27 recipes: a great menu for a child from 6 months andup to 1 year

We are tired of thinking what would come up for breakfast, lunch or dinner
to kid? Use our delicious recipe ideas for
kids and kindergarteners, who often twist their noses above the plate!
Enjoy your meal!

6 months

Mashed Pork Zucchini

1 маленький кабачок 1 маленькая картофелина 1 ч.l olive
oils или of milk

Peel and boil vegetables. Mash, season
оливковым oil andли молоком.

Carrot and courgette mousse

120 gr. моркови 150 gr. кабачка 1 коф..l vegetable

Cut vegetables into small cubes, cook for a couple. Grind to
пюреобразного состояния, добавить butter.

Thus, mashed potatoes can be made from all vegetables: carrots,
zucchini, squash, cauliflower, broccoli, white cabbage

The finished mashed potatoes can be frozen: put the mashed potatoes into molds for
ice freeze in the freezer. Pour out frozen cubes puree
in packages, writing on them the composition and date.

You can store such cubes for a month. 30 minutes before a meal put in
bowl 2-3 cubes and put in hot water.

7 months

Apple-pumpkin puree with porridge

150 gr. тыквы 1 яблоко 1.2 ч.l fructose 1 tbsp. cereals (oatmeal,
buckwheat, rice) 1.2 Art. of milk соль

Pumpkin and apple peel, cut into pieces and cook for a couple.
Cook porridge. Pumpkin and apple mince or sieve,
добавить 1 ч.l fructose, довести до boil. Cool mash,
добавить butter. Introduce mashed potatoes in porridge.

Antonovki puree soup with rice

100-150 gr. яблок 1 tbsp. риса 1 tbsp. fructose

Bake an apple without a core in the oven. Cool, peel,
rub through a sieve. 1 стакан water вскипятить, добавить 1 ч.l
fructose, корицу и рис. Boil until cooked. Rub the rice through
Sieve, mix with applesauce. Add the remaining fructose,
beat, let go a couple.

Rice porrige

250 gr. of milk 2 ст.l fructose ванилин 1.2 чашки риса изюм

Mix milk and fructose in a saucepan, add raisins, vanilla,
довести до boil. Pour rice in boiling milk, cook. To cool.
Can replace изюм сухофруктами или свежими фруктами.

Potato and Pumpkin

70 g. Potatoes 70 g. Pumpkin milk

Отварить нарезанные кубиками овощи в 300 мl Water at slow
on fire Beat with a mixer. Разбавить молоком, добавить butter. Can
add cottage cheese.

8 months

Rice pudding with fruit

50 gr. риса 100 мl of milk 100 мl water 2 перепелиных яйца 12
gr. fructose 15 gr. изюма 20 gr. цукатов 5 gr. butter

Cook milk rice porridge. Add egg yolks, washed
raisins, chopped candied fruits and pour in whipped whites. Put in
greased form and bake in the oven.

Pumpkin and Apple Pudding

200 gr. тыквы 130 gr. яблок 20 gr. отварного риса 10 gr.
fructose 20 gr. sour cream 1 перепелиное яйцо

Grate pumpkin and apples. Mix with rice
fructose, sour cream and beaten egg. Put in greased
form and bake in the oven.

Vegetable puree

turnip potatoes carrots peas spinach head of green onions
olive oil петрушка

Stew everything in oil and water until soft. Beat in a blender or
skip several times in a meat grinder and salt.

Black Currant Kissel

6 ч.l смородины 4 ч.l fructose 1 ч.l potato flour 200
мl water

Squeeze the currant juice, squeeze the boil for 5-10 minutes, drain.
Throw in the decoction of fructose, bring to a boil, pour in flour,
diluted in cold water, squeezed juice. To cool.

Cranberry Drink

4 ч.l клюквы 4 ч.l fructose 200 мl water

Squeeze the juice of cranberries, cooking boils for 5-10 minutes, drain. Throw
in a decoction of fructose, bring to a boil, pour in flour diluted in
cold water, squeezed juice. To cool.

Dried fruits compote

4 ст.l сухофруктов 1,5 ч.l fructose 320 мл water

Boil dried fruits, rub through a sieve, add to fruit juice
fructose, bring to a boil, cool.

9 months

Vegetable Soup

120 gr. мяса (курица, постная телятина, говядина) 200 gr.
картофеля 400 gr. young carrots greens


Мясо провернуть через мясорубку, залить 0,5 l water и варить 1
hour. Boil vegetables, chop. Meat broth strain, add
vegetable puree, boil.

Chicken with apples

1 яблоко 1.2 филе из куриной грудки 1.2 ч.l butter 1
ч.l lemon juice

Apple peel, cut into pieces. Chop chicken fillet.
В небольшом количестве water томить яблоко. Stew in water with oil
chicken Apples mash with a fork, mix with chicken and lemon

Pumpkin with beef

20 gr. телячьей вырезки 100 gr. тыквы olive oil

Мелко порезать мясо и тыкву, сложить в сковороду, влить water,
olive oil и тушить 15 minutes Grind in a meat grinder. Can
use chicken, turkey instead of veal.

Chicken Souffle

курица 1 яйцо белый хлеб 3 ст.l of milk 1 tbsp. nextoils

Chicken meat cook without salt. Ready meat to skip through
meat grinder. Мякоть белого хлеба замочить в 1-2 ст.l тёплого of milk.
Pass the meat and bread through the meat grinder again and mix
with a mixer Beat the protein. Add the yolk to the mixture, pour in the milk,
белок, 1 tbsp. nextoils и чуть-чуть посолить (можно добавить
chicken bouillon). Lubricate the form butter, pour souffle, bake in
an oven or better steamed.

Green Pea Puree Soup

1 tbsp. rice 2 tbsp. green peas 2 tsp next oil 1 tbsp.
water salt

Boil rice. Combine with peas and hot wipe
through a sieve, with a liquid or scroll through a meat grinder. Bring to
Boil and season with butter.

Chicken fillet with asparagus

15 shoots of asparagus 30 gr. white chicken meat 1 kl sour cream
olive oil

Cut the top of the asparagus – 2 cm. From the head. Chicken fillet
cut into slices, put meat, asparagus in a pressure cooker, add 0.5
l Water and cook for 15 minutes. Смешать olive oil со сметаной.
Pour over chicken and asparagus.

10 months

Green beans in mutton broth

green beans 1 potato 20 gr. lean mutton
вырезки olive oil

Cut the beans into slices, potatoes into 4 pieces. Cut meat
in small pieces. Put the meat in cold water, bring to
boil. Add beans, potatoes, cook for 10-15 minutes. Take out
meat, strain. Beat everything in a blender and add olive

Veal soup with chicory

20 gr. veal 1 chicory 1 potato 2 pinch of fructose 250
gr. water

Cut veal into small pieces, chicory – into thin slices,
potato – diced. Pour water, pour in fructose and cook in
for 20 minutes. Beat with a mixer.

Meat Casserole

1 картофелина 30 gr. мясного фарша 30 gr. next 2-3 leaf oil
чабреца 1 к.lsour cream

Boil the potatoes, mash with sour cream. Stir with minced meat
finely chopped thyme, stew on water with oil for about 5 minutes.
Grate the garlic and smear with butter.

Put the minced meat on top, mashed potatoes, sprinkle plums. oil and
bake in the oven for 5 minutes.

Turkey fillet with carrot purée and apples

2 моркови 20-30 г филе индейки 1/2 яблока 3 ст.l of milk

Finely chop the carrot, put in the pan with the fillet, boil 10
minutes Drain the water. Peel the apple, grate and stew in
молоке в течение 5 minutes Морковь взбить с 2 ст.l of milk до пюре.
Serve with sliced ​​fillet and apple. Can replace
milk cream, cottage cheese. Can replace морковь на репу.

11 months

Pork with vegetables

pork fillet on the ribs 1 potato 1 celery root 1 circle
моркови 1 луковица чабрец 1/2 ч.l nextoils 2 веточки петрушки

Cut vegetables into cubes. Fillet and vegetables stew, sprinkle
Thyme and close the lid. Тушить 15 minutes Serve finely
chopped and sprinkled with parsley.

Macaroni “alphabet” with sauce “Bolognese”

30 gr. макарон 20 gr. фарша Луковица 20 gr. cream

Finely chop the onion and mix with minced meat. Stew stuffing.
Boil the pasta in salted water, mix the pasta with minced meat.
Add cream and stew. You can instead of the “alphabet” can
use other pasta.

12 months

Flounder baked with leek

1 лук-порей (белая часть) 30 gr. Flounder 1 Potato 3 drops
lemon juice 1 коф.l olive oil

Grind onions. Potatoes finely chopped. Boil vegetables in water
10 minutes Put the flounder in the foil, vegetables, pour with lemon juice and
olive oil. Запекать в духовке 6 минут при 180 gr.

Chicken fillet with asparagus

15 shoots of asparagus 30 gr. белого мяса курицы 1 коф.l sour cream
olive oil

Cut the top of the asparagus – 2 cm from the head. Chicken fillet
порезать ломтиками, сложить в сковороду, добавить спаржу, 0,5 l
water и варить 15 minutes Смешать сметану, butter. Pour the sauce
chicken and simmer for 2 minutes.

Omelet in a water bath

3 quail eggs 1/2 tbsp. of milk 1/2 ч.l butter

Beat eggs, add milk, salt. Pour into shape, put
her in a double boiler and cook an omelet.

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