25th week of pregnancy


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Twenty-fifth week is a psychologically significant period for future mother. It is during this period that the risk of miscarriage is substantially decreases and even if the birth is premature, the baby has everything chances of life.

That is, many fears and anxieties of a pregnant woman are left behind. what what happens in her body at that time, and what surprises he can present it to her?


25th week of pregnancyTwenty-Five Week Baby already looks like an ordinary baby. It accumulates subcutaneous fat, skin straightens and acquires a light pink tint.

A person acquires genetically embedded traits, limbs Rounded and become more flexible and agile. Baby already can suck a finger, tightly clench fists and even grab yourself by the leg.

Experts believe that during this period he “decides” for himself, which pen is most convenient for him to use, that is, it is determined, whether he will be right-handed or left-handed. At your fingertips begins An individual fingerprint pattern is formed.

The fruit weighs about 700 g, and its height is 35 cm. faces are almost completely formed, active development is underway auricles – if a woman suddenly has premature childbirth, it is by their form that the doctor can determine the degree full-term baby.

If until the seventh month hematopoietic function in the fetus performed the liver and spleen, now it completely accepts bone marrow itself. The osteoarticular system continues to strengthen, the skeleton becomes much stronger, the joints are stronger and more mobile, and muscles build weight.

The lungs of the child are noticeably changing: they are becoming more and more cells producing a substance called surfactant that subsequently help the alveoli to crack down and not give them stick together. Phospholipids, which are the main element of this substances that enter the amniotic fluid and by their concentration can judge how ready the child is for independent living.

The genitals are already fully formed, so on Ultrasound can clearly see the gender of the future baby.

At twenty-fifth week, the fetus already has well-developed taste, olfactory and visual receptors, therefore capable of respond to external stimuli.

So, when bright light hits the belly, the baby will begin to make movements of the limbs and head, and with loud, sharp sounds begins to behave uneasily or shyly shrinks. His tremors not only the future mother, but also those around her, notices her stomach stick out in different places.


By the seventh month, pregnant women become more awkward and bulky (weight gain averages 7 to 8.5 kg), their center of gravity changes, and the gait becomes a duck.

The uterus rises above the edge of the bosom by 25 cm and it’s exactly this indicator, the doctor can judge the normal development of the child – if its bottom is lower, this may speak of some developmental lag.

The breast of the expectant mother is also undergoing some changes – it becomes full, full, and from the nipples can stand out colostrum, which is the “harbinger” of lactation.

An enlarged uterus often presses on the diaphragm of women, which is why the stomach shifts and the expectant mother suffers from severe heartburn. Sometimes she can feel strange rhythmic tremors in her stomach when the baby swallows too much amniotic fluid and begins to hiccup. They should not cause concern to the expectant mother, but if occur too often, they should be reported to the doctor.

At this time, two more unpleasant and dangerous problems – hemorrhoids and varicose veins. At the first sign of these diseases it is better to immediately consult a specialist, pass analyzes and start appropriate treatment.


In some women, lungs pulling or short-term sharp pains, and sometimes they arise due to active movements of the baby, and sometimes due to an increased tone of the uterus, therefore, the gynecologist must be aware of any unpleasant feelings of his ward.

A fairly common problem of the second or third trimester is a decrease in hemoglobin in the blood, or other in words, iron deficiency anemia.

The fact is that for the development of the body, the fetus needs iron, and he begins to “take” him from his mother’s blood. If the results tests will show a low hemoglobin content, the doctor will prescribe pregnant iron supplements.

But a more dangerous violation during pregnancy is pathology called isthmic-cervical insufficiency (ICI). In this case, the cervix begins to open and soften. long before the due date, which can lead to premature childbirth.

A similar pathology is characteristic of women with an injured neck uterus (due to abortion or other surgery), as well as for those who has a history of miscarriages or prematurely interrupted pregnancy. Therefore, it is very important for expectant mothers in a timely manner visit a gynecologist – at the first signs of an ICI, the doctor will impose on cervical sutures to prevent possible complications.


The belly at twenty-fifth week is already very protruding, reminiscent of the size of a soccer ball, and may interfere with it make habitual movements and even deliver pain during walk. In such cases, to reduce discomfort, the doctor may advise a woman to wear a special bandage.

Tips & Tricks

No special recommendations for the twenty fifth week pregnancy is usually not – you need to monitor your well-being, more likely to be in the fresh air and engage in light physical activity.

25th week of pregnancyTo normalize digestion, in diet should include laxative foods (prunes, kefir, boiled beets), and to prevent iron deficiency anemia You can eat liver, pomegranates and apples.

It is very important to reduce salt intake and drink more water, otherwise swelling does not take long. Pregnant women who suffer from heartburn should eat fractional servings, 5-6 times a day and not go to bed to relax after a hearty dinner – it is better to take a short walk. At the first sign of future varicose veins mother is advised to wear a special compression linen.

If the pregnancy proceeds normally (there is no tone of the uterus and other pathologies that can cause premature birth), you can start preparing your breasts for feeding the baby – wipe towel dipped in cool water, slightly irritate nipples rough cloth. It is important to note that the chest has a direct relationship with uterus, so it’s very important not to overdo it, otherwise you can cause uterine contractions and premature birth.

To avoid stretch marks that often appear on the chest women during pregnancy, you need to choose the right bra. is he should be comfortable, made of natural, “breathable” fabric with wide straps, and wear linen should be not only in the afternoon, but also at night.

The main mistake of many expectant mothers in the seventh month pregnancy – a desire to catch up everywhere and do all the important affairs at the same time. But even with perfect health the woman in this period needs rest and positive emotions, therefore the rhythm of your life is better to slightly reduce.


Allocations in the twenty-fifth week, as in the previous one, should be uniform, grayish or yellowish (the amount depends on the individual characteristics of the body).

The nature and color of the discharge during this period should be monitored with special attention – white curdled discharge is a sign thrush, which requires immediate treatment. Very important to get rid of thrush even before childbirth, since the baby, walking along through the birth canal can become infected with this disease, which subsequently greatly complicate breastfeeding. Brown or spotting accompanied by dragging pain in the lower abdomen, may indicate premature childbirth, therefore, in such cases, you should immediately go to the hospital.

Finally, at the beginning of the third trimester it can sometimes be observed such a threatening symptom as leakage of amniotic fluid. They have a liquid consistency, a dull white or yellow color and may drip in drops or abruptly and profusely, resembling involuntary urination.

They are a sign of premature cervical dilatation. To eliminate the risk of premature birth should use special test (you can buy it at the pharmacy) and consult a doctor.

Analyzes and ultrasound

No special analyzes at twenty-fifth week with you don’t need to take normal health and the absence of pathologies, but a doctor may order an ultrasound scan to evaluate amniotic fluid, placenta, palpitations baby and other indicators that must meet the deadline pregnancy.

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