: the threat
    premature birth, expected twins or triplets, low
  12. Are you going to leave the house? Even if it is a hike to the nearest
    store, take with you all the documents: passport, medical
    policy, exchange card, birth certificate.
  13. Do Kegel exercises from time to time, especially if you
    sneezing and / or coughing out a small amount of urine.
  14. Be attentive to the father of your child. Now he can
    worry about what both of you have to do.
    Some fathers are afraid that they will not be able to take care of the fragile and tender
    newborn. Many suppress their sexual desires for fear
    harm you and the fetus. All these experiences are important to see in time and
  15. Any travel – only in case of special need.
    Especially for pregnant air travel is dangerous. Pressure drop often
    provokes preterm labor.
  16. Try to please, indulge yourself (just not food) by
    opportunities. Read your favorite books, review good movies,
    chat with best friends.
  17. If you can’t sleep at night, take time to sleep.
    in the afternoon Your rate is nine hours of good rest.

For the upcoming birth is important to carefully prepare.
The term of the 34th week of pregnancy is a great time to
put things in order and quietly wait for the birth

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Excursion in the maternity ward

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