23 week of pregnancy

23 week of pregnancy — хорошее время для проверки
and revising your shoe “arsenal.” Your baby grows up to 20
cm and weighs about 0.45 kg. Perhaps it is this week his
closed eyes begin to open, although to the point of view
will not come soon.

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    • 1.1 Feelings
    • 1.2 Pain and complications
  • 2 Fetal development
    • 2.1 What the baby needs
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  • 4 Another danger
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    fetal development, weight gain, edema, cord blood

What month?

Twenty-third obstetric week is the sixth lunar month.
If it is more convenient for you to count from conception, it turns out that the period of two
week less. In rare cases, establish the exact duration of pregnancy.
is impossible. As it happens, as well as all the information about the timing –
read here.

23 week of pregnancy

Your body

Hippo, elephant and kruglyash on legs – just what words are not
reward themselves with some moms! Alone – with humor, others – with light
longing for a lost chiseled figure. Never regret about anything.
Every pregnant woman is beautiful in her condition.

Photos of tummies (click for

The bottom of the uterus is now located just above the navel, which is a little
starts to pop out. If you wear a navel piercing,
earring time to pull out. Do not worry: the puncture point is theoretically
may overgrow, but in practice this happens very rarely.

организм женщины на 23 неделе беременности


Doctors consider the second trimester the most calm and prosperous
gestation period. Many women agree. Early
toxicosis has been a very long time. Baby’s shocks are not too
strong, they delight and give positive emotions. General
well-being is just great. However, unpleasant manifestations too

  • headaches;
  • constipation;
  • heartburn;
  • swelling of the arms, legs, face;
  • dizziness and weakness;
  • increased fatigue;
  • bleeding gums;
  • periodic convulsions (usually calves or feet
    the inner side);
  • the initial stage of varicose veins;
  • inability to quickly focus, switch from one
    thoughts on the other.

To overcome such troubles is quite possible. Enough to be
attentive to their food, to devote enough time to sleep and
leisure, to lead the worker and household diaries. It is also important
time to visit the dentist and doctors of female consultation.

Now you now and then want to urinate. This feeling will be
grow to the very birth, as the growing uter puts pressure on the urinary
bubble and does not allow to accumulate a large amount of urine.

малыш обнимает мочевой пузырь

Pigmented spots may appear on your face. It is unpleasant,
но изменить такую ситуацию is impossible. A thick layer of makeup can
you just tire and worsen the skin condition. So just
think about how after birth all the excess pigmentation
sure to disappear.

At week 23, you may be surprised to feel nausea soon after.
food. But after all, early toxicosis is long over? Everything is explicable. Sometimes
the uterus can slightly squeeze the bile ducts, and it interferes
full digestion. Consult with your doctor about the decision
this problem.


Pain and Complications

Some conditions during pregnancy should be alarming.
For example, any severe pain in the abdomen and / or lower back. Pay
attention – it should not be pulling sensations that rarely
arise and pass quickly. When the stomach really hurts,
only a doctor will help. Especially if it starts with pain
contractions. If now there is a rejection of the fetus by the uterus and come
premature birth, even modern medical technology is barely
whether save the life of a child.

A serious and dangerous complication of pregnancy in the second and third
trimester is considered preeclampsia (late toxicosis). Its main
Symptoms: persistent edema, excess weight, urinary protein and disturbances
blood pressure. If preeclampsia is timely recognized and cured,
the third trimester you prevent many complications. More
Read more about late toxicosis here.

Fetal development


Your baby sleeps a lot under the heart and for several hours every day.
is awake. Throughout the day he moves his limbs many times,
drinks amniotic fluid (up to half a liter per day), from time to time
turns in different directions.

Шевеления плода пока что трудно сосчитать,
no rules at this time yet apply. Many pushes yet
very weak. The baby has enough space in the womb, and many
you just don’t feel his movements. But if the fruit is large, or you
waiting for twins, perturbations can be felt more clearly. Some moms
It is said that even at this time their baby truly

When moving, the fruit can touch any part of the handle or leg.
uterus. Some women feel tremors in the lower abdomen, others say
that the kid often hits somewhere to the side. All these sensations are very
are individual.

What happens to the baby on the twenty-third

плод 23 a week беременность

  • bones and cartilages are still mineralized;
  • brain activity is almost comparable to brain
    the activity of the newborn child;
  • under the skin, the formation of the fat layer is underway, and
    skin ceases to be transparent (but remains red because of the big
    the number of blood vessels);
  • the heart of the baby is auditioned not only during the ultrasound,
    but also an ordinary medical stethoscope;
  • little eyes are beginning to open, but full vision
    develops only some time after birth;
  • meconium, the original feces continues to form in the intestine
    (it is formed from all sorts of particles that the fruit is swallowed
    together with amniotic fluid).

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you need
additional medical control. The fetus may malfunction
the work of the pancreas, which is now actively engaged
developing your own insulin.

What does the baby need

Your emotional state is very important. In any situation in
Your blood forms whole cocktails from hormones. And blood circulation
you have in common with the fruit. So, too, experiences. Pay
attention: the fetus suffers not only from your fear and stress.
Too vivid experiences, some kind of super-big joy too.
tired and you and the child.

Be sure to talk to the baby, stroke
tummy. If relatives are ready to do the same, do not prohibit.
Make contact with the child before birth.


  1. Nutrition remains the same: your diet should be
    balanced and exceptionally helpful.
  2. If you have heartburn, often cook porridge and jelly.
    Quickly get rid of an attack of heartburn in several ways.
    For example, take a sip of warm milk or eat soda at the tip
    teaspoon and drink water. Consider: if you have not fought with
    heartburn in such ways, it is better not to try. Just watch out
    for your diet.
  3. If after walking or just in the evenings you have swelling,
    check your drinking mode. Any liquid should be drunk little by little.
    But do not force yourself to endure thirst, especially in hot weather.
    Completely exclude from the diet salty, spicy foods,
    limit sweet
  4. Check out all your shoes. You may need shoes or
    boots are bigger. Discard the complex clasps, lacing,
    high heels, tankettes and platforms. Shoes should not crush
    rub, wet in wet weather or slide on the snow.
  5. If you decide to buy new shoes, boots or boots, better
    do it in the afternoon. It is at this time that the legs are prone.
    swell slightly and you will be able to correctly assess the quality and convenience
    updates If your chosen model presses – ask for a different size.
    Never listen to the promises of the seller that everything will stretch,
    spread and then be on the leg.
  6. Watch the skin of the chest, abdomen, hips and buttocks. Do not let
    dryness on these areas of your body. Use special
    means of stretch marks (including for prophylaxis) or
    high-quality olive oil.
  7. Record the time of training bouts. They should be
    rare and irregular, without pain and pathological discharge from
  8. You will have to give up sex if you have multiple babies.
    pregnancy, miscarriage threatened, low placenta
    or the amount of amniotic fluid is below normal.
  9. Watch for vaginal secretions. They should be в меру
    thick, white or transparent, without a special smell. At any
    deviation from the norm, go to the doctor.
  10. If for any reason you are late with the screening
    a second trimester study (blood, urine, ultrasound), doctor
    antenatal clinic must write out all the necessary
  11. Check your weight: tentatively increase from the beginning
    pregnancy should not exceed eight kilograms.
  12. To support the abdomen and better weight distribution
    wear a prenatal bandage.
  13. Exercise, but without tiring physical exertion.
    The best types are yoga or swimming.
  14. Старайтесь спать только на левом боку. Under the belly, back and
    put small pillows between your knees.
  15. If in your city service of a fence and storage is provided
    cord blood, think about how to use it.
    Cord blood stem cells are real, natural
    drug of the widest spectrum of action.

Another danger

Not all pregnant women are happily married. Some are lonely
initially, and the unborn child is the result of a short
communication without good prospects. It also happens that a relationship with
partner and father of the child are terminated during pregnancy. what
do with sexual desires? Especially if a number appears
a man ready to be near, to care, to love and to give intimate

Look at this situation from the moral side. Future mom
responsible for two. And now you need to think first of all about your
baby And if personal life did not work out, do not try to solve everything.
now. A truly worthy man will understand and wait. BUT
lovers of short-term adventures and thrills just
will be eliminated.

Opinions of doctors about such cases are unequivocal. New sex
can bring infection to your body, cause many
problems. So the whole personal life – for later. Think of yours
baby and all the quick joys of motherhood.

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Видео гид: 23 week of pregnancy что происходит, развитие
fetus, weight gain, edema, cord blood

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