28 week of pregnancy

28 week of pregnancy. The fruit weighs 1100-1300
grams, its height is 34-37 cm. The baby is developing intensively
muscle. If rhesus is possible mother and fetus, a doctor
must take special measures.

The content of the article

  • 1 Fetal development
    • 1.1 Blood type and Rh factor
  • 2 Feelings of a woman
    • 2.1 Weight
    • 2.2 Photos of tummies at the 28th week of pregnancy
    • 2.3 Preeclampsia and preeclampsia
      • 2.3.1 Why does this happen?
    • 2.4 Pain and discharge
      • 2.4.1 When else to go to the doctor
  • 3 Recommendations
  • 4 ATидео гид: 28 week of pregnancy развитие плода,
    preeclampsia, Rh factor, preeclampsia

28 week of pregnancy

Organizational issue

The period of 28 weeks is a special time for moms with pregnancy.
twins. Long-awaited vacation begins. It is necessary in order to
calmly, without going to work, communicate pregnancy, give birth and
recover from childbirth. Those women who are waiting for one baby in
leave goes two weeks later.

What month?

Twenty-eighth obstetric week is the end of the seventh lunar
month of pregnancy. So, it’s about the 26th week from
conception of the fetus. Interesting about the timing – here.

Fetal development

To the beginning of the third trimester of pregnancy in children bright
manifest differences in height and body weight. Especially they will become
are visible after giving birth, when babies are measured for the first time in their lives and
weighed In the first five months of pregnancy, these differences are almost
are missing. And now every future baby shows his
individuality. With multiple pregnancies, babies are born.
usually with less height and weight than with singleton. And now
twins and triplets under the heart of their mothers quite a bit
lag behind in height and body weight from only babies.

размер плода на 28 неделе беременности

The fetal head circumference is now 24-28 cm, and
the length of the arms and legs is a little more than 10 cm, height 35 cm, weight 110

Continue to evolve and

  • Subcutaneous fat. Its layer becomes thicker, so that the skin of the fetus
    gradually straightened out.
  • External protective grease. It does not allow the skin of the fetus to swell from
    constant stay in the water.
  • The ability to blink. The muscles of the eyelids of the fetus are tiny, but it is
    they will help the newborn baby to open their eyes.
  • Muscle. Our muscles are very complex. This is special
    fibers that are bundled and bonded to the bones.
    The muscles of the fetus develop to the very birth.
  • Strengthening bones. Calcium that enters the bloodstream
    mother and then to the fetus, goes to the mineralization of the entire skeleton.
    Fully human bones develop upon completion of adolescence.
  • Cortex. It forms new gyrus.
  • Hair on the head, cilia, eyebrows, nails. They are a little
    grow up. This does not happen with every fetus. Many babes
    born almost without hair, they grow later.

Here is the fruit at week 28:

плод на 28 неделе беременности

The brain activity of the fetus never stops. Even in a dream
baby moves, makes breathing movements, frowns, frowns and
blinks. In addition, the fetus trains sucking and prehensile
reflexes. One of the baby’s handles is more active than the other. It means,
that the brain has already been determined, you have a right-handed or left-handed person.

It is still too early to worry about how the fetus is located. At one
On examination, the doctor may report that the baby is head down,
it is supposed to. For the next crumb can turn over the opposite and even
across. This is unpleasant only if on the 28th week
preterm labor will begin.

In this case, the doctors will act according to circumstances.
Perhaps they will decide to stop labor activity. For this
there are special tools. Then pregnant will be carefully
observe until the dangerous situation disappears. If childbirth stop
impossible (for example, in the discharge of amniotic fluid),
the newborn will definitely need special equipment
which will help him survive. The main thing is that now the lungs of the fetus are developed.
it is enough that in case of premature birth he could
self breathe.

Blood type and Rh factor

Surely you remember: in one of the first weeks of pregnancy the doctor
antenatal clinic sent you to research blood for blood type
and Rh factor. The same figure you needed to find out in
respect the father of the child. Now comes the time when this knowledge
will be especially important.

What is a positive and negative Rh factor
blood? This is the presence or absence of erythrocytes on the surface.
specific protein molecules. If they are – Rh factor
positive, no – negative. Once this feature was
open in monkeys, rhesus monkeys, hence the term. Know your
group and rhesus factor is necessary for donation, blood transfusion and
during pregnancy.

If one parent is Rh positive, and the other
rhesus negative blood the same opposite can
arise from the mother and the fetus. The body of a woman will feel alien
components in common with the fetus circulatory system and begin to fight,
that is, to produce antibodies. It is dangerous for the fetus

In the 28th week of pregnancy, doctors should take steps to
elimination of possible rhesus conflict. Woman will introduced
immunoglobulin. This substance inhibits the mother’s immunity so that
antibodies were not developed and there was no attack on the body of the fetus. Also
the most will be done after giving birth and in case of some inevitable
surgical interventions – for example, if the mother needs
to analyze the amniotic fluid.

Woman sensations

организм женщины на 28 неделе беременности


Many mothers look at this period in the mirror and say that the belly
growing literally before our eyes. Do not tease yourself kolobok, except
loving The view that a pregnant woman is completely
unattractive is a big mistake.

Your uterus grows and your abdominal skin stretches. Because of this
you can often feel itchy. Do not brush at all
skin, use special remedies for stretch marks. They will make
skin is more elastic and relieve irritation.

Your heart is now pumping just a huge amount of blood.
Because of this оно не всегда справляется с работой, и вам часто
may not be enough air, with normal walking you can
to choke. Another cause of shortness of breath is the grown uterus, which
pressure on the diaphragm.

The movements of your baby are now felt almost constantly. Sometimes
this can be unpleasant due to the strength of the jolts. Don’t slouch when
sit down So you give your baby a little more space and at least
slightly loosen the most unpleasant shocks under the ribs.

Sometimes как будто шевелится сам живот. Its entire surface
tenses up and then relaxes again. This is training
contractions. They must be irregular, otherwise refer to
to the doctor.

In the third trimester in the blood of a woman, special
hormones that make her calmer. If you still have
there are emotional breakdowns, check your surroundings –
you may get into stressful situations too often.
Do your best to avoid the nervous shocks, they
harm you and the baby.


This week you can add up to half a kilogram. If a
gain more – you have to adjust the diet. Now your weight
must be tightly controlled. However, do not need to starve yourself
hunger if the scales showed more. Significant weight gain
can talk about internal edema that can not very long
manifest, but seriously complicate pregnancy.

Photos tummies at 28 weeks of pregnancy


Gestosis and preeclampsia

Most often, these complications of pregnancy occur in
the third trimester, although they can manifest themselves for several weeks

Gestosis is late toxicosis. Information about this condition
can be found here.

Pre-eclampsia is a very serious condition that is dangerous for the mother’s life
and child. In case of complications, a woman may develop edema.
brain damage to the kidneys, liver and heart. Anxious
A signal is a marked increase in blood pressure. Especially those
women who had never had such problems before. Not less important
know the other symptoms of this complication:

  • severe headaches;
  • �”Flies” before the eyes;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • convulsions.

If a все эти признаки проявились у вас, звоните в «Скорую».
Preeclampsia can develop very quickly from mild to severe
degree. In extreme cases, you may be shown early childbirth.
This will be done to save two lives at once.

Why does this happen?

You can never accurately predict whether a woman will
any of the two complications. The main factors that can
lead to preeclampsia and / or preeclampsia, the following:

  • heredity (ask mom and sisters how they carried their
  • excess weight;
  • age over forty;
  • chronic diseases, first of all, disruption of work
    the kidneys;
  • autoimmune diseases (i.e., impaired activity
  • complications in the third trimester during the previous
    of pregnancy.

Only full attention to your health and regular
risk testing for women at risk of preventing complications
or at least their heavy consequences.

Pain and discharge

Remember that nothing should really hurt you. AT
normal only possible discomfort. If a немного ноет грудь,
back, loin, ankles or lower abdomen, this is the norm.

ATнимательно следите за выделениями:

  • Bloody – possible detachment of the placenta, premature
  • Transparent, watery, abundant – amniotic leaks
    fluid, this is due to cracks of the membranes of the membranes.
  • Curd is most often associated with the development of thrush.
  • Yellow, purulent signals of infection.

For any symptoms, go to the doctor for additional
examination. Normal vaginal discharge should be
light, without an unpleasant smell, and scant.

Colostrum from the breast will stand out until the very birth and some
time after them. Decant it can not. With heavy discharge
use pads for bra.

When to go to the doctor

If a у вас нет жалоб, то просто следуйте календарю посещений.
If you suspect complications, the doctor may prescribe blood tests and
urine, ultrasound, CTG (check fetal heart activity). ATо время
ultrasound scan, if the doctor’s equipment allows
ask for a photo. Such pictures cause a lot
positive emotions and will be very interesting to the father of the child, the eldest
children and other relatives.

Go to the doctor right away if you have a cold. Self-medication is unacceptable
even if you went to the pharmacy and consulted a pharmacist. AT
pharmacy no one will take into account all the features of your condition.
This can only be done by a doctor.


  1. In no case do not depart from the food regime. Fractional
    meals 5-6 times a day are much better than three meals a day. Fully
    discard pickles, canned goods and spicy foods. If a очень
    want sweet, then you can afford only fruit.
  2. Fermented milk products will help prevent constipation.
  3. For the prevention of hemorrhoids after stool, wash with warm
  4. Shake your hands often, lift and knead them to
    improve blood circulation and prevent swelling.
  5. For the prevention of edema in the legs do not go for a long time, do
    Contrast douche.
  6. Compression socks and knee socks will help with dilated vessels
    on foot.
  7. Talk to the father of the child and other relatives. Decide
    Who will help you after the birth of the baby. ATозможно, вскоре после родов
    you plan to go to work – all this is desirable to solve already
  8. If a вы ещё не посещали курсов по подготовке к родам,
    sign up. Well, if you will be accompanied by the father of the child.
    Discuss with him the possible presence at birth. It is very thin
    a question to which not everyone is ready.
  9. ATаша сексуальная жизнь может оставаться на прежнем уровне.
    Restrictions: Avoid sudden movements and any pressure on the stomach.
    Contraindications: waiting for twins, severe complications (about them
    written above), lack of water, the threat of premature birth.
  10. Wear comfortable clothes and underwear. No pressure and stipe,
    as this hampers your blood flow and may worsen
  11. Do not forget about moderate physical activity. Go to
    pool just swim or work out water aerobics for
    pregnant women, learn special yoga complex, do exercises
  12. Wear a bandage, it will help you feel less the weight of the growing

For you comes the most responsible and in many ways
трудное время of pregnancy. Be strong and healthy so that your
baby successfully developed to the birth.

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ATидео гид: 28 week of pregnancy развитие плода, гестоз,
rhesus factor, preeclampsia

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