20 week of pregnancy

In the 20th week of pregnancy, the little man under your
heart will grow to about 14-16 cm, and will weigh about 0.26
kg Its thin skin is differentiated by layers. Perhaps you still
wait for the first push of your child. Now you have every chance
forget about heartburn, but many other manifestations
are saved.

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  • 1 Feeling of a future mother. Does it move or not?
    • 1.1 Other Feelings
    • 1.2 Weight gain
    • 1.3 Uterus and belly
    • 1.4 What hurts there?
    • 1.5 Highlights
    • 1.6 Placenta
  • 2 Fetal development
    • 2.1 Visits to doctors
  • 3 Tips and tricks
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    fetus, abdominal sensations, sleep patterns, driving

20 week of pregnancy

How many months?

The twentieth week is almost five lunar months. Why lunar?
So (in phases of the moon) it is more convenient to count. 40 weeks = 10 lunar months
or 280 days.

Seredinka half

At this time, every future mother can be congratulated on
the upcoming equator. Like this? It’s simple – 20 obstetric weeks
Pregnancy means that about half the time you left.

Of course, this is all conditional. Some moms give birth to one or two
weeks earlier than doctors assume. There are those who
perenashivaet its baby. All important and interesting about the timing and
counting methods are here.

The feeling of the future mother. Does it move or not?


According to medical standards, at 20 weeks mommy,
who are waiting for their first baby, should feel his tremors. Before
Do they not feel any movement? For this there is
the reasons:

  • you have a rather large figure, and it reduces your
  • high water flow;
  • Incorrectly calculated time;
  • small size of the fruit itself;
  • low activity of the baby.

If you regularly visit a doctor, he will listen
heart of your baby. In addition, you were on ultrasound. There your
the child was carefully examined and checked for pathology. So that
do not be afraid of the absence of shocks – nothing terrible
happens! Just tell the doctor, he will be more attentive.
Watch you and your baby.

If the baby has already pleased you with the first shocks, do not try
track how often he does it. You still feel only the most
active movements of crumbs. Judging the status of the fetus by quantity
perturbations doctors will be at a later date.

Other sensations

You can experience another joy. This is the disappearance of heartburn.
Your body is once again adapting to changes in
the position of the internal organs. But some mommies may have heartburn.
still persist. You can celebrate:

  • slight swelling of the hands, feet and face, which are pretty fast
  • change in posture and gait;
  • slight decrease in vision (especially if it is before
    pregnancy was violated);
  • age spots on the face;
  • trouble falling asleep – even lined with pillows, you’re not
    insured against discomfort;
  • feeling short of breath, shortness of breath when walking or climbing
    the stairs.
  • recurrent constipation.

Weight gain

Now, at half time, it is considered the norm, if you added
3.5-4 kg from the beginning of pregnancy. This is average data. They can
vary slightly depending on how hard
passed early toxemia (if it was), from your current
appetite and initial build.

Uterus and belly

Baby “house”, your uterus, is constantly growing, after this
Your tummy is rounded. Have you noticed the first stretch marks? Buy one
special cream or use olive oil. Now your skin
may not have enough elasticity to cope with the rapid growth

Do you have a twin or triple pregnancy? The belly is bigger and
load on the skin is higher.

Now and up to the birth you can “get acquainted” with
training fights. Imagine: your whole belly is suddenly
tensed for a few seconds, even as if it hardens. If this
happens rarely and for a short time, do not be afraid of anything. A permanent
repetition is already an alarming sign, be careful. Special
if uterine stress is very painful.

Photo of tummies (click to enlarge)

20 недель 1 день (животик)
20 недель 5 дней (фото живота)
животик на 20 неделе
фото животика на 20 неделе беременности

What hurts there?

Loins and belly sometimes pulls? Are there any small pains? it
internal organs “give way” to the uterus, and ligaments are gradually
stretched. It can hurt not only the loin, but the whole back.


All these sensations are unpleasant, but tolerable. But if
something really hurts, call a doctor. Miscarriage and fading
pregnancy is possible at any time.


Brown, bloody, yellow and sharply smelling mucous smears
– bad symptoms. They require urgent medical attention because
Signal about inflammatory processes or even miscarriage.

If the discharge is like water, they visibly moisten your laundry,
then it may be an amniotic fluid leakage. Let the doctor
female consultation will examine you.

The norm is clear or white mucus without unpleasant


it особый орган, через него ваш малыш получает
necessary nutrition and gets rid of decay products. A place
The location of the placenta is very important. If thisт орган сформировался
close to the cervix, it can be dangerous. You have low
location or placenta previa? Do not panic, but be
careful Female antenatal care doctor will monitor you with
increased attention.

And one more difficulty – toxicosis

If you had an early toxemia, it must have been forgotten. But
there is also late toxicosis, it is gestosis. Read about him here to
Do not miss the possible complications.

Fetal development



The real man is growing up inside you. Him
the proportions are almost like that of a newborn. Height is 14-16 cm, and
weight is about 260 g. The fetus spends almost all day alone, and only
a few hours every day moving. Tiny brain sends
signals, and your baby “tries to force”:

  • moves the arms and legs;
  • turns the whole body;
  • moves his head;
  • opens and closes the mouth;
  • sucks on the fingers (usually big comes across);
  • sometimes grabs the umbilical cord;
  • slightly inflates the chest, as if breathing.

On the Internet, you can often find the statement that the fruit
coordinates his movements, and all his games are conscious. This
The information is incorrect. The child will learn to control its muscles,
long and gradually over several months and even years
after birth. But и сейчас каждое движение плода – это природное
a miracle, albeit a reflex.

A small heart stably pumps blood. In the baby’s stomach
a small amount of liquid is constantly ingested. She is
processed into urine and excreted into the fetal bladder. Amniotic
the waters are regularly updated so the baby is not in toxic

But the intestine is not working at full strength. Particles that
remain in it, going to meconium, the original calories. He will
bred when the baby is born.

Another important process. The baby’s thin skin begins to divide into

Visits to the doctors

If you have not previously been tested for hormones hCG, AFP and free
estriol (to identify possible pathologies), the doctor will prescribe them to
this week. The same applies to ultrasound. On ultrasound,
besides the basic parameters of your baby, you can find out the gender
future baby.

The ultrasound specialist will conduct a very thorough fetal examination. is he
determine the overall dimensions as well as the head circumference and the length of the handles and
legs. The doctor will definitely compare them. In addition, all will be checked.
internal organs, the state of the heart and the main vessels plus
location of the placenta.

The position of the baby in the uterus is not important. Before родов он может не
fold again.

Photo Uzi (clickable)

Tips and tricks

  1. Eat right: cereals, fruits and vegetables, meat, fish plus
    milk in various forms. Want something “harmful”? Can yourself
    allow, but only rarely and in minimal quantities. And of course,
    Do not go down to alcohol or cigarettes!
  2. If you notice that there is a sharp feeling of hunger, always
    carry something for a snack. Just do not go to the cafe,
    canteens and various “eatery” food poisoning you either
  3. Buy one простые весы, если у вас их нет, и контролируйте
    changes in body weight.
  4. If the doctor prescribed vitamins – follow the recommendations.
  5. Be careful in public transport, especially during the hours.
  6. In the subway, bus, and so on feel free to ask to give
    you place
  7. Avoid sudden movements, jolts, slips and falls.
  8. Sexual life – at your request and for mutual
    pleasure. But есть и ограничения: малое количество околоплодных
    water, pregnancy more than one baby, the threat of miscarriage, low
    location of the placenta.
  9. Sign up for a young mom’s course (can be with your dad if he
    do not mind).
  10. Take care of your feet. In the evenings, pour them on your knees alternately.
    warm and cool water. it укрепит сосуды и повысит тонус
    small muscles.
  11. Talk to your baby.
  12. Relatives and friends want to touch your tummy, they want
    feel the bumps of the baby? Allow me if you like it.
    Otherwise – refuse, only calmly.
  13. Avoid all strong emotions. Now you can not only
    get upset, but also violently rejoice. it может вас сильно
    to tire, to cause a breakdown. Be merry and happy without
    bursts of different feelings.
  14. If there are pigment spots on the face, their makeup is not
    hide Just add a distracting detail to your look – wear it.
    interesting brooch, a blouse with a patterned yoke, pendant or beads. AT
    weekdays – only if allowed by your dress code
    the employer.
  15. Do your favorite things. Let it be needlework, reading,
    playing a musical instrument. Just do not overdo it.
  16. If it turns out – always sleep during the day.
  17. Заbe о том, что в мире есть высокие каблуки и
  18. Walk every day, but do not walk a lot.

ATсе будущие мамы – это чудо природы, и вы не
an exception. Remember this every day.

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ATидео гид: 20 week of pregnancy что происходит, размер
fetus, abdominal sensations, sleep patterns, driving

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