3-month baby’s daily routine


  1. Gradually refuse night feeding
  2. Meet the new taste
  3. How to keep your baby awake and walking
  4. Physical education and massage
  5. Approximate regimen of a 3 month old baby

By the third month of life, almost all children get used to the daily routine and quietly awaiting feeding at set hours, active during wakefulness, lively show interest in everything. Three month old baby already smiles at you, recognizes and rejoices, cute makes faces, copying adults.

By three months, the baby is fed 6 times a day at intervals 3 – 3,5 hours with a mandatory night break, wake time lengthens up to 1.5 hours. Daily need for sleep 16 hours, of which 9-10 hours fall into a night’s sleep.

Gradually refuse night feeding

Many children of this age calmly endure a night’s sleep without feedings. And if they still wake up at night, do not rush to perform night feeding the baby, try to give some water or a dummy, change the diaper, gently stroke and maybe the baby again fall asleep.

Children wake up at night not because of hunger, but a habit, experiencing discomfort, because before you fed him into it time. A good night’s sleep is important for a good rest the body and digestive tract of the baby. If he is good at night rested, the morning will be joyful and active.

Meet the new taste

At 3.5 months we introduce the child to a new nutritional taste and begin with apple juice. We start with 5 drops, be sure to dilute boiled water.

Concentrated juice irritates the esophagus and stomach baby. Our task is to introduce a new taste, it is not yet lure.

In breast milk there are all vitamins and minerals in in sufficient quantity and in the most balanced way.

How to keep your baby awake and walking

The regimen of the baby in 3 monthsAt the age of 3 months, children they love the game of hide and seek, cuckoo leads them to indescribable delight. For a long time, you can be alone in a bed or an entertaining rug, looking at the suspended toys, trying to grab them and hold on.

With pleasure examines his hands, legs. Put on legs or pens colored socks or sound cuffs and you will have a few minutes cognitive activities and silence are provided.

You must unobtrusively switch it to another occupation, if you feel that he is tired of it and mood spoils, the baby himself at this age cannot find himself occupation.

Turn on the music to the child, sing songs, tell the children rhymes and jokes. The kid still does not understand the words, but sensitively captures intonation, learning to communicate.

I included a collection of classics for my kid kids “Mozart, Bach, Beethoven. He has long remained in his memory these bewitching sounds. And getting older, he recognized this music, freezing, listened. Read this material and you will understand that to accustom a baby to a baby’s dummy is easy.

Learn from our publication what you need to buy for your baby in the summer. During the walk, if the baby is not sleeping, continue it to acquaint with the world around him, necessarily voicing a car, dog, leaflet, kitty in the language of the child, so the child will it’s easier to remember and later name things yourself, actively thereby training the articulation apparatus, bbc, av, meow.

The kid transforms sounds very cute for himself. So my baby said – bv (car), mi (cat), ty (bird and chicken too).

Physical education and massage

The regimen of the baby in 3 monthsWe continue to do massage, we do little exercises, we connect physical exercises, stretching and crossing of handles, bending – extension of legs. Lying on my tummy the child lifts his head high, leaning on outstretched arms and caving in the upper back.

Helping him, holding the handle, turn from position lying on your back, on your left, right side. Cheering him affectionate in words, we stimulate movement.

Good mood during classes is the key to successful and more productive results of the physical development of the baby.

Approximate 3-month-old baby

It is not much different from the regime of a 2-month-old baby. Did that only more active, more conscious periods wakefulness.

6 a.m. lift, morning toilet, feeding
7:00 – 09:30 sleep
09:30 – 11:00 feeding, wakefulness
11:00 – 13:00 sleep, preferably in the fresh air
13:00 – 14:30 feeding, wakefulness
14:30 – 16:30 sleep
16:30 – 18:30 feeding, wakefulness
18:30 – 19:30 sleep, preferably in the fresh air
19:30 – 20:30 Bathing, feeding, wakefulness
20:30 – 6:00 Night sleep, 1-2 feedings

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