22 week of pregnancy

22 week of pregnancy – на этом сроке многим
it becomes more difficult for women to climb stairs. It’s time
приучиться спать на левом боку и перестать сидеть «нога на
leg. The fruit grows to 19 cm and weighs about 350 г. У него
nasal cartilage is formed and sweat improves

The content of the article

  • 1 Physical sensations of the future mother
    • 1.1 You are the most beautiful
    • 1.2 Selection
    • 1.3 If something hurts
  • 2 How does the fetus develop
    • 2.1 Medical observations
  • 3 Recommendations
  • 4 Видео гид: 22 week of pregnancy развитие плода, что
    fetal growth retardation occurs

Notдели и месяцы

How many months will fit in 22 weeks of pregnancy? Lunar –
Five and a half. Of course, if you count obstetric weeks. What if
If you think from conception, then your period is two weeks longer. Will receive
information on the timing and counting methods of this publication.

22 week of pregnancy

Physical sensations of the future mother

You see your belly every day and hardly notice how
he is growing up. Now your uterus is so enlarged that its bottom
located about two centimeters above the navel. ANDногда немного
pulls the belly, a little whine lower back. These feelings do not bring pain or
serious discomfort.

In the absence of complications, you feel great. If you
have a good rest, and at work take care of stress, then
severe fatigue and headaches are rare. Easy
nasal congestion becomes commonplace for many.

However, you probably already noticed something. Any stairs on
which you need to climb seems too high. Where
no elevators, you have to climb slowly and often
relax. it нормальное состояние. First, your weight has increased.
Now the heart, lungs and muscles find it harder to do their work.
Secondly, with slow movements, there is much less danger.
stumble, lose balance and fall.

If you are expecting twins, large fruit or you are
women with curvaceous forms may have difficulty in stooping,
to fasten your shoes.

Unfortunately, it is worth a little bit to sleep, to retreat from a diet or
nervous, you may experience:

  • heartburn and / or constipation;
  • convulsions;
  • pain in the head, similar to migraine (with intolerance to bright
    light and loud sounds).

Try not to disturb your diet and avoid heavy
physical and emotional stress.

You are the most beautiful

ANDногда беременные женщины буквально отказываются смотреть в
mirror. Why is this happening:

  • the waist loses its clarity, the figure seems to blur;
  • heavier chest unusually bulges, and without support and
    tries to hang;
  • pigmented spots appeared on the face;
  • facial contours have lost clarity;
  • the legs and arms constantly swell, the rings on the fingers cut into

What if everything is like that? Watch for weight – if
he is normal, there will be no catastrophic changes in appearance and
figures. Fight swelling (read the recommendations below). Stop it
to pay attention to age spots, they will quickly disappear after
childbirth. Remember: your beauty begins with your relationship to
to myself.

And most pregnant women hair becomes more
thick and fluffy in appearance. This is how pregnancy hormones act –
hair less combed out and fall out.

Photos tummy on the twenty-second

22 недели фото животика
22 недели 4 дня фото животика
животик на 22 неделе
живот на 22 неделя


ANDз груди по-прежнему выделяется молозиво. Droplets appear
uneven – then less, then quite a lot. it никак не влияет на
milk production after birth The main thing – do not decant
colostrum, it can cause uterine contractions.

Vaginal secretion should be deficient. Consistency –
homogeneous, without cheesy lumps. Selection color may be
white or yellowish. Normal – no harsh, unpleasant


If youделения стали ярко-желтыми, зеленоватыми, слишком
abundant, it may be a sign of inflammatory or infectious
process. Bloody, brown discharge talk about the threat
miscarriage. In addition, leakage of amniotic fluid is possible. In that
If your underwear is constantly wet. With
abnormal discharge urgently consult a doctor!

If something hurts

ощущения внутри на 22 неделе беременности

Now it is very important to recognize the place, the power and
nature of pain. With some sensations you can handle yourself
for others, you need a doctor. ANDтак, что болит и как

  1. The back is at the top, the ribs are most likely you are long
    are in the same position. ANDзмените позу, пройдитесь,
    warm up, if possible.
  2. Butги – по-видимому, вы прошли большое расстояние.
  3. Teeth, and as if all at once from one or both sides –
    this sometimes happens after hypothermia or with strong
    cold wind. Keep your feet warm – for example, wear
    suitable socks, take cover. You can rinse your mouth warm.
  4. Head. Massage your temples, lie down in silence and darkness. If a
    There is a cooling plaster, stick a strip on the forehead.
  5. Throat. it уже признак простуды. Before the visit to the therapist will help
    gargle with calendula or furatsilinom.
  6. Crotch when urinating. Maybe, это цистит, сообщите
    to the doctor.
  7. Stomach and lower back. Maybe, ваш baby is in danger. Miscarriage
    can happen at any time. At 22 weeks, the fetus is not yet
    considered viable, so be careful.

It is important to remember that any medication during pregnancy
must appoint a doctor. Even if your pregnant friend was taking
some kind of drug, it does not mean that the medicine is suitable for

But training fights should not be afraid. With this
condition of the surface of the abdomen as if strained by itself. AND
immediately everything passes. If this feeling is painless, everything’s

How does the fetus develop

размер плода на 22 неделе

The fruit grows to 19 cm and weighs about 350

На 22-й неделе плод основную часть суток спит. But even in a dream, he
moves hands and feet, touches the umbilical cord and in general everything, to what
will reach The position of the fetus in the uterus changes several times a day,
but you don’t feel it, unless the baby moves
make a sharp, strong push.

Still not feeling a stir? This happens. Maybe,
This is due to your overall fullness or small size of the fetus.
If your doctor’s research shows that your baby’s
alright, don’t worry and wait.

And so the fruit looks like:

плод 22 неделя

Fetal development:

  • fully formed marigolds begin to grow;
  • sweat glands are improving;
  • the number of neural connections is increasing;
  • a cartilaginous septum forms in a tiny nose;
  • bone mineralization continues;
  • in the spine all vertebrae and intervertebral are fully developed
  • pancreas is fully operational;
  • baby’s eyes already have an iris, but she still does not have
    pigment (that’s why newborn babies have little eyes

Medical observations

If you еще не прошли УЗAND, врач наверняка выпишет направление.
In the study, the doctor will check the physical parameters of the fetus, check
with regulatory indicators of amniotic fluid, will check
condition of the placenta.

Go to the antenatal clinic by a designated gynecologist
schedule. Depending on your condition, you may need to
study your urine and blood. For example, to check
presence / absence of anemia. For anemia, the doctor will prescribe medications.

It is also necessary to visit the doctor regularly, because in some cases
In even relatively short periods of time, the cervix may
start to unfold. It is dangerous for the fetus and requires urgent action. But
determine such a state to the possible dangerous effects
only a doctor on examination.

Фото УЗAND на 22 неделе



  1. Follow the basic rules of nutrition for pregnant women: vegetables +
    fruit, cereal and cereal bread, use all variety of dairy
  2. Steam, bake, stew, or
    cook. Well, if the rest of your
    households – it is good for health and will reduce culinary
  3. If you have anemia, drink pomegranate juice or eat
  4. Talk with your baby and let your family do it,
    especially the father and elder brothers / sisters of the baby, if any. Not
    know how to do this? Say: “Good morning, baby, I’m your mother.”
    I just woke up, and you? I had a good dream. ” When
    the child will be born, the habit of talking to him will be very
  5. Do skin pimples often appear on the skin? Will have to limit
    sweets, even natural.
  6. Stop wearing rings and rings. Even if you still have
    there was no edema, they may appear suddenly. In this case
    the decoration can literally bump into the finger and hurt.
  7. For the prevention of edema never drink plenty of fluids.
    right away
  8. If swelling appears constantly and is combined with increased
    pressure – maybe you have a late toxicosis
    (details here).
  9. To support the abdomen, wear a prenatal bandage.
  10. Make a list of important matters. Maybe, вам нужно куда-то
    go, arrange documents, make payments that are not available in
    online mode. In the third trimester it will be harder for you to attend.
    institutions and sit in lines, and after giving birth, it may be
    not available at all. ANDнтересуетесь каким-либо фильмом, спектаклем или
    museum exhibition? Have time to look.
  11. If you like to sit with your legs crossed, immediately disaccustom
    from this habit. In this position, you impede circulation
    legs and some internal organs.
  12. Выработайте привычку спать только на левом боку. Between
    knees, under the back and under the tummy, place small
  13. Walk every day, always among the trees (park, grove,
    square). Not ходите подолгу пешком.
  14. Try not to be long in one position when
    you are awake. Now many muscles can flow very quickly. it
    causes discomfort and even pain.
  15. If your body began to grow hairs where they
    have not been before, be patient and do not shave, because of this growth
    unwanted hair and their density can only increase.
  16. Not пугайтесь, если у вас ощущается повышенное сексуальное
    attraction Periodic hormonal surges may well suit
    you such a surprise. Careful behavior and a comfortable position will deliver
    you and your partner have a lot of bright sensations without any harm. But при
    malnutrition, threatened miscarriage, low placenta, twin pregnancy and
    more sex is contraindicated.
  17. If you have flat feet, it is advisable to buy and use in
    Shoe orthopedic insoles – so the legs will be less tired.
  18. Keep a diary, write down your thoughts, feelings and sensations.
    Such records may come in handy later – you, your girlfriend or
    to relatives.
  19. If you have a vacation, do not go far, do not change dramatically

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Видео гид: 22 week of pregnancy развитие плода, что
fetal growth retardation occurs

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