24 week of pregnancy

24 week of pregnancy – это завершение шестого
lunar month. Under the mother’s heart the baby grows up to 21 cm and
gaining weight up to 530 gr. The proportions of the body of the fetus are close to
parameters of the newborn. Expectant mother needs to be attentive to
your diet, it is desirable to pass a biochemical analysis

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  • 1 your feelings
    • 1.1 Pain and discharge
  • 2 Miscarriage or premature birth?
  • 3 Fetal development
    • 3.1 Blood biochemistry
  • 4 Recommendations
  • 5 ATидео гид: 24 week of pregnancy развитие плода,
    premature labor

More than half the way

The period of 24 weeks is six lunar months. All pregnancy –
that’s about 10 lunar months, 40 weeks. It refers to
obstetric counting method. For more information, look for

24 week of pregnancy

Your feelings

  • Many pregnant women from every past week seem
    myself more clumsy, cumbersome. Actually so
    you don’t need to perceive yourself. Look at your smooth skin, thick
    hair and shiny eyes. If the weight is normal, then all your weight –
    This is your tummy, and not at all fatty deposits in all problem
  • Now you can noticeably increase sweating. It may
    to be quite unpleasant, but still refrain from using
    deodorants and antiperspirants – too much chemistry in them.
    Use wet wipes, wash sweaty whenever possible.
    skin or purchase special products for pregnant women.
  • Do not forget about creams against stretch marks. Especially if the skin is on
    the stomach often itches (Why does it itch during pregnancy).
    So she reacts to the need to constantly stretch after
    growing uterus. Instead of a special cream, you can use
    good olive oil.
  • Still, any error in the diet can turn heartburn
    and constipation. Do not change good eating habits!
  • The main thing – try to avoid complications that
    really can hurt you and the baby.


At 24 weeks body weight can increase by 350-500 g. More –
alarm signal. He talks about malnutrition or a violation.
metabolism. A small weight gain is not terrible, if the total
feeling good.


If you had an early toxicosis, then it has long been over. but
There is a specific danger in the second and third trimesters.
This is preeclampsia (late toxicosis). It can flow very hard and
It can be really dangerous for the fetus and its mother. How to recognize
This is a complication and what to do we wrote here.

Photos of tummies:

Pain and discharge


Minor discomfort is now possible in the field.
lower back and lower abdomen. But it should not be a real pain.
As soon as you realize that the belly or the back is really
hurt, immediately contact your doctor.

The same should be done for any abnormal discharge.
from the vagina. All right, if you see transparent or white
slime. There is cause for alarm if the selection:

  • abundant and watery (it may be leaking amniotic
  • bright yellow;
  • similar to cottage cheese;
  • with bloody streaks;
  • smearing brown;
  • have an unpleasant, sharp smell.

Similar discharge – signs of inflammation
genitourinary system or even threat of interruption
of pregnancy.

Miscarriage or premature birth?

When doctors talk about spontaneous abortion,
and when – about childbirth ahead of time? – It all depends on the parameters of the fetus.
What happens if a woman starts at 24 weeks
generic activity?

The first is to urgently call the ambulance. You
brought to the maternity hospital. Doctors will examine you, make ultrasound and
understand the reasons for your condition. And then they will

In one case, the generic activity will be stopped by
special preparations. Some time you have to spend in
the hospital. Doctors will monitor the tone of the uterus, the condition of the baby and
your health. As soon as the danger of premature birth has passed,
you will be discharged.

There are situations when it is no longer possible to stop preterm labor.
For example, with placental abruption. And then the baby will be born
much ahead of time. Will he live?

There is a special law on this. Fruit weighing 500
grams and more is considered a child. He will be placed in intensive care,
and to save his life, doctors will do everything possible. it
medical advances of the 21st century. Relatively recently, doctors only
with great difficulty rescued the kids if they weighed a little less


but рождение ребёнка на таком сроке потребует длительного
period of adaptation. The newborn will have to spend in the hospital not
one week before he can live and develop without
constant medical supervision.

Fetal development

размер плода на 24 неделе беременности

The most important event this week is the fetus
development of the bronchi is completed. In the alveoli (pulmonary vesicles)
surfactant is formed. it особое поверхностно-активное вещество,
which facilitates swelling of the lungs during breathing and does not allow them
stick together on the exhale. It is the surfactant that provides respiratory
readiness. So doctors call the ability to breathe, if baby
will be born prematurely.

The proportions of the body of the fetus are almost 100% closer to
parameters of a newborn child. The only difference is baby
It looks thin, with very thin arms and legs and with
wrinkled skin. it происходит потому, что подкожный жировой
The layer was not fully formed.

Here is the fruit on 24


Still going on:

  • bone mineralization;
  • formation of cerebral gyri;
  • reflex movements (swallowing, breathing,
  • grown heart counts about 140-160 beats in
    a minute

Approximately 16-20 hours the fetus is asleep, the rest of the time awake. AT
Rarely, mothers still do not feel the movement of their baby.
At the 24th week this must happen.

Ultrasonography is rarely prescribed for this period. But if you go for it
research, you will probably be able to see the face of your child. Him
traits practically do not change until the birth.

Photo ultrasound:

Because of the general circulatory system, the fetus literally misses
through all the hormones that are formed in the blood of the mother. because of
This is important to guard against strong experiences, especially negative ones.
Try to avoid situations that may alarm you or
scare. Positive emotions should be moderate, euphoria
Hurt you and your baby as much as stress.

The volume of amniotic fluid that surrounds the baby is now
equal to about 0.7 liters.

Blood biochemistry

Now the level of (sugar) in the blood of the future mother is very important.
The processing of glucose by the body is a serious process, and its violations
dangerous. Elevated blood sugar also affects the fetus. But
my mother’s body works so hard, and the internal organs and
child systems are still very imperfect. Overload just
are not allowed.

What to do if a blood test indicates increased
ATрач обязательно должен назначить повторный анализ.
ATозможно, предыдущий не был сдан по всем правилам или оказался
erroneous. If the data is confirmed, the doctor will prescribe treatment.

Very often, regular power correction helps. Will need
reduce the amount of carbohydrates in food, limit sweets. If a
it does not help, then we are talking about metabolic disorders.
Then the doctor will act according to circumstances and select the most
suitable therapy.


  1. Strictly follow the diet: one third of the diet – vegetables and fruits,
    everything else – cereals, dairy products, meat and fish.
  2. Try to buy vegetables and fruits in season. Early
    agricultural products are often grown with huge
    amounts of stimulants and fertilizers that are in your position
    can hurt.
  3. If a любите чай и не готовы от него отказаться, не пейте сразу
    after meal. Thein, a component of tea, impairs the absorption of dietary iron.
    It may привести к головным болям или даже мигрени.
  4. Completely discard high heels and platforms. ATаш
    option is shoes with flat sole, very small wedge heels
    or low steady heels.
  5. Every day, drench your feet with water, cool and warm alternately.
    it улучшает состояние кровеносных сосудов и отлично поможет при
    slight swelling and overstrain.
  6. ATозможно, на ваших ногах появляются расширенные кровеносные
    vessels ATарикоз при беременности возникает довольно часто,
    consult a doctor.
  7. ATаши прогулки – это не километры пешком, а удобное сидение в
    Park on the bench, if the weather permits.
  8. If a сильно потеете, не носите одежду из синтетических
  9. So that colostrum emissions do not soil clothes (they leave
    spots), buy special pads for a bra.
  10. ATаша сексуальная жизнь обязательно должна быть комфортной.
    Take care in advance to prevent sudden movements or
    accidental pressure on the abdomen. Now your intimate life should
    be calm, without high activity.
  11. ATрачи запрещают половую жизнь при беременности двойней (или
    more children expected), malnutrition, low placenta or
    threatened preterm labor.
  12. Do not do work at home for which you lack growth.
    Let someone else change light bulbs and hang curtains. Now you already
    chairs and ladders cannot be climbed.
  13. Be sure to play sports – yoga, swimming. Or simply
    do a special gymnastics for pregnant women.
  14. Do not forget about the Kegel exercises, they will help you better.
    prepare for childbirth.
  15. Get used to the prenatal brace. To many, he initially seems
    quite uncomfortable, but it is a really necessary thing. AT
    the third trimester without a bandage can be quite difficult.
  16. Cosmetic procedures are now prohibited for you – for example,
    nail extension or mesotherapy.

ATам нужно тщательно подготовиться к третьему
триместру вашей of pregnancy. Best to help you with this.
good habits and attention to yourself.

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ATидео гид: 24 week of pregnancy развитие плода, уровень
premature labor

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