29 week of pregnancy

29 week of pregnancy. Fruit weight about 1.4 kg, full
body length approximately 38 cm. It is time for the expectant mother to master the technique
counting perturbations.

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  • 1 What happens to the baby
    • 1.1 We consider perturbations
  • 2 your feelings
    • 2.1 Pose for sleep
    • 2.2 Allotment
    • 2.3 Pains
    • 2.4 Premature labor
    • 2.5 Doctor’s observations
    • 2.6 Photos of tummies
  • 3 Recommendations
  • 4 Видео гид: 29 week of pregnancy шевеления, изжога,
    constipation, hemorrhoids, supine position

29 week of pregnancy

How many months are there now?

The 29th obstetric week is the 27th from the alleged conception. Have
You begin the eighth lunar month of pregnancy. More about
deadlines and calculations here.

What happens to the baby

размер плода на 29 неделе беременности

Now the crumb just grows and consolidates earlier achievements.
The development of subcutaneous fat continues most actively, and
just the ordinary that any person has. Have плода
formed a special brown fat. TOогда малыш родится, это вещество
perfectly protect it from the cold. This is important because thermoregulation
newborns do not improve immediately.

TOроме того, продолжается формирование зубной эмали на зачатках
milk teeth. The skeleton of the fetus is still actively mineralized. On
It needs approximately 250 mg of calcium each day. So there is
dairy products you need every day. If calcium is not enough,
He begins to literally wash out the bones of the mother. First
teeth are affected, they become brittle, sensitive. If a
You have noticed such a sign in yourself, immediately tell the doctor about it.
You may need calcium supplements in your situation.

What else is known about the development of the fetus:

  • improved liver, lungs;
  • the pancreas and adrenal cortex are already producing
  • the amount of skin grease and vellus hair is reduced throughout
    to the body.

TOак сейчас расположен плод? Many kids are already settled
right, that is, head down. But the baby’s body position can
more than one change before the onset of labor. Now reasons
worry not. TOогда под сердцем матери растут сразу двое деток,
them more closely, less room for coups. But also the twins on
this term is not always occupy the correct position.

Impulses of the fetus become more pronounced, at times they deliver
discomfort and pain. If a кроха часто бьёт вас под рёбра,
you may be slouching too much. Sit back down
chair, armchair or couch, if possible, put under the back

плод на 29 неделе беременности

We consider perturbations

Many mothers often hear about the calculations of fetal movements, but not
know why it is needed. Now it’s time to find out everything.
in detail.

Counting movement is another way to diagnose
baby No equipment is needed for this – just calm

  1. Choose the right time when you will not be distracted. You
    need just an hour.
  2. Haveдобно устройтесь: сядьте, прилягте.
  3. Note the time and count every movement of the fetus. If a боитесь
    to stray, then just take a piece of paper and put a “tick” –
    then calculate.

On сроке 29 недель беременности в норме нужно насчитать примерно
ten movements. If a у вас получилось меньше – возможно, малыш
just sleeping But this may mean some problems in his
development. Do not allow yourself to worry ahead of time. Wait
a little and repeat the count. On этот раз постарайтесь выделить
time immediately after eating – perhaps the last time the baby just
enough energy.

If a уже несколько раз не получилось насчитать десять шевелений
within an hour, inform your doctor. He will hold an extra
обследование, назначит HaveЗИ и/или TOТГ (это кардиотокография,
check fetal heart activity).

If a вы насчитали больше десяти шевелений, тоже скажите об этом
to the doctor. It is believed that excess fetal activity indicates
hypoxia. So called lack of oxygen.

Фото HaveЗИ на 29-й неделе:


Here so the baby moves :)

Your feelings

In third триместре беременности многие женщины начинают
slowly getting tired of his condition. Completed the second
trimester, he is usually the most prosperous and light of the whole period.
Your body is preparing for childbirth, to which there is not very much left
of time.


организм женщины на 29 неделе беременности

Haveже стали привычными:

  • fast fatiguability;
  • drowsiness;
  • inability to bend over, see your own legs;
  • increased appetite;
  • frequent urination;
  • bulging navel.

Now to the joy of waiting for the child, many can be added
discomfort. They spoil the mood and can worsen
your condition.

During pregnancy, your body produces special
hormones that relax your smooth muscles. It is such
internal muscle tissue. Relaxation is necessary so that the uterus to
most birth did not experience stress, was not in excess
tonus. But this beneficial property of your body has two
side effects.

  1. Heartburn. Between the stomach and the esophagus there is
    small annular muscle. Normally, it firmly overlaps the border.
    between these two bodies. While relaxing this gatekeeper from
    the stomach into the esophagus can splash gastric juice. TOогда это
    happens, you have heartburn. Survive this phenomenon will help
    porridge and jelly. They create an enveloping layer in the stomach and in
    to some extent protect the esophagus.
  2. Constipation. Relaxation of smooth muscles
    reduces intestinal motility, that is, reduces the amount of it
    cuts. Because of this, fecal masses are progressing slowly and
    sometimes even accumulate. This is very undesirable – such internal
    formations prevent the uterus from growing. You should not have a chair less often
    times a day. If there is a problem, prunes will quickly help,
    dried apricots and compotes of them. In no case can not be long
    sit in the toilet and strain, otherwise constipation may be complicated

Other unpleasant sensations include shortness of breath, cramps, swelling.
and varicose veins in the legs. How easier it is to survive these
states, read our recommendations.

Pose for sleep

You have not been able to sleep on your stomach for several months. In third
trimester, many women get tired of sleeping on their side, I want
any variety. Sorry, lie on your back now
also impossible.

The fact is that in the area between the fourth and fifth lumbar
vertebrae begins very large blood vessel – lower
vena cava It runs to the heart. When a pregnant woman
lies on its back, the uterus grows through and undergoes a vena cava
obstructs blood flow. Some women feel like
dizzy and nauseous. Someone has no such symptoms.
arise. But regardless of the sensations of a woman, fetal blood supply
also violated.

That is why the recommended posture for sleeping is now on its side. By that
whom violations of cardiac activity are noted, it is better to lay down
right side. For full comfort, it is advisable to put pillows.
under the belly and between the knees. Well, if your back at the time of sleep will be

If it is convenient to lie on your side completely impossible, you can
get half-sitting. Your body should be folded under
angle of about 45 degrees.

Correct posture for sleep


Vaginal secretion should be scant, transparent, without
unpleasant smell. Colostrum can be released from the breast. Strain out
it is impossible. If clothes get dirty, there are special pads for
bra, use them or just pieces of bandage folded

You may have thrush on your own. It will point
copious discharge, white and sour-smelling. Yellow, Cheesy
secretions indicate inflammatory processes of the urogenital
system. If your discharge becomes abnormal, immediately
go to the doctor.

On the 29th week of pregnancy are considered the most dangerous
bloody and copious watery discharge.


Many expectant mothers on this period often have sore legs. Worth
just walk longer. There is nothing surprising –
because the load on the lower limbs increased. Need to legs
more often rested. You can’t refuse to walk at all, otherwise
There will be problems with blood circulation. It is important to keep balance
between load and rest.

You can feel the lower abdomen or the whole
stomach. In the first case, ligaments are stretched, so they adjust
under the growing uterus. In the second, you probably feel training
contractions. From time to time they occur for a few seconds, but
pass quickly. Alarm – if contractions become more frequent and
go through certain periods of time.

Premature labor

The danger of a baby being born early exists
is always. Childbirth at 29 weeks gestation is an undesirable phenomenon.
Modern medical equipment is likely to help
the child will survive, but still the baby will be weak and not completely
developed. When possible, doctors try to stop
patrimonial activity on this term and to give mum the opportunity to inform
baby But if the waters are already gone, then the only way out is to give birth.

Premature labor могут быть вызваны врачами искусственно.
This decision can be made only in the event of a threat to the life of the mother.
and / or child. For example, with late toxicosis. About this condition
read here.

Doctor’s observations

At the 29th week of the survey and tests are appointed at the discretion
your doctor. If you normally feel, weight and pressure, you
just stick to the calendar of visits.

Photos of tummies



  1. If possible, increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in the diet.
    Just do not include exotic fruits in the diet. On unusual
    foods the body can react with disorder
  2. Wear bandage and support bra.
  3. Make sure that your clothes and shoes do not hamper your
    movements, never squeezed and rubbed.
  4. For the prevention of hemorrhoids be sure to rinse with warm
  5. If hemorrhoids have already begun, do not use any medical
    means (for example, candles) without the recommendation of the doctor. Not all drugs
    from hemorrhoids are approved for use in pregnant women.
  6. With slight swelling on the arms and legs, rest
    Contrast douche.
  7. If you are thinking about cord blood sampling, carefully study
    this question, including its financial side. Will not have to pay
    only for itself procedure, but also for storing the material in a blood bank.
    The bank itself must have a state license
    sample. Otherwise, there is a risk of losing stem cells.
  8. Even small vascular enlargements in the legs require attention.
    You can help compression socks or socks. Their wearing is required
    need to discuss with your doctor.
  9. Do not listen to superstition. If you already know, you will have a girl
    or boy, you can buy first things for your daughter or son. Special
    This is important if, after giving birth, you will not be waiting for help from anyone. TO
    Unfortunately, this also happens.
  10. Talk to the baby, sing the song for him, turn on the beloved
    music Allow the family to communicate with your puzozhitel if they
    they want it.
  11. Try to avoid strong emotions, even joyful ones. Hormones
    stress and especially fear are harmful to the child.
  12. Do not forget about daily walks. Even if it’s winter and
    frost, choose the warmest time of the day and go to fresh air.
    For walking in the rain, buy rubber boots and a good umbrella.
  13. Beware of colds and infections. Do not hesitate during
    flu epidemics go about wearing a mask. In hot weather there are bursts
    intestinal diseases. Protect yourself from them will help frequent washing hands.
    Wash fruits and vegetables very carefully.
  14. Делайте упражнения TOегеля, особенно если у вас при чихании или
    coughing out a small amount of urine.
  15. Some women develop a specific postpartum
    depression. Already, something can be done to prevent it.
    Review favorite comedies and melodramas, reread books,
    which you like. Just remember: the content should be
    bright, joyful. It is important for you to accumulate positive emotions.
    for future use.

Now you have to really try to third
your pregnancy has passed without

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Видео гид: 29 week of pregnancy шевеления, изжога,
constipation, hemorrhoids, supine position

Cord blood collection and storage

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