20 puzzles for kids who are able to knock offthe sense of any adult: riddles that boil the brain

Do you think that easy to solve any problem? Try your hand at
these simple kids puzzles. I bet you they
It will not be easy. Riddles from which adults brain boils :)

Many adults complain that when solving problems from a textbook for
children or guessing riddles, riddles, charade they are not at all
help their knowledge. Be an adult even a supraruded man
with a degree – all the solid luggage of knowledge and experience in
confronted with children’s riddles disappears without a trace, and becomes
completely incomprehensible how to solve them.


Paradoxically? In fact, everything is simple: children perceive
the world around is absolutely not like adults. They are watching
completely different angle on how to solve a problem that
appeared before them. The kids do not look for special schemes,
patterns, they are not strong in complex calculations, they are unfamiliar
many laws, theorems and axioms. Maybe that’s why they click
As nuts those riddles over which adults often sit beaten

We bring to your attention 20 puzzles that without
of labor are decided by children, but which not everyone is able to master

It seems my brain is melting now. Interesting, and you
all the riddles can handle?

смайл вопрос

  1. What can be met once in a minute, twice in a moment and not
    once in a thousand years?
  2. What wheel does not turn at the right turn?
  3. It is not a living thing, but it has 5 fingers.
  4. What word begins with three letters “G” and ends with three
    letters “I”?
  5. What word is spelled incorrectly in the dictionary?
  6. The truck was driving to the village. On the way he met 4 cars
    cars. How many cars went to the village?
  7. We hurt without moving, we poison without touching. We can
    to bring both lies and truth, we are never judged by size. Who
  8. Which hand is better to stir the tea?
  9. Feed me and I will live, but give me a drink – I will die. Who
  10. Who ходит сидI?
  11. They are born – they fly, they live – they lie, they die – they swim away.
  12. What gets wet while it dries?
  13. The more you take from it, the more it becomes … What is it?
  14. I am always somewhere between heaven and earth, always at a distance.
    If you try to sneak up on me – I will be removed.
  15. Shel husband with wife, brother with sister yes brother-in-law with son-in-law. how many
  16. I only live where there is light, but as soon as it shines right
    on me – i’m dying.
  17. What can travel the world while staying in the same
    the corner?
  18. Which elephant has no trunk?
  19. In the evening they give me a task in the morning. I always do it, but me
    still scolded. Who I?
  20. Что всегда увеличивается и никогда не уменьшаетсI?

смайл ответ

Answers to riddles under the spoiler

1. The letter “M”

2. Spare

3. Glove

4. Trigonometry

5. Wrong

6. One

7. Words

8. Best Spoon

9. Fire

10. Chess player

11. Snowflakes

12. Towel

13. Pit

14. Horizon

15. Three

16. Shadow

17. Postage stamp

18. At the chess

19. Alarm clock

20. Age of a person

смайл подмигивание

Try an experiment: try to guess each of
these riddles, and then offer them to your child. Ready
argue that your son or daughter will take them much less
time than you, and the decisions will be correct. And the thing is in the nursery
immediacy. At such moments, you realize how not everyone
enough: if we managed to keep it, it could be easier
treat problems and would easily find non-standard
solution to any of them.

Share these riddles with all your friends. Let be
then tell about their impressions and successes!

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