20 signs that give you momsmall child

After the birth of a baby, a woman’s life dramatically
is changing. Probably, you yourself guessed that you have become different, but
we invite you to look at yourself. So, we present
you 20 signs on which even unfamiliar people are easy
recognize in you young mother:



  1. You are masterly doing work on the housework – cook, wash
    floor, wash, iron, and all this with only one hand.
  2. Around the house are placed cups of cooled tea. Brew it yet
    it turns out, and the time to drink is not catastrophically
  3. If you wake up at night, you can easily tell a fairy tale,
    without even waking up completely and without opening the eyes.
  4. A layer of dust has accumulated on the nearest burner of the slab – you don’t
    Use, so that the child does not accidentally burned. Baby after all
    Interestingly, he still does not understand that not everything is possible
  5. When the title melody from the cartoon “Masha and the Bears” sounds,
    your eye twitches.
  6. You know how to remove stains from apple juice,
    broccoli, bananas. That’s right – no way.
  7. Moving at night in the dark to the toilet, you manage to bypass everything
    obstacles and do not step on any of the thousands of Lego parts.
    Japanese ninjas will envy your skill.
  8. You have three meals a day, and there are always several dishes: a couple
    spoons of milk porridge, broccoli on the bottom of the bowl (how to throw
    vitamins!), a piece of apple, a couple of cookies.
  9. Your pages in social networks are full of posts about developing
    games for kids and fairy tales from childhood. At the same time your toddler
    more interested in parent smartphones.
  10. You can easily sing any song on the tune of a lullaby.
  11. Once a week you standardly promise yourself to download the press until
    sleeping baby However, with the onset of the quiet hour, you again climb
    in social networks.
  12. Returning from the store, you always carry a small package with
    things for yourself and huge – with purchases for the baby. After all, he has
    there is no such designer yet, and the T-shirt turned out to be very
  13. You instantly fall asleep and wake up just as quickly, but all
    while suffering from lack of sleep. Although soon your tired body
    learn and get enough sleep for a couple of hours.
  14. You have been telling yourself for half a year that you have to go to the urgent
    dentist, hair salon and manicure.
  15. Every morning you envy moms who work, dads, and in
    principle to all people on earth.
  16. You are so used to explaining everything to a child that even in private with
    yourself, you constantly comment on your actions: “Now I will wash my
    dishes, start cooking soup. And he is so delicious!
  17. Your vocabulary abounds in diminutive words,
    that you use even when dealing with adults. �”Dear,
    take off your shoes and go eat patties with noodles. “
  18. You are really interested in communicating only with those who can
    to support the topics of lure, potty training and methods
  19. If you find out that your friend has become pregnant, you ask
    about the number of weeks, not months.
  20. You distracted at least three times while reading this
    text :)

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