3 basic rules of hygiene that need to be graftedgirl

Hygiene newborn daughter involved parents, because
This is very important for her to be healthy. Growing up
the girl should already get used to taking care of herself.
However, teaching the baby basic hygiene rules is still a task.

правила гигиены для девочек

Daily wash

You need to wash 2 times a day – in the mornings and evenings. Tell that
дочке, как делать это правильно, дайте ей красивое яркое
personal towel and select a separate shelf in the bathroom, where
she can put her shampoo, soap, other cosmetic
facilities. The girl will definitely like it. Wash with her
hands before eating, as well as after walks and visits to the toilet.
Persistently remind your child that it is important to do so that
get rid of germs. When the daughter starts to cope without your
care, you can move on to intimate hygiene.

Intimate hygiene girls

Explain to the baby that she has to change her panties every day and
wash away, and better without using soap. Many children
gynecologists believe that it adversely affects the natural
vaginal microflora. Little girl’s sebaceous and sweat glands
still immature, therefore quite enough warm water and soft
towels for wiping. Frequent use of soap
dries the mucous membrane and breaks the protective water-fat layer, and
Scouring pads and sponges can injure delicate skin.

Intimate care technique

The girl should be washed only with running water.
room temperature. Do this by making hand movements.
front to back so you don’t accidentally get an infection from the back
passage. Show your daughter how to do it properly, using her example
dolls. Then it’s worth watching how she copes
without you, if necessary, to give advice.

Hygiene rules for girls aged 1.5 years

If the baby is already 1.5 years old, you can start teaching her
wash away At this age, it should be done after each
emptying of the intestines, once in the evening before bedtime is not enough.
Forbid daughter to sit on the floor, chair, couch without panties.
Hygiene rules need to be vaccinated to a child from the earliest

2,5 года

В 2.5 years малышка уже способна с маминой помощью подмываться,
wipe, doing everything without reminders. At this age it is necessary
wash out 2-3 times a day. Panties better change twice a day –
in the mornings and after daytime sleep. A three year old girl may well
wash yourself, but still mom should continue
control hygiene procedures.


3-5 years

By 3 years old baby should have a stock of panties. Also in her pocket
there should always be wet wipes that she can
clean the genitals after going to the toilet outside the house.
Explain to your daughter that touching her genitals can
only she herself and mother, and if necessary – the doctor, but strictly in
your presence.

5 years

By the age of 5-6 years baby should conduct
hygiene procedures every day: wet the chaff organs
toilet paper after urination and wash before bedtime without
reminders. Change the panties already possible once a day. Let the daughter do
all by herself, but mom should quietly control her.

6 years

By going to school, the child should already brush their teeth 2 times a day
без reminders. Make sure your daughter has a special
Toothbrush – children, with soft bristles. Teach her
rinse your mouth after every meal, wash your hands after going to the toilet
and return from a walk. Also, the child should not forget
take a shower regularly.

9 years and older

Daughter 9-10 years old it’s time to introduce the features of female
body: explain to her what is menstruation, how to comply
hygiene during such periods.
Tell that, что нельзя в это
time to take a bath that you need to change the pads at least 4-5 times
day. Adjust your daughter to tell you when she has
begin monthly. Tell her to keep a diary and
note in it the timing and duration of menstruation. Explain
what is important that they are regular, because it depends
Genital health and the ability to become a mother in the future.

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Hygiene rules for girls

Every girl sooner or later faces difficult
issues related to the peculiarities of your body and personal
hygiene. Today, Mila learns how to look after herself every day and
during menstruation, as well as what means in this will help better

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