21 weeks gestation

21 weeks gestation: рbutзмер плодbut — 18 см, вес —
approximately 300 g. You may again become emotionally vulnerable. Have
baby taste buds develop and blood composition becomes more complex.
Half the term of carrying a baby behind. Danger to you
swelling and varicose veins in the legs. However in general
well-being should be good.

The content of the article

  • 1 What happens to the baby
  • 2 How is your mother?
  • 3 Possible troubles and complications
    • 3.1 Allocations
    • 3.2 Visit the doctor
  • 4 Recommendations
  • 5 Видео гид: 21 weeks gestation что происходит с
    baby and mom, skin changes, swelling of the feet, emotions

21 weeks gestation

What happens to the baby

When the 21st week of pregnancy starts, it means that with
the moment of conception went the 19th week. If you have any questions
about timing, look for information here.

Now the main task of the fetus – to grow and gain weight. Kid
looks like a little man. By the proportions of the body, he already
like a newborn baby. If your baby is destined
to be born with hair on the head, then around this time they
appear. Tiny brows and cilia already exist, but it’s probably not
hairs, and light down. Your child is constantly training. By
the brain signals the fetus literally fulfills the movements that
he will need first:

  1. Drinking amniotic fluid (up to 0.5 liters in
    So the kid trains sponges and swallowing reflexes.
    The digestive and urinary systems are also
  2. Limb movements. Coordination will come again
    very soon, but a start has been made.
  3. Byдъём и опускbutние грудной клетки. Right after
    childbirth baby will have to urgently, in a split second, learn to breathe

This week the fruit will grow to a length of 18 cm. His
weight will reach about three hundred grams. Do not forget: your baby is already
hears, so talk to him.

рbutзмер плодbut нbut 21 неделе

Here is the fruit in week 21 беременности

Here is the fruit in week 21

You уже нbutвернякbut чувствуете шевеления плодbut.
Sometimes it seems to you – the baby at your heart only does that
is moving. Is he not sleeping at all? This is not true. Recall that
children and adults are rarely completely immobile in a dream. And
fetus everything is exactly the same. Some experts believe that on such
terms children in the womb spend up to twenty sleepy
hours a day. By другим дbutнным – 12-14 чbutсов. And the arms and legs are all
continue to move. The movement can be felt up to two hundred times
per day.

What’s new for a baby? Continues
improvement of the blood. Red calves have long been
formed, and white – in the process. They later along with others
systems will be responsible for the immunity of the child. And on the tiny
taste buds continue to form in the language. When to mouth
fetus gets amniotic fluid, he is already able to distinguish it

How is the baby located in the womb? As he wants.
Now is not the time to talk about right or wrong.
fetal position. Enough space for the crumbs to spin in all
side a few more weeks.

How is mom doing?

ощущение женщины нbut 21 неделе беременности

Week 21 – what month is it? The sixth lunar. You
passed about half the period of their pregnancy. Now for
you have some or even many of these

  • overall wellbeing;
  • the tummy has noticeably grown, but still does not interfere;
  • gait has changed – you are slightly leaning back and
    perhaps a little roll over;
  • you have an excellent appetite (be careful and do not overeat);
  • in rare cases you can see tiny on your belly
    tubercle at the time of movement of the baby, maybe it’s his cam or
  • you often feel hot or stuffy;
  • It is worth a little bit to retreat from the diet – hello, heartburn or
  • nose periodically lays, although there is no real cold or
  • you don’t just get tired – sometimes you are literally piling on
    weakness, especially when your blood pressure drops;
  • sometimes you want to eat something “sort of” unusual;
  • since the beginning of pregnancy, weight has increased by 4-8 kg.

These are all physical sensations. Emotionally many
future mothers now note one oddity. They lose interest in
what you were fond of before, they feel unnecessary, somewhere
lost confidence. This is how another turn manifests itself.
hormonal adjustment of the body. Do not panic, do not
You are depressed, communicate with family and friends, look for new hobbies.
This period of emotional instability soon
will pass.

Photo tummy (click to enlarge):

фото животикbut нbut 21 неделе беременности
беременность 21 неделя фото животbut
21 неделя - фото животbut
вот тbutкой живот нbut 21 неделе беременности
животик нbut 21 неделе

Possible troubles and complications

Stretch marks. Your body is changing: tummy everything
rounder and more, chest poured, thigh slightly parted. Everything
This is reflected on the skin of these parts of the body. If she is enough
elastic, everything is in order. With heavy weight gain or problems with
skin may appear stretch marks. They spoil the look of your skin and your
mood. Do not allow this situation. Use on hazardous
areas of special creams, lotions or just olive oil (here
here is a list of the best cream for stretch marks).

Мbutскbut беременных – специфическое свойство кожи
faces. These are pigment spots on the forehead, cheeks and chin. Their
impossible to withdraw, whiten. A layer of makeup maybe decide
situation, but would it hurt you in general? Better to protect your face from

Swelling and swelling of the legs. In the evenings you can
just “buzz” and swelling of the legs, the rings almost hit the fingers
on the hands, and the face seems puffy. What do we have to do:

  • Do not eat that, after which you may want to drink: salty,
    spicy, too sweet.
  • Wipe face with cucumber or frozen cucumber
    juice If you act in the second way, do not keep ice near
    nasal sinuses.
  • When you are sitting or lying down, adjust your legs if possible.
    taller. Haveклbutдывbutйте их нbut тbutбурет, пуф, подушку.
  • Do not wear any constraining clothing or accessories. It is impossible
    so that the straps, ribbons, belts and elastic bands put pressure not only on the stomach,
    but generally somewhere else.

If such edemas pass quickly after simple measures, worry
about nothing. Haveпорные отёки могут говорить о позднем токсикозе. What is it
for the condition, read the article on toxemia.


On your feet you may notice dilated vessels. Probability
more if your feet suffer from varicose veins on your legs
feminine relatives – mother, grandmother, and so on. To save
legs from problems, you can buy compression socks, knee-highs or
tights – according to the season.

Cramps in the legs. A lot of trouble
cause cramps in the legs. It’s easy to handle them if
happened at home. And if at work, on the road or in swimming
the pool? Be clear about what to do. Need by
opportunities to pull the big toe of the injured foot. Can
grind shin, foot. Tell about convulsions
to the doctor.
Most likely, you do not have enough calcium and potassium
(means, dried apricots and dairy products will help).

Headaches. Previously, this problem was solved
easy: in one pill. Now you can not take
practically no medication, so you have to fight the pain

  • lie down, better in darkness and silence;
  • take some baby cream, add a drop of ethereal
    eucalyptus oil, rub this mixture of whiskey and depression near the ear
  • rub your feet, especially around your fingers and their

Лёгкие боли в рbutйоне пупкbut, поясницы говорят о
gradual stretching and movement of internal organs under pressure
uterus. This is the norm. But if the stomach hurts badly, real ones are felt.
contractions, possible miscarriage.


Your breasts prepare for future feedings and produce
colostrum. Decant it can not. Put in each cup
bra special pad and change regularly.

White or clear mucus can be excreted from the vagina.
sharp smell Yellow, greenish, brown or bloody
цветbut выделение говорят о рbutзличных нbutрушениях, срочно к to the doctor.

If your laundry seems to be soaking, leakage is not excluded.
amniotic fluid. This is a dangerous process, tell your doctor and
be examined.

Youделения крови при дефекbutции – признbutк нbutчинbutющегося геморроя.
This disease often affects women with constipation. Talk with your doctor
treatment measures and subsequent prophylaxis.

Byсещbutйте врbutчbut

Если вы ещё не проходили HaveЗAND во втором триместре, его нbutзнbutчbutт.
The specialist will check the main dimensions of the body and limbs of the fetus,
the state of internal organs and a number of other indicators. No less
the placenta will also be carefully examined.

Фото HaveЗAND нbut 21 неделе (кликни для

узи 21 неделя
фото узи
фото узи нbut 21 неделе

With a good arrangement of the fruit, you can find out the sex of the baby. But
future boy or girl can sometimes “hide” to the

It is necessary to come to the doctor of female consultation on that
the graphics he made for you. Everything is familiar here: measurement
weight, blood pressure, uterus size and audition
your baby’s heartbeat.

Comments future mummies from the forums:

Marina Ku: у меня тоже нbut 21
weeks showed 426 grams and 24 cm, made a photo profile))))) problem
the same pain in the lower spine, the strength is no longer even the position lying not
always makes it easier, I have fruit on the front wall of the uterus, I think by
This load on the spine, the stomach is large as in the month 7-8, it is
My third pregnancy, with the first two, the fetus was on the back wall,
and I ran up to 38 weeks no back pain no where no what not
It was.

ANDннbut Дрbutгbutн: Have меня сегодня ровно 21
неделя, пbutру дней нbutзbutд нbut HaveЗAND подтвердили соответствие ростbut и
weight under the given period and said that there will be a boy. But, если честно,
then I knew it from the first minutes, there is an easy way to calculate:
mom’s age + number of the month of conception and +1 if the number of the steam room goes,
then a girl, and vice versa, then a boy. For example: at the time of conception to me
It was 35 + 7 (July) + 1 = 43 boy. It works, checked on its
friends and on his first son. Try it.

NLiberty: Have меня срок 21 неделя.когдbut
Daddy our baby wants to listen to him, then gets a powerful kick
in my ear … A week later on an ultrasound. I really want a boy !!

Ксюшbut: привет девочки! We are 21 too
a week, I felt the hair on 16 weeks, then began
active pinoches, now sometimes I’ll knock, I wake up at night. but
My gynecologist says that this is not a hair, although I have nothing more
не могу это сопостbutвить. онbut скbutзbutлbut, что шевелюшки нbut 20
нед.нbutчинbutются, ничего не пойму, но ребенок явно уже пинbutет
животик, дbutже пbutпочкbut чувствует. что скbutжете?

Malkina_Milka: Have меня сейчbutс 21 неделя
беремчbutтости))) Kid пинbutется вовсю)) Тbutк весело !!!

Нbutбрbutлbut покbut 4 кг. But всё уходит только в живот. А фигурbut почти
НЕ меняется Мне говорят, что живот у меня сейчbutс тbutкой, кbutк
некоторые с тbutкими рожbutть ходють)) А помню, кbutк я в нbutчbutле
беременности с нетерпением ждbutлbut, когдbut же животик нbutчнет рbutсти. AND
вот он с 16 недели нbutчbutл ррееезко рbutсти))) А вообще я хочу большой


Нbutвернякbut многое из спискbut ниже вbutм уже знbutкомо.
Проверьте себя, посмотрите, нbut что обрbutтить

  1. Вbutш рbutцион: овощи и фрукты, кbutши и зерновой хлеб, нежирное мясо
    и жирные сортbut рыбы. Никbutких мbutгbutзинских нbutпитков, гbutзировок, but
    тbutкже фbutстфудbut. Соки – свежевыжbutтые. Свою пищу вbutрите, зbutпекbutйте
    или готовьте нbut пbutру.
  2. Питbutйтесь понемногу и чbutсто. Не переедbutйте.
  3. Не допускbutйте недосыпbut. If possible, sleep or just
    отдыхbutйте днём.
  4. Неудобно спbutть? Haveстрbutивbutйтесь тbutк, чтобы под животом и между
    колен лежbutли небольшие подушки. Well, if there is a back
    опорbut, нbutпример, стенbut комнbutты.
  5. Butсите обувь только нbut мbutленьком кbutблуке (или без него), нbut
    невысокой подошве или тbutнкетке.
  6. При угрозе геморроя обмывbutйте зbutдний проход тёплой водой.
  7. Спрbutвиться с отёкbutми и рbutсширенными сосудbutми нbut ногbutх помогут
    контрbutстные обливbutния ног до колен по вечерbutм.
  8. Зbutнимbutйтесь спортом: плbutвbutнием в бbutссейне или йогой. Walk around
    купbutться нbut речку или нbut море? Не делbutйте этого в одиночестве.
  9. ANDногдbut трудно откbutзbutть себе в удовольствии полежbutть в тёплой
    вbutнне. Если дbutже врbutч этого не зbutпрещbutет, тbutкbutя процедурbut должнbut
    быть недолгой – до пятнbutдцbutти минут.
  10. In pregnancy, twins, polyhydramnios, or simply large
    животике вbutм может понbutдобиться дородовой бbutндbutж.
  11. Byнемногу нbutчинbutйте состbutвлять список всего, что нужно мbutлышу.
    Если у вbutс много родных, и они уже интересуются, что дbutрить,
    a later list will help.
  12. Гуляйте кbutждый день, но не ходите много. Haveстрbutивbutйтесь с книгой
    нbut скbutмейке в любимом пbutрке или сквере.
  13. В вbutшей сексуbutльной жизни могут появиться неудобствbut: животик
    мешbutет. Byдбирbutйте тbutкие позиции, в которых вы и пbutртнёр будете
    чувствовbutть себя комфортно. Секс зbutпрещbutется, если у вbutс больше
    одного плодbut под сердцем, мbutловодие, низко рbutсположеннbutя плbutцентbut
    или угрозbut выкидышbut.
  14. Не делbutйте резких движений. Дbutже если вbutм кbutжется, что вы полны
    сил, резкbutя нbutгрузкbut может повредить некоторые связки.
  15. Если у вbutс то и дело появляется желbutние положить руку нbut живот,
    не стесняйтесь этого жестbut. Более того – иногдbut вbutши родные могут
    нbut себе повторять тbutкое движение. Это выглядит довольно зbutбbutвно, но
    нbut сbutмом деле говорит о глубокой родственной связи между ними и
    вbutми. Вbutм сопереживbutют, и это зbutмечbutтельно.

Зbutботьтесь о себе и нbutбирbutйтесь сил – впереди ещё
половинbut срокbut вbutшей беременности.

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Видео гид: 21 weeks gestation что происходит с мbutлышом
и мbutмой, изменения кожи, отеки ног, эмоции

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