33 week of pregnancy

33 week of pregnancy. Fruit weight 1900-2000 g
full height 42-43 cm. Mineralization of the fetal bones practically
completed but the skull is still made up of bones and cartilaginous
compounds. It is important for mom from time to time to consider fetal movements and
Saturate your diet with fatty acids. Wrist syndrome may
arise even without intense hand work.

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  • 1 Fetal development
    • 1.1 Stirring
  • 2 Feelings and feelings of mother
    • 2.1 Preterm delivery
    • 2.2 Caution: fatty acids
    • 2.3 Discharge and pain
    • 2.4 What is placental abruption?
    • 2.5 Видео: Возможные осложнения
    • 2.6 Calendar of attendance at female consultation
    • 2.7 Photos of tummies
  • 3 Recommendations
  • 4 Видео гид: 33 week of pregnancy что происходит,
    perturbations, pain in the hands, omega-3 fatty acids

33 week of pregnancy

How many months?

Thirty-third obstetric week (it is the 31st from
conception) is the ninth lunar month of your pregnancy. As doctors
consider deadlines, especially in controversial situations – read

Fetal development


Growing and gaining weight is the main task for the fetus. Many
organs and systems are already fully working:

  • The heart has been pumping blood for several months and making
    120-160 beats per minute.
  • The kid swallows amniotic fluid, and the kidneys transform
    its in the urine and removed from the body.
  • The endocrine glands produce various hormones,
    who after birth will regulate the processes of vital activity
  • The brain “commands” every movement of the fetus. Any of them
    reflexively. The kid will gradually control his muscles
    study for several years after giving birth.

The layer of subcutaneous fat continues to thicken, and the original fluff
throughout the body disappears. The hair on the head is slightly thickened, but
they are still soft and fluffy.

Some organs are not yet involved. Light baby are
at rest. But the diaphragm rises and falls, this too
training. Watch the baby in the womb is nothing, it’s dark,
but the muscles of the peephole and eyelids are ready for their activities.

Some babies weigh more than two in their thirty-third week.
kilograms. The weight norm is not broken, because newborns
differ in parameters. Twins are certainly not like that.
tall and lighter in weight. Here everything is individual. Average fruit
gains weight by 15-25 grams every day.


Many детки на этом сроке уже принимают оптимальное положение
for the upcoming delivery: head down. Legs and handles while
crossed But if the doctor has established another presentation, worry
yet not about anything. Just do not wear a bandage. He helps you,
supports your stomach, but prevents the fetus from moving and may not give
baby roll over as it should.

The bones and cartilage of the fruit continue their mineralization due to
calcium, which comes from mom’s food. However, the baby skull is not
ossifies, soft and flexible will remain in it until the birth
cartilage compounds. Why is this happening?

Very soon, the child will have to go through the birth canal of the mother
(of course, if a caesarean section is not planned). Head is the most
most of the body of the baby. To facilitate passage, the bones
the skulls during labor shift and slightly reduce the diameter
children’s head.

Good to know. Final cranial bones
harden already in one-year-olds. Not by chance at the top of babies
there are fontanels – tiny places where there is no bone tissue and there is


Now it is an important indicator of your baby’s condition. Doctor can
more than once ask you to count the number of movements. For this
choose a quiet time of the day, make yourself comfortable (sitting or lying down,
just do not sleep) and count the pushes. They must be at least
ten in two hours. Counted less – tell the doctor about it, he
will appoint CTG to check fetal heart function and ultrasound for
diagnosis of his general condition.

Some mothers feel that the stomach is like a shudder inside,
but there is no tension, as during labor. It is considered that
manifested hiccups of the fetus. Doctors associate this phenomenon with
ingestion of amniotic fluid. Perhaps the fetus does not deliver hiccups
such unpleasant sensations as it causes to a child or
an adult.

Feelings and feelings of mother


Many женщины на 33-й неделе признаются, что беременность стала
quite familiar state. If there are no complications, then some
state discomforts are compensated by emotional peace,
the opportunity not to go to work / study and the joy of waiting.


You may have heartburn or constipation on any given day. If you
don’t know how to deal with these conditions yet, read about it
in the section “Recommendations” at the end of the article.

At this time, you can find yourself in tunnel syndrome
wrists, even if not typed for a long time on the keyboard. May have
you have external and / or internal edema. Unwanted clusters
liquids interfere with the full movement of blood through the vessels, hence
numbness and pain. Shake hands often, conveniently arrange them in
sleep, do not keep long down. More help elastic bandage on
wrist or special orthopedic dressings.

Periodic swelling of the legs appears after long walk or
standing. For the same reason, dilated vessels may appear,
which are visible under the skin.

Attention. Persistent swelling (appear
constantly and for a long time do not pass) – a much more dangerous condition,
as a sharp weight gain of more than 300-500 grams per week. It may
talk about late toxicosis, especially if you have an elevated
blood pressure. Read about this complication of pregnancy in the article.
about toxicosis.

Premature labor

In the normal course of pregnancy, babies should be born in
term or just a little bit earlier. If the child is born now, he
need a special incubator and professional medical

With multiple pregnancies, babies are often born significantly.
earlier than the fortieth week. If you are waiting for twins or even triplets
– be prepared for this.

Attention: fatty acids

Usually pregnant women are strictly not recommended food with
high in fat. But omega-3 fatty acid is
A very valuable battery of the fetus. It is a natural chemical.
compound is responsible for the development of so-called cognitive
способностей child They include thinking, attention, memory,
imagination and ability to understand. More in the first weeks
pregnancy you could often hear advice to include in the diet fatty
varieties of fish. They contain the more important acid. On late
during pregnancy, their value increases several times.

What if you absolutely dislike fish or are allergic to
seafood? Possible options. Your diet should have eggs,
almonds, walnuts. Fit and flaxseed oil. No need to pour
it in a spoon and drink through force, as nasty medicine. Refuel
them salad, especially if it is from grated carrots.

Discharge and pain

Nothing changes here. Light scanty mucus from the vagina
(transparent or white) is the norm. Admixture of pus, curd
consistency, unpleasant smell signals about pathological processes
in the genitourinary system. Treatment is prescribed only by a doctor.

Especially dangerous abundant watery discharge – possible
cracks, even ruptures of the fetal bladder. Admixture of blood or real
bleeding is another dangerous sign. Call the ambulance, so
how can you give birth prematurely.

Normally, nothing should hurt you. Unpleasant sensations
tension, heaviness, tightness of the abdomen, back, ribs and lower back –
common physiological manifestations of pregnancy. But if anything
really hurts, be sure to notify the doctor, and when intense
pains ask for emergency care.

What is placental abruption?

This is a rare but dangerous third trimester complication.
of pregnancy. Such cases – only 1-1.5%, but know about them

The placenta normally begins to separate from the uterine wall on
the last stage of labor, when the baby was already born. If a
detachment occurs earlier, it is a pathology. Main symptoms:

  • severe abdominal pain;
  • vaginal bleeding;
  • changing the shape of the abdomen – this happens because of the accumulation of blood
    discharge inside.

If a плацента отслоилась частично и небольшой своей частью, у
mothers still have a chance to carry the pregnancy. With significant or
full separation of the child is threatened with death. The fruit just stops
get enough oxygen through the placenta and umbilical cord and dies
from choking.

If you отметили у себя перечисленные симптомы, срочно звоните в
�”Ambulance.” It is possible that doctors will be forced to cause childbirth or
even perform a cesarean section to save your life
to kid.

Видео: Возможные осложнения

Female Attendance Calendar

Usually, pregnant women are shown to the doctor once every two weeks.
A couple of days before the visit, you need to pass blood and urine tests on
several indicators, the direction the doctor always writes to
previous visit.

If a по каким-то причинам вы не полностью обследовались –
missed routine ultrasounds or tests, they can be assigned to
this week. With an ultrasound examination, the doctor will check
various physical indicators of the fetus (head circumference, chest,
abdomen, the symmetry of the length of the limbs). And also – the state
placenta and the amount of amniotic fluid.

As additional tests you may be
recommended to undergo cardiotocography and dopplerometry.

Photos of tummies



  1. Follow your regular diet, plus advice about
    increase in the amount of fatty acids in the diet.
  2. Do not drink food tea or coffee, these drinks reduce
    digestibility of food iron.
  3. If a мучает изжога, пейте кисели, не забывайте о кашах.
  4. To avoid shortness of breath, move slowly, on any trips and
    Travel Allocate a large amount of time. In no case
    refuse physical activity, otherwise unpleasant phenomena
    will increase.
  5. When constipation in the diet must be prunes, which
    Excellent stimulates contractions of intestinal muscles.
  6. If a врач установил, что у вас может начаться или уже
    hemorrhoids develop, practice regular washing with warm
  7. Remove the calf muscle cramps with a calf massage. Still
    recommended to pull the toes, which reduces.
  8. Carefully care for the skin of the abdomen, buttocks, thighs and breasts.
    Use any cream or lotion that is designed to fight.
    with stretch marks. This is especially important if the skin of the abdomen every now and then
  9. For significant colostrum emissions, be sure to use
    pads for the bra and change them regularly, otherwise in wet
    inflammatory processes may develop in the environment.
  10. Malaria, waiting for twins, low placenta and the threat
    premature birth are contraindications for intimate
    of life. In all other cases, careful sex is allowed.
  11. If a у вас возникают страхи перед родами, посетите психолога,
    tell about your fear to the doctor or just talk to your friends,
    ask for their advice and support.
  12. On late сроках слизистая носа часто распухает без признаков
    colds (pregnant rhinitis). Do not use vasoconstrictor
    drops. More often moisturize the nasal mucosa, support
    good house humidity.

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newborn baby

Before birth, there are very few. Be happy
and strong to give birth to a healthy and strong

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Видео гид: 33 week of pregnancy что происходит,
perturbations, pain in the hands, omega-3 fatty acids

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