26 week of pregnancy

26 week of pregnancy: рост плода 23 см от темени
to the tailbone, about 33-35 cm from crown to heels. Weight reaches 850
The active development of the fetal hearing continues. Good habit
for mom will become a regular measurement of blood pressure. maybe
appearance of carpal tunnel syndrome.

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  • 1 Fetal development
  • 2 How is your mother
  • 3 Possible troubles and complications
    • 3.1 When to go to the doctor
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  • 5 ATидео гид: 26 week of pregnancy развитие плода,
    blood pressure, lower back pain, pain in the hands

календарь беременности по неделям - 26 неделя

Fetal development


Your baby carefully consolidates the achievements of previous weeks.
For example, he is trying to open his eyes. Eyelid muscles
already developed enough for this. The fruit may blink and blink.
The ability to open and close eyes is very useful after
birth, especially in bright light. If the tiny muscles of the eyelids are not
will develop as it should, the child after birth will not be able to fully
manage them. When omitting the eyelids, surgery is usually needed. So that
A new skill is very important for the fetus, although now it is in
total darkness.

For a long time, the auditory of the fetus develops all
This is not only external ears, but also drum.
membranes, and tiny bones, as well as ligaments. First the most
loud sounds just cause vibrations: the baby hears, but not
recognizes what is happening. Later, after the development of the cerebral cortex
brain, the fetus begins to distinguish sound vibrations.

Objective medical research hearing fetus no. But
Observations show: it is necessary to talk with the child before
of birth. If mom, father and other relatives will regularly say
with the future baby out loud, it will be of great benefit. Later
the newborn will hear many familiar sounds and will be on them
respond positively.

And this is what your puzozhitel looks like :)

плод на 26 неделе беременности

Gradual synchronization of the brain and motor
fetal activity.
This means that some stirring –
it is a response to external stimuli, and not just reflex
movement. Baby can noticeably quicken, if mom is listening to music,
talking loudly or scared of something.

Bone strengthening is still ongoing at week 26
skeleton and the formation of subcutaneous fat cells.
the teeth inside the gums are almost completely mineralized.
Neural connections are increasing and developing. Barely noticeable
hair and marigold grow up. Hormonal is gradually formed
background. Head circumference reaches approximately 20 cm. The boys are
the process of lowering the testicles into the scrotum.

How is the fetus at this time? Yet how
whatever Now worry about the position of the baby’s body

The volume of amniotic fluid that surrounds the baby,
is about 0.7 liters. The weight of the placenta is about 300 grams.
Tiny heart counts 120-160 beats every minute.
Fetal heartbeat can usually be heard if you press tight
ear to mom’s belly.

If a preterm birth occurs, the newborn
will be very hard to adapt. To save his life
will require special medical equipment and the efforts of many
physicians. According to doctors, the risk of early labor is higher
summer. The reason is dehydration of the woman’s body in the heat.

How are you mom

Passed six lunar months of your pregnancy, is the seventh.
Completes the second trimester. It is considered the quietest time.
while waiting for a child. На двадцать шестой неделе ощущения мамы
already show the approach of the most difficult and responsible


Now many women think that the child is under their heart
moves constantly. It is easy to explain: the fetus has grown, it
getting crowded. The uterus has increased so much that some tremors
baby felt already under the ribs. But бывают и спокойные детки, всё

организм женщины на 26 неделе беременности

Your body is still getting stout. Some women only grow
stomach, others have completely lost waist, increase in volume
thighs The breast is probably already grown by 1-2 sizes, but it can
pour a little more. Normally, the total weight gain from the beginning
pregnancy can reach 9 kg. Increasing the size of the uterus often
leads to shortness of breath with physical activity. Learn to walk
so that the breath does not lull.

Your tummy has grown so much that it absolutely does not allow
tilt. This is especially noticeable during pregnancy with twins. because of
This is probably very uncomfortable to wear. In warm time, better
wear simple shoes or moccasins – they are easy to put on and take off.
Wear boots, sneakers and other shoes with clasps and laces.
just sitting.

Photos of tummies (click for

26 фото животика
живот беременность 26 недель
размер животика конец 26 недели
срок 26 недель фото живота
фото животиков на 26 неделе

A mucus plug gradually forms in the cervix. She in
literally clogs the entrance to the uterine cavity and protects
from infections and other negative influences. Mucus seal
happens completely unnoticed by a woman.

Vaginal discharge should still be moderate, without
pronounced color and smell. Report any deviation
to the doctor.

Possible troubles and complications

Train yourself to measure your blood pressure regularly
and record the results.
In the early stages it often happens
lowered, and closer to the third trimester can periodically
to rise. Blood pressure is an important indicator of well-being.
pregnant woman. If it constantly deviates from the norm, it
can lead to serious complications. The hardest is late
toxicosis (gestosis), kidney disease (nephropathy), preeclampsia and
eclampsia (syndromes that often cause a threat to life
mothers and baby).

Another unpleasant feeling is pain in
lower back.
They may have different reasons. The most
a simple explanation is the growth of the uterus, its pressure on the nerve ganglia
plus stretching of the inner ligaments. However, kidney problems too
often manifested by pain in the lumbar region.

With minor discomfort there is a simple check. Accept
warm bath, stay in it a little as comfortable as possible and
relaxed posture. If it became easier – you have the so-called
physiological pain, it is not dangerous. Nothing changed –
обращайтесь к to the doctor. This is especially important if the discomfort
arise from any one side, the color of the urine has changed or
already marked kidney disease. Severe pain of any nature
necessarily require the help of doctors.

If you work at a computer a lot, play the piano or
do any other monotonous work with your hands, you can
возникнуть туннельный синдром запястий. Often this
consequence of persistent swelling of the hands. Stagnant in connective
in tissues, fluid overwhelms the nerve fibers; it causes pain in
hands or wrists only. This problem may accompany
you until the birth and not completely solved. However you can
ease the discomfort. Shake more often,
stretch your hands, even if they are not swollen and not tired. When you sleep,
try to position yourself so that your hands do not fall down. AT
In this case, you can avoid stagnating fluids and improve
blood supply.

AT некоторых случаях у беременных возникает застой
If the problem is not solved, education is possible.
gallstones. The first alarm is the pain under
edges on the right. Accurate diagnosis and treatment methods sets

When to go to the doctor

If there are no alarming symptoms, stick to
visiting calendar. Ultrasound on this period is appointed by special
indications. For example, if you missed the deadline
survey. Most likely, before receiving a doctor’s antenatal clinic
You will need to pass urine and blood for analysis. Directions doctor
writes out in advance at the previous visit.


  1. Follow a strict diet, try not to deviate from
    food principles.
  2. The best food option – in small portions. Never
    allow yourself to overeat, it overloads your body and once
    will result in excess weight.
  3. Drink so much liquid to avoid thirst.
  4. Avoid any problems with defecation, especially do not allow
    constipation. To prevent hemorrhoids regularly wash back
    passage with warm or cool water.
  5. Butсите максимально удобное бельё, одежду и обувь. AT течение
    all day you should not be under pressure, friction or other
  6. If you do not have a antenatal bandage yet, it’s time
    to acquire.
  7. With the appearance of age spots on the face, have patience and do not
    mask them with a layer of makeup. It is very harmful for your
  8. Try to prevent stretch marks. Skin of chest, abdomen, thigh
    and it is desirable to rub the buttocks several times a day with special
  9. If you work or study, it’s time to think about the close
    maternity leave. For example, discuss with the employer a temporary
    transfer of your duties.
  10. AT случае расширения вен на ногах обсудите с врачом ношение
    compression tights or socks.
  11. For small edema on the feet, drench them regularly with water.
    contrasting temperatures. Put your legs up when lying down or
    sit down
  12. It is advisable not to sleep on the left side. Before bed sleep with
    maximum convenience, this will help you a few small
  13. If seizures occur, rub the problem area to the full
    relief. Since cramps often occur due to lack of
    calcium and potassium, talk with your doctor about adjusting your diet.
  14. Do not forget about walks and special sports for
    pregnant women.
  15. Any business plan with a margin of time. Now you can not
    walk fast It is advisable to avoid public transport per hour.
  16. Do not stay long in stillness. Change your body position
    do some warm-ups at every opportunity.
  17. Record the time of training bouts. If they occur more often
    four times in an hour, there is a threat of premature birth.

It is very important to carefully monitor your
well-being. Do not brush off problems, do not be lazy to go to
to doctors. Very soon you will need a lot of strength to
inform and give birth to the baby.

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ATидео гид: 26 week of pregnancy развитие плода,
blood pressure, lower back pain, pain in the hands

Baby hear you

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