30 week of pregnancy

30 week of pregnancy. Full growth of the fetus reaches
36-38 cm, weight reaches 1.5 kg. Future mother may have
several fears that are associated with future genera. How do they
to overcome?

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    • 1.1 Stirring
  • 2 Fears and anxieties
  • 3 Your feelings
    • 3.1 Discharge and pain
    • 3.2 Preterm delivery
    • 3.3 Attending antenatal clinic
    • 3.4 Photos of tummies
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    малышом and mom, leg swelling, fear of childbirth

30 week of pregnancy

Important point

For a period of 30 weeks of pregnancy, the expectant mother should go to
vacation, which is popularly called maternity. Official
the name is maternity leave. 140 is assigned to it
days if you are waiting for one baby. Moms, pregnant with twins,
get sick two weeks earlier.

What is this month?

The 30th obstetric week is the 28th from conception. Now you have
eighth lunar month of pregnancy. In total there will be about ten.
There are fewer calendar months in the whole period – nine seconds
small Interesting about the terms and their calculations, read here.

What happens to the fetus

размер-плода-на-30-a week-беременности

At the 30th week of pregnancy, the amount of amniotic fluid is still
slightly increased and is approximately 0.75 liters. Uterus
continues to grow, but your baby grows faster. Now it is already closely
under your heart. And yet the baby still manages to move not
only limbs and head, but also completely turn over.

On the Internet, you can often find the statement that
now the fruit is already distinguished by light from darkness. And if you bring to the stomach
a bright light source, then the kid will surely blink. Is it true

The eyes of the fetus have long acquired the ability to respond to
light sources. But he can use it only
born Just imagine: now your baby is in
surrounded by amniotic fluid and thick walls of the uterine cavity.
Add to this a layer of muscle, subcutaneous fat and skin. No light
through such multilayer shells does not penetrate. So the eyes of the fetus
while they are in relative peace, and the child is in the dark.
Reflectively the baby blinks and even moves the eyeballs, but this
just training before the next birth, like all others

плод 30 недель

Now, many kids are getting “hair”: the hair on your head
become thicker. But the fluff throughout the body gradually disappears. Leather
the fetus continues to gradually smooth out due to the increase
subcutaneous fat layer.

Normally, on the 30th week, the genitals (of both girls and
boys) must develop to a state like newborns
children However, this may not happen. For example, u just
boys born testicles are not always descended into the scrotum, this
gradually occurs later.

The development of the cerebral cortex and the formation of new ones
convolutions. This process goes to the birth.


Now it’s ridiculous for you to remember how you might have been confused.
first shocks of your baby with excessive bowel activity.
Now every movement is felt distinctly and sometimes painfully.
Fetal movements are often a reaction to your actions.

If you noted that the child begins to move less often,
Be sure to tell the doctor about it. Normal baby should calm down
just before the birth – when he becomes very closely.


Approximate amount of fetal movement (the norm for the 30th

  • per hour – at least six times;
  • within six hours – 10 times or more;
  • for half a day – at least 24 times.

Inт так шевелится ребенок на 30
a week

Fears and anxieties

In the first trimester, many women are afraid of losing their baby. Second
trimester usually brings well-being and tranquility. Now fears
may return:

  1. Fear of pain during childbirth. Don’t give yourself
    to panic. There are many generic anesthesia methods.
    activities. In addition, many women admit that their fear
    was exaggerated.
  2. �”What if they cut me?” Surgical
    intervention in childbirth is of two kinds. This is either an operation.
    Cesarean section, or perineal incision. Both of these actions
    are made only with special indications and
    solely to prevent more harm to mom and baby.
    For example, a crotch incision brings far fewer problems than
    spontaneous gap, which is quite difficult
    sew up
  3. Fear of defecation during childbirth. Numerous
    stories of such incidents make many people panic – “what if I
    also”? However, in the first stage of labor, a purification is required.
    intestine. But if defecation does happen, remember: this
    physiological process, absolutely natural. And certainly not necessary
    think about it now, when there is quite a lot left before the birth
    of time.
  4. Fear of not getting to the hospital. In the life of women
    really sometimes give birth in cars, airplanes and at home.
    If you experience such fear, you can now cook
    all you need for a trip to the maternity hospital. If you not
    you will delay the departure or call an ambulance, the baby is sure
    born in a special department of the hospital.

Your feelings

организм женщины на 30 a week беременности

On this term Many mothers are especially happy with the long-awaited
vacation. Finally you can sleep, stop thinking about work and
come to grips with preparing for the meeting with the baby.

Your weight from the beginning of your pregnancy until the 30th week can grow by
5.5-10.5 kg. Everything is very individual here. The main indicator
norms are your wellbeing, lack of edema and weight

Now you can see that the familiar shoes have become cramped,
although swelling of the legs you do not observe. The fact is that under the weight of your
The body of the foot may flatten slightly. Because of this, the foot can
slightly increase in size. If this happens, tight shoes
will have to be replaced. After childbirth, the legs will return to normal.

Still, during a retreat from the diet, heartburn can occur and
constipation. You may experience cramps, swelling, varicose veins. Grown up
the uterus puts pressure on the diaphragm and makes breathing difficult, and shortness of breath appears.
She is also due to increased stress on the heart. In our
recommendations you will find tips on each of the states.

Special attention requires late toxicosis. About him
read here. If you see signs of this
complications, immediately consult a doctor.

Discharge and pain

On this term у беременных часто что-нибудь болит. Usually this
back, loin, lower abdomen or legs. Minor discomfort –
routine during pregnancy. However, severe pains require
mandatory attention, report them to a doctor or call

Normal discharge should be weak, without pronounced color.
and smell. Any deviation requires examination. Especially dangerous
bleeding and copious watery discharge. They can talk about
danger of having a baby before term.

Premature labor

If you not сможете доносить беременность или роды придётся
cause due to complications, the baby has every chance to survive.
However, for several weeks or even months he will need
special medical equipment and surveillance.

Female counseling visit

На 30-й a week врач может назначить исследование крови на ВИЧ и
syphilis. General tests and sugar tests are not excluded.
blood sampling smear from the vagina. It all depends on your condition,
state of health and the general course of pregnancy.

Cardiotocography and ultrasound can be assigned according to indications. In
ultrasound time specialist will check the length
your baby’s limbs, head and chest circumference, condition
internal organs, the location of the placenta and the number of amniotic

Usually in the third trimester a visit to the gynecologist is done.
once in two weeks.

Photos of tummies

30-a weekк


  1. Your food should be fractional, without overeating. Drink
    enough liquid. It should be fruit drinks, natural juices,
  2. With flatulence, a salad of grated carrots and apples helps
    and sour cream. From the grapes have to give up.
  3. In no case should constipation be relieved by
    laxatives. Train yourself to eat dried apricots every day and
  4. If you feel palpitations and shortness of breath, move more slowly.
    Learn how to correctly calculate the time so as not to hurry anywhere and
    do not be late.
  5. Porridge and kissels will help to cope with heartburn.
  6. To avoid dizziness, never change dramatically.
    body position.
  7. If the head aches, rest, silence and darkness will help. Such
    conditions, this unpleasant condition passes faster.
  8. Chat with your baby. Stroke the belly, sing the songs, listen
    music and read out loud.
  9. Sex should be soft, careful. Do not bring yourself to
    fatigue. Intimate life will have to stop if you wait for two
    kids. Other contraindications are danger of early childbirth and
    lack of water.
  10. Do not forget to issue a birth certificate. It is special
    a document that you should always carry along with your passport,
    medical policy and exchange card.
  11. For the night keep within with the maximum convenience. Stock up
    pillows to put under the back, belly and between the knees.
  12. Do not lie on your back, it violates blood circulation. Can
    get half-lying when the back is deflected at an angle of 45
    degrees From this position, it is better to turn sideways first, and
    only then sit down and stand up.
  13. If you have insomnia, make the evening as calm as possible.
    time of day Do not watch movies, especially emotional ones. If a
    go to visit or accept someone at your place, try to do
    this day
  14. Make a list of everything you need for a baby and for
    yourself Carry it with you to supplement or change when
    want to.
  15. Do not forget about the prevention of stretch marks. They may appear on
    stomach, chest and thighs. Use special lotions and creams.
    or high-quality olive oil.
  16. Carefully avoid infectious and catarrhal diseases.
    Pathogenic microbes in your blood can harm a baby, just like
    many medications.
  17. Celebrate training fights. They should not be

A little more than two calendar months remain before birth.
Make plans for before and after childbirth so that you can
allocate your time and energy.

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Видео гид: 30 неделя pregnancy what happens to the baby
and mom, leg swelling, fear of childbirth

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