25 week of pregnancy

In the 25th week of pregnancy the size of the fetus reaches 22
cm, weight – 700 g. The baby’s hair gradually accumulates pigment and
begin to acquire the color that they will have at birth.
Now the main thing for the future mother is the right metabolism and
the absence of any infections.

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Weeks and months

25 week of pregnancy

If gestation is 25 weeks – how much is it
months? You are now in the seventh lunar month, more than half the time
pregnancy already experienced. Read about the timing and date of delivery

How is the development of the fetus

размер плода на 25 неделе беременности

Under the skin of your baby, the development of subcutaneous fat continues.
Thanks to this, the baby becomes plump. But it’s not for the sake of
affection of relatives and not for infant beauty. Without subcutaneous fat
man is very cold. In addition, it is this layer later
allows you to survive short-term fasting. What else happens to

  1. The formation of pigment begins in the hair. This substance
    determine the color of the hair on the head of the baby at the time of his birth.
  2. Brain cells and neural connections are complicated.
  3. Bone marrow is actively involved in the process of digestion.

The fetus for the most part sleeps, but continues to move. AT
waking periods he is more active. To train the movements
baby has a uterus wall, which he occasionally rests against.
And also – the umbilical cord, for which the fetus can reflexively grasp

Another training action is breathing. This
Skill is very important for the first breath of the child. Through the nose of the fetus in
bronchi and lungs ingests a small amount of amniotic
fluid, but there is no danger.

The kid has grown a lot, has become stronger. His movements are felt already
very clear. Some bumps can cause a little pain.
If the fruit is very much frolicking, you can stroke his stomach.
Many mothers have noted that this is a great reassurance for the little one.
�”Football player”.

ATот так выглядит ваш ребенок:


Moms often worry about how their baby is located. Some
babies are already arranged in the uterus head down, as it should
will be before childbirth. But the property of the fetus is that it can
roll over until the beginning of labor activity at mom. If a
you do an ultrasound and they say that the fetus is still head up
or even across, do not be afraid. Baby still have time
turn around as it should, and if not – there are special exercises,
who can help with that. Don’t worry now.

ATаши ощущения

The third trimester, the most difficult, has not yet begun. If a вы здоровы,
follow all the recommendations and balance your diet, everything
should be just great. Frequent desire to urinate became
familiar Surely you have learned to conquer bouts of heartburn – eat
porridge and drink jelly. Grown up tummy makes slightly
lean back when walking. Surely you enjoy beautiful
thick hair and delicate skin.

And yet your body is constantly doing difficult work. If a
he does not cope, some unpleasant sensations are possible and


Approximately every second woman has a pregnancy
accompanied by the occurrence and development of hemorrhoids. It happens
for two reasons:

  1. The uterus grows and presses against the intestines and its large
    blood vessels.
  2. The intestine does not always work stably, often in pregnant women
    there are constipation.

This disease is not dangerous, but very unpleasant. It is better
just make sure that the hemorrhoids simply do not start.
For this you need to avoid constipation, help digestion – give up
from everything fried, fatty and spicy. AT рационе обязательно должна
to be food that stimulates peristalsis, that is, cuts
intestinal muscles. It is dried apricots, prunes, fermented milk and cereals
products. Another important point. If a запор всё-таки возник,
you can not push.

Посоветуйтесь с вашим врачом – как разрешать подобные Problems.
He can appoint relaxing or softening candles. Do not be afraid
talk to the doctor about such problems – during pregnancy like
troubles are not uncommon.

Fear of spontaneous abortion little by little
going down. Now, if childbirth begins early, the baby has
all chances to survive. But still he is born underdeveloped. ATот
why is it important to protect your health and avoid any dangerous

On the 25th week, you can begin to snore in your sleep, even if earlier
it never happened. This is a temporary phenomenon, it is associated with
overloading your respiratory organs. For the same reason, you can
feel short of breath when walking or climbing stairs.

If a что-то болит

ATажно отличать боли от дискомфорта. Slight inconvenience
accompany you almost all the time. Pulling sensation in the abdomen
and lower back is a signal that the body is trying to adapt to
enlarged uterus (now it is comparable in size to football
ball). Danger sign – real, severe pain in of these
areas. They talk about the threat of preterm birth, especially in
combined with strong or repetitive contractions.

Late toxicosis

This is one of the most adverse complications.
of pregnancy.
Читайте о нём here.


Your body weight should increase. So growth is provided
the formation of the necessary amount of blood and amniotic
fluid. Норма прибавки веса на двадцать пятой неделе –
about 350 grams. Otherwise, anemia may begin,
calcium deficiency – because your baby needs this element. but
too much weight gain will hinder your breathing and
motion. Be careful. Ideal if you have scales at home,
it helps to monitor your performance between visits to
to the doctor.

Photos of tummies (click for

фото живота 25-недель-56-кг


Nothing changes here. Your vagina secretion is normal
should be light, moderately thick, without unpleasant smell. Any
отклонение от of these показателей требует обращения к врачу и

Women’s consultation

At this time or later, your doctor may change the calendar.
visits This is due to the need for more attentive

AT конце второго триместра у многих женщин возникает анемия
(anemia). The first signal is a decrease in hemoglobin,
detected by laboratory analysis. If a это ваш случай, врач
prescribe iron supplements.

No less important is the control of blood glucose levels. Sometimes
pregnant women develop diabetes mellitus, in which very
it is important to take action on time. With a slight increase
sugar is usually sufficient to reduce the amount of carbohydrates in

If a в последнее время вам не были назначены исследования крови
and vaginal smears on various infections (including genital), then
This can be done exactly on the 25th week.

Remember that any “bad” analysis is necessarily done.
repeatedly to eliminate possible laboratory error. Never
have breakfast before donating blood, because of this test results
will be wrong.

Now or soon you have to go
cardiotocography. This is a detailed, lengthy study of the heart.
activity of your fetus. It lasts 30 minutes and registers
the heartbeat of a small heart in the dynamics. Over time, such
studies will be assigned to you periodically. How often – decides


  1. Follow the diet prescribed by the doctor. Be sure to eat
    seasonal vegetables and fruits. Do not try new exotic
    fruit and other completely unfamiliar food. ATаш организм может
    react unpredictably.
  2. If a отекают руки — не носите колец, тесных браслетов.
  3. For edema of the legs (not associated with late toxicosis)
    try to keep your legs as high as possible.
  4. Try to sleep, surrounded by pillows, on
    левом боку.
  5. It is advisable not to happen among large crowds of people, especially
    in the period of epidemics.
  6. At work, take breaks every half hour, if possible.
    Do not sit on your leg, often change the position of the body.
  7. Wear an antenatal bandage.
  8. Light physical exertion is a must! But no contact
    sports, agility exercises and tedious exercises. It is better
    just do swimming or yoga.
  9. Sexual desires can increase markedly. It happens
    due to frequent rush of blood to the genitals. ATыбирайте комфортные
    poses for sex and do not allow too high activity, pressure
    on the stomach. If a ваш партнёр боится навредить плоду, выработайте
    joint cautious behavior.
  10. Wear only comfortable clothing and shoes.
  11. It is not necessary to dye hair with chemical means now – many
    from them enter the blood and can harm the fetus.

ATаше хорошее самочувствие – самый точный показатель
that you are doing everything right.

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ATидео гид: 25 week of pregnancy что происходит, развитие
fetus, sports, hemorrhoids

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