31 weeks of pregnancy

In the 31st week of pregnancy, fetal weight will be about
1.6 kg, full length – 38-39 cm. The baby is starting to function.
nerve endings, pain sensitivity appears. Mom
possible sleep disturbances due to active and violent jolts
fetus. It is time to study the issues of pain relief when

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  • 1 Fetal development
    • 1.1 Why talk?
  • 2 What happens to mom
    • 2.1 Psychological preparation for childbirth
    • 2.2 Discharge and pain
    • 2.3 Preterm delivery
    • 2.4 Observations of the doctor
    • 2.5 Photos of tummies
    • 2.6 Ultrasound. 31 weeks of pregnancy (3D)
  • 3 Recommendations
  • 4 Видео гид: 31 weeks of pregnancy что происходит,
    movement, shortness of breath, pain, pain relief childbirth

31 weeks of pregnancy

How many months?

The 31st obstetric week is the eighth lunar month.
of pregnancy. From conception went about the 29th week.
Интересное о timing читайте тут: Сроки pregnancy:
obstetric and fetal – how to identify and not get confused in
— http://razvitie-krohi.ru/beremennost/kak-opredelit-srok-beremennosti.html

Fetal development

размер-плода-на-31-неделе-беременности 40 см рост 1600 грамм вес

In the first trimester of pregnancy each week contributed to the development
Fetal huge changes. Now your baby has long been
all organs and systems are formed. The main direction further
Development is the improvement of the brain and nervous system.
For example, the fetus develops nerve endings. It means
the appearance of general and pain sensitivity. Themselves nerve fibers with
every day better and better conduct the signals of the brain to
nerve endings and back. This is the hardest process for
we pass unnoticed, but in fact controls our entire
life activity.

The baby begins to develop natural defense reactions.
For example, if now with the reflex movement of the arm, the cam
accidentally gets into the eye, the eyelids spontaneously close in to
protect the eyeball.

In addition, the child’s body is preparing for the life outside
mother’s body. The fetus continues to develop subcutaneous fat.
Thanks to this substance, baby’s skin gradually loses
bright red color, it becomes a little paler. However completely color
baby’s skin will be determined only for some time after
childbirth. There is a gradual smoothing of the skin,
which makes babies so plump in appearance.

Fetal features become more defined
individual. Marigolds grow to their fingertips, and on
their growth does not end there. Many moms are amazed by how
long are the nails of their babies at birth, but in fact it is
completely normal.

At this time, many children are already quite
right. The head is at the bottom, the buttocks are under the breast of the mother, the handles and
legs crossed and pressed to the body. Wearing a bandage will help baby
stay in this position and not roll over again.


However, we must not forget that the fruit may be placed differently and
переворачиваться до самых childbirth. Если на более поздних timing малыш
still not occupied the necessary position, from the bandage will have
refuse to give the child the opportunity to turn around
need to.

The movements of your grown-up baby are now felt practical.
constantly. Muscle contraction is also a pre-birth exercise.
The strongest shocks can even wake you up at night. Treat
this is patient and calm. Later, especially immediately after childbirth,
many mothers admit that they miss the feeling of life inside themselves and
on the movements of your baby in the tummy.

Why do we need conversations?

Many parents do not understand: why talk to a child,
who is not born yet? He does not understand anything and understand
will start soon! Answer: to learn how to do it after birth
baby Of course, there are a huge number of “talking” toys and
developing cartoons almost from birth. But your voice and your
communication is irreplaceable. Unfortunately, parents often do not understand this and
limited to on-duty words like “don’t cry”, “quiet”,
�”Sleep” and “eat.” And then they wonder why a child is bad
speaks out sounds, does not listen and can not properly establish
contact with peers. And all these problems begin in the last
триместре of pregnancy.

Calm conversations and stroking the belly have one more
practical value. Almost all mothers notice that with such
the movements of the fetus become less harsh. If consider,
that now the baby is pushed at times very painfully, talk and
stroking will bring relief to the mother herself.

These are not strictly scientific data, but observations, but they are true: even
A child who has not yet been born needs your attention and communication. it
applies to parents and other relatives.

What happens to mom

организм женщины на 31 неделе беременности

The gestational age of 31 weeks for most women becomes
the beginning of vacation. In pregnancy, twins, this time comes to
two weeks earlier. Many women schedule many for this time.
different cases. But it turns out that most want to relax and
sleep off. it вполне нормальное состояние.


Since the beginning of pregnancy, weight can increase by about 10 kg.
it очень усреднённый показатель. Some moms even for all 40
weeks do not gain so much, but they feel great. there is
women with more weight gain. This must be treated
very carefully for several reasons:

  1. Excessive fullness hinders your movement.
  2. The load on the heart, which is already increased, increases even
    more. it неблагоприятный фактор для здоровья плода и
    your his.
  3. If overweight is the result of abundant nutrition and
    wrong diet, you can grow stout not only you, but also your baby.
    Large fruit – it is difficult at birth and the danger of development
    obesity in a child at a later age.
  4. Significant weight gain may indirectly indicate
    internal swelling. it один из признаков позднего токсикоза. About it
    Dangerous complications of pregnancy, read here.

Psychological preparation for childbirth

You need to spend some time thinking that
to be in a few weeks. Childbirth is a difficult process. Insofar as
the main fear of future mothers is the fear of pain, study the issue
childbirth with anesthesia.

there is несколько методик облегчения страданий женщины на разных
этапах childbirth. For example, antispasmodic therapy will allow
relax certain muscles and reduce sore uterine

With epidural anesthesia, a catheter is inserted into the spine.
Drugs reduce pain, but retain

Narcotic anesthesia is used when it is impossible
apply epidural anesthesia, for example, with intervertebral

However, remember that any drug through your blood
will get to the child. There are no harmless drugs. Therefore it is better
tune in to this: if the pain is tolerable, then from anesthesia
better to give up. You can use painkillers and
you need only with unbearable pain, as it prevents to concentrate
on childbirth and hear the advice of doctors and midwives.

Interestingly, many mothers after the birth of firstborn
they admitted that their pain was much less than expected and did not last
so long as to become unbearable.

Scientific fact. According to some, higher
animals that gave birth with anesthesia immediately threw their
kids Under the influence of anesthesia, the production of a special hormone
attachment was reduced to a critical level, and maternal
instinct just disappeared.

Существуют и немедикаментозные методы обезболивания childbirth. To them
include aromatherapy, acupuncture, acupressure. These methods
do not have 100% scientific evidence of their effectiveness and
Far from every maternity hospital available. In addition, any
impact on biologically active points should be performed
only by a professional, otherwise there may be side effects and
come unpleasant consequences.

Discharge and pain

Grown up tummy makes the center of gravity
your body. Because of this, lower back deflection may increase. And in
while walking and standing, you will surely lean back.
In pregnancy, twins is especially noticeable, since the total weight
babies, uterus and amniotic fluid at the same time higher. This state
leads to the fact that you now and then a little bit sick loin
or the whole back. it состояние практически неизбежно и считается

Light pains, especially in the lower abdomen and its spontaneous
stress talk about training bouts. Here you need to pay
attention to frequency and frequency. If contractions are repeated through
equal periods of time and / or more often four times in an hour,
This is an alarming sign.

Vaginal discharge must be scanty, transparent or
white color, without a strong smell. From the chest can stand out
quite a lot of colostrum. itт процесс индивидуален для каждой

What not to worry about. If colostrum
no, there is no need to worry – it’s just a feature
your body. In some cases, colostrum begins
вырабатываться только накануне childbirth.

In case of any deviations from the norm, be sure to consult a doctor.
Sharp pain, copious watery discharge and bleeding mean
that you need emergency medical care.

Видео: Боли на 31 неделе

Premature labor

At the 31st week of pregnancy, your fetus is not yet considered
full-term. If a child is born on this date, he will generally be
viable, but largely underdeveloped. Such a newborn will survive
only with qualified medical assistance and
special equipment.

Doctor’s observations

At least once every two weeks you need to visit the female
consultation A day or two before that, be sure to hand over the planned
blood and urine tests, directions for which the doctor issues in advance.
Such frequent checks are essential. Pregnant women
may experience various health problems. Many diseases
initially do not make themselves felt, are asymptomatic. But in
blood and urine tests will already show unwanted changes in
body control, so laboratory control is very important.

You may be scheduled for a scheduled ultrasound scan (if you have not passed it
earlier). During the study, the doctor will determine the main parameters
fetus, check the symmetry of development limbs (arms and legs
must be the same length). Plus checking the location of the placenta,
the general condition of the fetus, the presence / absence of any

Photos of tummies


Ultrasound. 31 weeks of pregnancy (3D)

Photo ultrasound:



  1. Food: meat, fish, cereals, dairy, vegetables, fruits. Be
    very attentive to the shelf life of products. When food
    poisoning in the body produces many toxins that
    will inevitably fall into the blood of the fetus and harm it.
  2. Limit salty, sweet and completely eliminate oily
    food and fried foods.
  3. If you have low water or, on the contrary, excess
    amniotic fluid, it is not necessary to sit on a water diet. amount
    amniotic fluid has nothing to do with how much you
    are drinking.
  4. There should be plenty of fresh air around you. Air out
    the rooms where you are, often walk.
  5. Dress strictly according to the weather. Hypothermia easily lead you
    to cold, and overheating can cause lightheadedness and even fainting.
  6. Even if your only desire is to sit, lie down and
    sleep, do not forget about physical activity. It is necessary for
    elimination and prevention of periodic edema, varicose veins on
    legs and to train the heart. But inаши нагрузки должны быть
    moderate, without sudden movements and tensions.
  7. The best method of physical training is swimming. Water
    supports you and does not allow to overstrain. there is мнение, что
    it is this sport that helps the baby to take the right position
    in the womb.
  8. Sex life may continue as before, if
    It gives pleasure to you and the father of the child. Contraindications
    remain the same: lack of water, the threat of premature birth,
    multiple pregnancy.
  9. To avoid shortness of breath, walk and climb stairs not
    in a hurry. Full breathing will recover only closer to childbirth,
    when your belly drops a little.
  10. Fully refuse to sit “leg by leg”, so as not to
    impair blood circulation in the pelvic organs.
  11. Wear a bandage to ease the strain on your back and
    lower back.
  12. Compression underwear and stockings will help you to transfer more easily.
    discomfort in the lumbar region and abdomen, reduce the load on
    leg blood vessels.

During maternity leave
try to carefully prepare to meet with your

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Видео гид: 31 weeks of pregnancy что происходит,
movement, shortness of breath, pain, pain relief childbirth

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