3 topics that you never need to discuss withwith my children

A child growing up in a normal family should know that he can
to approach mom with absolutely any question, but she is understandable and
kindly answer. That’s just this rule, like all
others are exceptions.


When a child is still small, he absorbs all the information, as if
sponge. True, the psyche of the baby is still being formed, therefore
it is important for adults to watch what they say with him so that he
grew up with a positive attitude towards life and was open to everything new.
There are at least three topics that cannot be categorically discussed with
small children.

1. Your intimate life

Yes, it is right when exactly mom first tells her
children, as they were born. After all, if you miss
момент, дети узнают все по этой щекотливой теме во дворе от
any boy who joins a lot. It is fraught with
so that the child has a perverted idea of ​​one of
the most important aspects of life that may remain so
forever and ever.

What children shouldn’t know for sure is the number
sexual partners that their mom had before they met their
dad. If you and your spouse after a parent meeting arranged
a little adventure in a school toilet stall, a child about
This is also not worth telling.

2. Financial problems

The child must understand that money is not taken from nowhere by
flick of a finger and do not get out of the mattress, and, if they get,
then only if they were put in advance. Anyway, it is important
bring to your child: first you need to earn money, and
the process of making them is rarely simple and fast.


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Yet, one does not need to darken the bright period of childhood with fears that
that the family may become impoverished or lose their homes over their heads because
huge debts of parents. The kid can not help adults
to fix the financial situation.

Only now the children listen sensitively to the words of their parents and
take them to heart. Any joke or random
abandoned phrase that seems harmless to adults and nothing
meaningful, it can make a child seriously worried that
his family, that is, his whole world, is waiting for financial

3. Mistakes of youth

It is very important that mom and dad become examples for children –
at least while they are still small. Be sure to explain
child how to learn from their own mistakes so that more of them
do not repeat. Only in childhood does each person need
parents, in everything perfect and always fair. Mother and father
should become for their kids samples of morality, thanks to which
they will understand how to behave in order to grow worthy
by man.

It is not necessary for a child to know that in his youth
moms had bad habits that she once contacted bad
company or betrayed someone. That’s when the crumb grows up, then you
and be able to tell him about all your sins as a young man in
talk heart to heart. In the meantime, the child is small, be for him
perfect in every way.

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