3 week of pregnancy

3 week of pregnancy наступила. what нового появится в
are these days in a woman’s life? What joys and anxieties are associated with this
time? The most important points, information and advice – all for
future moms.

The content of the article

  • 1 Two looks for the term
    • 1.1 От догадки к уверенности
  • 2 Unwanted pregnancy
  • 3 Feelings of the future mother
    • 3.1 what заметят окружающие?
  • 4 Embryo or fetus? What happens inside?
    • 4.1 Ectopic pregnancy
    • 4.2 Spontaneous abortion
    • 4.3 Fading pregnancy
  • 5 Do I need to do an ultrasound?
  • 6 Will there be a selection?
  • 7 Body temperature: the line between normal and disease
  • 8 3 weeks of pregnancy and sex
  • 9 Nutrition of the expectant mother
  • 10 Other “can” and “no”
    • 10.1 ATидео гид: 3 week of pregnancy: ощущения,
      выделения, signs of fetal development


Two views of the term

For convenience, any doctor will count from the first day of the last
menstruation women. The concept of obstetric
term. According to another system (embryonic), the term is calculated from the middle
cycle. It is at this time that ovulation occurs most often and

In obstetric practice, the third week is a period.
. The egg cell is ripe and moves to the uterine
cavities. At some point the sperm penetrates it, and then
the movement will continue zygote. This new cell has full
a set of chromosomes and capable of very rapid division.


According to the embryonic method, once a single cell is already
develops vigorous activity and actively lives its special
hidden life. And the future mother? If she doesn’t know exactly about
his pregnancy, then certainly guesses. After all, she already
about a week delayed monthly.

whatбы не запутаться в строках, читаем подробную
статью об этом (сроки беременности: акушерский и

От догадки к уверенности

Three weeks after conception, a pharmacy test will show those
the most two strips.
At the same time in the body of a woman
level of hormone HCG will increase. Appropriate blood count
will confirm the pregnancy. But if we talk about obstetric third
week, pregnancy has barely come and is not defined.
Moreover, a woman can still have her period.

According to medical research, 70-75% of fertilized
яйцеклеток отторгается
женским организмом ещё до
закрепления в маточной cavities. This happens over a multitude of

  • initial cellular defects;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • infectious diseases;
  • stress.

Sometimes rejection occurs without any prerequisites at all.
Since the embryo has not actually begun to develop, like
the phenomenon is not considered a miscarriage. A woman may not know in principle
about what happened. For her some day just come
regular menstruation.

Unwanted pregnancy

Unwanted pregnancy

The third week from conception is the time to make a decision if
pregnancy was not only not planned, but was not allowed. AT
life happens all. In fact, no method of contraception provides
100% guarantee. And sometimes partners relate to this important
The issue is careless.

AT любом случае, если прерывать нежелательную беременность, то
right now. Только решение об аборте должно быть
и принятым с полной ответственностью. Any
actions must take place according to instructions and under the supervision of a physician.
�“Do-It-Yourself” here can lead to the most adverse
the consequences.

Feelings of the future mother

On third акушерской неделе для женщины всё идёт как обычно.
But three weeks after the conception of new experiences can be
a lot.

For example, a woman begins to accurately recognize the dark and
light grapes. Even if before she could not boast
subtle sense of smell. And then it starts to annoy insane smell
toilet water beloved man.

Food flavors are also subject to change. Sauerkraut or
cucumbers are almost the most delicious products, and favorite
the cheese variety is suddenly disgusting. ATозможно, это прелюдия к
gustatory quirks. Among the future and successful fathers go whole
legends about wives who ate herring with sour cream or demanded
strawberries in february.

And the most active and brisk woman suddenly turns into
�”Sleeping Beauty.” ATроде бы и отдых полноценный, и переутомления
not. But at the same time, I want to sleep more than anything else.

ATсе подобные ощущения возникают у женщины из-за гормональных и
physical change. The body is intensely tuned to
работу в особом режиме
. Also the expectant mother may

  • breast sensitization, especially nipples;
  • frequent toilet visits due to relaxation smooth
    muscles of the intestine and enhance the activity of the ureters;
  • recurrent constipation;
  • nausea (which can result in vomiting).

what заметят окружающие?

There are no objective signs at the third obstetric week,
but it can be quite noticeable with the embryonic approach. Test or
blood test must be done, confirmation is received. Thoughts about
babies can significantly affect the appearance of the future mother. She is
It becomes more feminine, graceful and seems to bloom.

However, at the same time, a woman can suddenly sharply “break”
become annoyed. Relatives or loved ones will see a noticeable
increase or decrease in appetite.

During a medical examination, the doctor will note the specific symptoms:
swelling of the breast and an increase in the size of the uterus of the patient.

Embryo or fetus? What happens inside?


From the obstetric point of view in the third week of full
pregnancy has not come yet. So far, the uterus is preparing to take
fertilized ovum.

Everything is different, if you count from conception. Although the embryo is still
набор клеток, похожий на ягоду, в нём уже начинается
формирование пола
. While at the same cellular level –
real sex symptoms do not come soon.

If the embryo has not yet consolidated in the uterine cavity, now it is
exactly happen. The whole process is quite complicated, it takes
about forty hours. First of all, the embryo produces a particularly important
immunopressor protein. The fact is that half of the embryo cells
alien to the mother’s body – because they “came” from the father of the child.
Without a special protein “signal”, the uterus will never accept
future fetus – immunity will not allow.

Anchoring the embryo in the uterus gives rise to another important
process. Это образование плаценты. Through her fruit
in the womb gets all the necessary nutrients.


What does the future child look like? So far everything is pretty prosaic.
The embryo is in the morula stage – a tight rounded lump
cells. Morula quickly turns into a blastocyst. It means that
inside the lump there is a cavity with fetal fluid, in which and
the baby will then develop.

Размер плода (эмбриона) ничтожно мал. By the end
the third week after conception, it has a diameter of 0.1-0.2 mm, and its weight
makes 2-3 micrograms (mkg, one thousand grams). And in this
крошечной песчинке уже около 250 живых cells. Very soon
the formation and development of the main systems of the fetus will begin, and
the tiny heart counts its first beats.


Ectopic pregnancy

The term seems to speak for itself. Theoretically, except for the uterus,
a fertilized egg can gain a foothold in other areas
female reproductive system (for example, on the ovary or in the uterine

Ectopic pregnancy

The percentage of ectopic pregnancies is very small, but sad
probability always exists. When to suspect something is wrong?
Intense pain is the first signal of possible
. At the same time, the stomach hurts not from below, but from the left or
on right. This is usually the place of the embryo misappropriation. Pain
increases when the doctor performs palpation. Most experienced
specialists can even determine the place of implantation.

Nowadays, sparing methods have been developed.
ectopic pregnancy. They do not give negative consequences and in
further do not interfere with motherhood.

Spontaneous abortion

Miscarriage – is the rejection already fixed in the masterbatch
полости плода
. It can provoke many
factors. The main symptoms are bleeding or persistent.
spotting, sharp pain, and nagging sensations in the lower abdomen
and lower back. The consequences depend on how quickly you responded.
the woman herself and the doctors.

It is important for the future mother to remember that light pain is normal.
deal in early pregnancy. �”Guilty” is the same
hormonal adjustment. The body adapts to the new
condition, and the lower back and lower abdomen

Fading pregnancy

Fading pregnancy

In a gestation period of 3 weeks from the moment of conception, sometimes
случается замирание
. Then the test (and the pharmacy, and HCG)
first confirms the pregnancy, and then as if already “does not see”
her. However, periods do not occur. Detection of missed abortion
requires careful approach and thorough diagnosis.

Do I need to do an ultrasound?

In the normal course of pregnancy, ultrasound on the third obstetric
A week may be required to confirm an accomplished ovulation.
Three weeks after conception, scanning during normal flow
pregnancy will be almost uninformative. The embryo will be
look like a small dot against the background of the uterus.

узи на 3 недели беременности

узи на 3 недели беременности

Зато при подозрении на внематочную беременность именно по
the results of the ultrasound will be clear place of attachment of the embryo and will be
Decision on further actions taken. For greater credibility
Ultrasounds can be transvaginal, that is, through the vagina.
The procedure is carried out carefully, carefully and does not cause unpleasant

Will there be a selection?

For the third week of pregnancy, some special features are uncharacteristic.
highlight. With obstetric counting, it can normally stand out.
relatively thick and thick mucus. It protects the egg from
external infections – does it happen or has conception already happened?

Strong mucous discharge, especially with unpleasant
запахом, могут быть сигналом заболевания
. It is better
check with a doctor.

When attaching the fetus may appear insignificant.
implantation bleeding. These are just weak brown ones.
discharge either pink or bloody smears.

If the third week is from conception, the pregnancy is confirmed, and
suddenly really bleeding, it could mean a miscarriage.

Body temperature: the line between normal and disease

If the embryonic period is three weeks, a small increase
temperature (37.2 ° C) without signs of a cold is normal. However 37.5
and more is a danger signal.

When referring to a doctor, a woman must warn
his possible or confirmed pregnancy. The doctor will take this into account.
choice of treatment methods.


For many, colds are a mild illness that they can cure.
on their own. Including antibiotics. For a pregnant woman
it is 100% unacceptable. Antibiotics, even topical,
must be prescribed only by a doctor. And he can do it only in the most
extreme and severe cases. Side effects of this group of drugs
can cause many different complications in the embryo.

3 weeks of pregnancy and sex

Third obstetric week will not do without sex. With
planning to conceive the intimate life of a couple usually follows
specific schedule. Ideally, sex should be a day
овуляции, за 2-3 дня до и через 2-3 дня после нher. So rises
sperm quality and increases the likelihood of conception.

In the third week after conception sex life
будущих родителей может остаться прежней или измениться
Some women have an increased attraction to the father of the child. Other
note a decrease in libido. Both are normal and should not
cause concern.

There is also a rather rare sign of pregnancy that is almost
not found. After intercourse, a woman may feel
vagina and on the genital lips sharp, strong pain. In this case
intimate life gives the expectant mother an inconvenience, even a feeling
of fear. Fortunately, these feelings soon pass.

If the intimate life of future parents threatens to deteriorate, it is important
time to take action. The main thing at this time is trust between a woman.
and her husband (partner). A man must explain that
there are changes in attraction that he remains loved and desired
by man. From the future father will need patience and attention to his
a half.

Intimate life will have to stop completely, if there is
угроза выкидыша

Nutrition of the expectant mother

Do not listen to those who recommend “eat more often and
more. Nutrition of a pregnant woman should be carefully
рассчитанным и полноценным
. The main recommendations are the same.
as in planning or at an earlier date.

  1. Withём пищи – дробный, 4-5 раз в день.
  2. For the full presence of protein, lean meat and
    on the contrary, fish of fatty varieties (it contains important acids), and
    also legumes and dairy products. Mushrooms are also protein, but so
    food may be hard on the stomach.
  3. Fresh vegetables and fruits – to provide vitamins and
    microelements. No pharmaceutical vitamin complex
    will be truly effective if mom doesn’t get natural
    vitamins with food.
  4. No colorful soda! This is zero benefit and high volume.
  5. It is advisable to abandon the white buns and go for a rough

pitanie buduschi mamy

Another food recommendation will help expectant mothers with
ранним токсикозом
. Withступ тошноты может застать везде: на
work, on a walk, in public transport. Sometimes “rolls”
so that the forces literally leave the woman. In addition, vomiting in
public places – this is a strong psychological stress. what

It is desirable to experimentally find the “sweets” that will help
suppress nausea. It could be anything. Small bottle
carbonated mineral water will save if nausea increases
acidity of the stomach. Someone carries an apple in a plastic
bag and bites off little by little when nausea comes up. Can
help a slice of cheese, crackers or something else – the expectant mother needs
experiment carefully.

In case of sudden vomiting, it is better to carry it in your purse.
special package and wet wipes.

Рекомендуем ознакомиться с подробной статьей о
токсикозе >>>

Other “can” and “no”

The future mother can and should take care of herself and the future baby.
This should be done in all cases: if the pregnancy is planned,
allowed or already detected. The main recommendations are the same. что
and in the first and second week:

  • Withём витаминов. What kind of drugs are needed – must decide
  • If for some reason alcohol and cigarettes are still present
    in the life of a woman, they must be “driven” immediately and for a long time. On third
    week from conception for the embryo dangerous any negative
  • It is necessary to make every effort to avoid nervous shocks.
    Only positive emotions. But they should not be excessive.
    Having experienced some kind of moral upsurge, the expectant mother can with great
    Surprise to note that even tired of the positive
  • You can not lift weights and perform a difficult physical
    work If the expectant mother plays sports, the load will have
    review, or even change the type of occupation. Most often future
    moms recommend swimming (for fun) and

On third неделе от зачатия будущей маме важно помнить: она
now it is not alone and shares with her baby everything that happens to her.
Attention to yourself will make the third week of waiting joyful and

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ATидео гид: 3 week of pregnancy: ощущения, выделения,
signs of fetal development

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