27 week of pregnancy

27 week of pregnancy: КТР (копчико-теменной
size) fruit 23 cm, weight about 1 kg. Byложение тела плода всё ближе
to the standard fetal position. Some discomfort
expectant mothers may require an urgent call
a doctor.

The content of the article

  • 1 What happens to the fetus
  • 2 Feelings of a woman
    • 2.1 Discomfort and complications
    • 2.2 Emotional condition
    • 2.3 Weight
  • 3 Recommendations
  • 4 ATидео гид: 27 week of pregnancy что происходит с
    плодом, convulsions, symptoms of preterm labor

27 week of pregnancy

What month is it?

The 27th obstetric week is the 25th from conception or
седьмой лунный месяц of pregnancy. More on the timing and
подсчётах читайте here.

The third trimester begins. He is considered the most
difficult for the entire period of childbearing.

What happens to the fetus

размер плода на 27 неделе беременности рост 34 см, вес 1 кг

ATаш кроха растёт и начинает ощущать некоторую тесноту маточной
cavities. Byдросшие ножки и ручки малышу буквально некуда девать.
So, at rest, the baby increasingly takes the position optimal for the fetus:
tightens crossed legs and arms to the tummy and chest. When
the time of birth will come, just such a position of the body (head down)
allows the child to go through the generic, without complications
mother’s ways.

Now the fetus is not necessarily located 100% correct. He can
settle down and across the uterus, and somehow diagonally. When viewed
the doctor can tell you that the head of the fetus is right below your
ribs. Do not be scared. By the time of birth, the baby still has time to turn
as it should be.

ATот так выглядит плод на двадцать седьмой

27 week of pregnancy плод

The movements of the fetus are felt every week more and more intensely.
Sometimes you may feel like your entire stomach is inside.
shudders. AT такие моменты принято говорить об икоте плода.
It is believed that children who often suck often ikayut in the womb
little fingers.

The fetal brain and its nervous system are improving, form everything
new neural connections. Because of this, more
orderly alternation of periods of sleep and wakefulness of the baby. By
the brain signals the fetus makes many movements, as if
is training. Baby moves his fingers and limbs, imitates
respiratory movements.

Approximately for a period of 27 weeks of pregnancy in the fetus
development of the lacrimal glands and ducts is completed.

Byлный рост плода составляет примерно 34 см (от макушки до
heels) weight about 1 kg.

Woman sensations

организм женщины на 27 неделе беременности

Reviews of mommies about the twenty-seventh week of pregnancy can be
completely opposite. Some already feel tired of
pregnancy, they want to quickly inform and give birth to the baby. Special
often it happens during pregnancy with twins. ATедь в этом случае
woman’s body carries a huge load.


Other moms do not experience any problems and complications.
continue to enjoy their position. Most often this happens in
healthy women with a normal weight, a fully established diet and
in the absence of stress.

ATот некоторые отзывы мамочек с разных

Натали: У меня вторая беременность. AT
Basically everything is nothing, but the heartburn torments! I can not anymore!!!

Гость_Оленька: ATсем привет! We have
Generally an interesting situation: 27 weeks, and I scored only about 2.5
kg (with an initial weight of 56). ATрачи немного ворчат, но малыш
develops like normal. cool eat all you want. AT
Mostly, this meat, vegetables, fruits. For a sweet is not particularly pulling.
The tummy grows, recently especially. A little weight at all.
They say you should not worry. Just everything is well absorbed and
goes rabetenku.

Ирина Рахимьянова: я тоже уже давно
I feel like he hiccups! these are muffled and rhythmic, barely
noticeable tapping.

Зая-я-я: Я уже отличаю икание от
jolts. How cool it is !!!! Today was a doctor, she me
scolded me. Before pregnancy, I weighed 57 kg, and now I weigh 67.8 kg
at week 27, and another 3 months to walk. Mouth will have to lock
close, and so want to eat.

Esprit: Нам тоже 27 недель!!боже мой
already so much and everything flew by quickly !!! my tummy too
trembles !!!! I first experienced, thought something was wrong, because I did not
I read about it nowhere! But here Sedna read that someone else too
trembling tummy !!! why is that interesting ??? but to distinguish when
baby hiccups and when not yet I can not !! well, nothing !! still
ahead !!

And here is the tummies on 27

27 недель 57 кг фото животика
27 неделя живот
близнецы живот на 27 неделе

The stomach has grown so much that in the standing position is impossible
see your own feet. Byдъёмы по лестницам, приседания и долгая
walking seems to be at times almost overwhelming. But if you save
locomotor activity, you can cope with this problem.

It is very important now to learn how to analyze your
state. it необходимо для того, чтобы отличить неудобства
pregnancy from possible complications. Consider the different sensations.
and their meaning.

Discomfort and complications

The following are the most characteristic symptoms that you can
to feel. Compare with your feelings and always remember the anxious

  1. Cramps gastrocnemius muscles. They happen at any time, outside
    depending on your motor activity. Do not confuse with
    �Goosebumps. With convulsions, the muscle itself shrinks and as if
    freezes, it can be very painful. With such sensations
    need to pull off the sock of the injured leg, rub the shin.
    If such phenomena occur rarely and quickly, there is no reason for
    anxiety Tell your female doctor about persistent cramps.
    He will adjust your diet, appoint an additional examination.
    or drugs. In general, this is an unpleasant condition.
    does not threaten your baby.
  2. If the stomach hurts as if something is pressing on it, this is already
    danger signal. Two other severe symptoms are
    pulling back pain and discomfort, as during menstruation.
    One or more of these symptoms talk about the threat.
    preterm delivery. Or immediately go to the doctor, or call
  3. Vaginal discharge should not be abundant and / or
    bloody. Report any change in the nature of the discharge.
    to your doctor. Pathological discharge with pain, as in paragraph 2, –
    повод вызвать �”Ambulance.”
  4. The intensity of movements of the fetus, movement is noticeably reduced.
    disappear completely – consult a doctor, he will refer you to CTG
    (cardiotocography, fetal heart function test).
  5. High pressure, edema that does not pass, “flies”
    before your eyes – you may have late toxicosis. Read about him
    here. Visit a female consultation as soon as possible.
  6. Only one leg swells, it feels pain and frequent
    headaches. Do not write off these symptoms for fatigue or
    stress see the doctor.
  7. If you have previously experienced any hormonal disorders, you may
    there is a complication – premature cervical dilatation.
    Your gynecologist must keep an eye on your
  8. Other discomforts that may occur are nausea and
    vomiting, as in poisoning, pain during urination, increased
    temperature, lack of stool day and longer. Do not engage
    self-medicate, consult a physician.

Unpleasant companions of pregnancy. Heartburn,
thrush and sore tooth. How to deal with it in the third

Emotional condition

Many pregnant women notice that they are becoming calmer.
This is facilitated by specific hormones. Still, drops
moods are not excluded. Too strong emotions cause the most
this hormonal storm in the blood of the fetus, so that feelings are better
hold back.

Your dreams can be extremely vivid and realistic. Why
it happens in pregnant women, nobody knows.

Despite physical problems, many moms experience
a real uplift in the soul. I want to start repairs in the apartment,
as soon as possible to equip the nursery, in the country to do landscape design.
Unfortunately, all such works can only be managed.
Any heavy loads are now dangerous for the baby.


Mothers often ask: if during the entire pregnancy you get 9-13 kg,
and the child usually weighs 3-3.5 kg, from where the rest of the mass is taken
body? And whether there will be overweight after childbirth? Here it is important to consider
that the amniotic fluid is approximately one liter, that is, 1 kg,
the uterus and placenta also have their share in the total body mass of the woman.
Each breast is heavy, blood volume increases. Plus small
stocks, because during the birth consumes a huge amount

If after birth to establish a healthy diet, wear a bandage and
opportunities to move actively, weight will surely come quickly
the norm.


  1. Strictly follow the diet, it is now undesirable to allow
    imagine any deviations. Adjust diet according to recommendations
    a doctor.
  2. Before bed, get comfortable as possible. Stock up
    extra pillows and place them under the belly, between
    knees, under the back.
  3. Do not be shy about your duck walk, do not try to straighten up.
    Your back leans back to balance the older one.
  4. Watch out for weight gain.
  5. Sometimes when sneezing a few drops of urine can stand out. it
    unpleasant, but must pass after childbirth. Use daily
    pads for underwear.
  6. Training fights should be rare and irregular. By
    opportunities record the time when contractions occur. it
    will help recognize the rate and impairment.
  7. If you have not yet come up with a name for the baby, think about possible
  8. Air travel is a dangerous event for pregnant women. Swings
    pressures and heights can lead to premature delivery. If a
    лететь всё же необходимо, вам понадобится консультация a doctor. AT
    travel agencies may require a medical certificate stating that you
    allowed to fly by plane.
  9. Sign up for childbirth preparation and care courses,
    can be with the father of the child.
  10. Be sure to talk to your baby, you can even read
    out loud tales.
  11. When itching chest, abdomen and thighs do not allow yourself to comb
    skin Use special means against stretch marks or
    high-quality olive oil.
  12. Enjoy the sexual side of life with the father of the child if
    you have no contraindications. These include: Multiple or
    shallow pregnancy, the threat of miscarriage.
  13. If a вы работаете или учитесь, обсудите с родными и
    leadership important issues. For example, what day do you is coming
    go on maternity leave, will you need to pass
    Affairs of the substitute employee, who from relatives will help in the care of
    as a child, and so on.
  14. If a вам назначат внеплановое УЗИ, можете взять с собой мужа
    or older child. The spectacle on the scanner screen will surely be for
    them unforgettable.

Photo ultrasound:


Diet, personal care and good mood will help
you and your baby safely wait for the end
of pregnancy.

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ATидео гид: 27 week of pregnancy что происходит с плодом,
convulsions, symptoms of preterm labor

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