20 products to enhance lactation: the best choiceyoung mother

After giving birth, it is important to think about getting them
all the necessary substances that can only give full breast
feeding. Lactation can be stimulated by
ration of special products: it will allow to keep “natural
feeding “without additional feed mixtures and give the baby a full range
vitamins and minerals.


Restrictions on the menu during lactation

Существуют продукты, которые могут и навредить выработке
milk in the body of a woman. They retain water in the tissues, so
milk release may slow down. In the mother’s diet such food
should be absent because of its harmfulness to the baby, because
this is about:

  • Smoked foods (meat, fish), especially hot foods
  • Over-salted food;
  • Spicy seasonings, spices;
  • Canned foods;
  • Food additives (monosodium glutamate, preservatives, etc.).

Among the seemingly harmless tea herbs and garden greens
there are also “offenders” of milk production. These include sage,
mint, parsley, and they should not be on the menu at least in the first 2-4
month lactation.

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The best products for excellent lactation

There are foods that can be eaten periodically for optimal
breast milk production, and the main ones are described below.

1. Warm tea

The easiest option is to drink green tea with honey (not
крепкий) или слабо заваренный черный чай с молоком.
If the baby or mom is prone to allergies, honey is better not
злоупотреблять, а beforeбавить в чай молоко
. If you drink
drink 30 minutes before feeding the baby, milk production exactly
will increase.

2. Cumin and cumin bread

Можно тмин жевать, или кушать черный хлеб с его
seeds. Также можно приготовить себе тминный напиток: 1
h. spoon cumin brew a glass of boiling milk and insist 2 hours.
Take this drink half a glass 15 minutes before

3. Uzvar

Uzvar is a compote of dried fruits (plums, pears, apples,
apricots), some sugar, water. It is recommended to take uzvar
a glass twice a day. And lactation will increase and rich in vitamins.

4. clear water

Suitable for increasing milk production and plain water,
non-carbonated and clean. It should drink up to 2 liters per day, then
there will be no problems with feeding. But just before
кормлением лучше употребить напиток с более выраженным
lactogenic effect (for example, a glass of milk or a cup of green

5. Nuts

The mass of useful components in nuts will not only allow the baby
It is better to grow and improve health, but also to eat breast milk in
enough. Every day you need to eat 2-5 pieces
almond nuts (without salt and roasting), but do not abuse because
the risk of abdominal pain in a baby (causes gas formation in
child and can cause severe constipation.). Other nuts
(walnut, cedar, Brazilian) work in a similar way, but they
pretty fatty. You can still prepare cedar cocktail: 1
table. a spoonful of pine nuts pour a glass of water at night in the morning
boil, add honey and drink.

6. Dill tea

Our grandmothers used tea as a lactogenic agent.
dill Spoon dill seed brewed 200 ml of boiling water, insist
night in a thermos. Drink twice a day for half a glass. Replace seeds
dill can be cumin seeds, anise. Based on these plants you can
приготовить и другой травяной чай: по 20 г семян аниса и
dill, 30 g of fenugreek seeds of hay and fennel fruits chop
and stir. 1 teaspoon collection pour a glass of boiling water, insist and
take 2 times a day for a glass of infusion 15 minutes before

You can make yourself a dill milkshake. For this
mix the seeds of dill with kefir, fill with nutmeg
walnut, prisol, process and drink before breakfast.

However, it is worth remembering that both anise and dill can cause

7. Herbal tea

Plants that increase lactation can be purchased at any
pharmacy. Among them are popular oregano, nettle, lemon balm, dill, anise,
hawthorn (berries). It is necessary to make charges of them (to combine in equal
proportions), brew a spoonful of raw materials with a glass of boiling water and take
three times a day 100 ml. Medical consultation before
потреблением любых трав обязательна
! They can
cause colic or allergies in a child!

8. Nut milk

Nutty milk is prepared simply. 50 grams of walnuts need
grind, pour 250 ml of hot milk, boil until small
thickening. Add sugar to taste in a drink, take it at 70
ml. before the next feeding (for 30 minutes).

9. Lactogenic products

There are products that can increase the production of prolactin –
hormone responsible for lactation and supporting it. Many of
these are of animal origin, high-protein, so they are on the menu
must be present according to the daily norms for nursing women.
Here is a list of products:

  • Low-fat meat soups, broths;
  • Fish and lean meat;
  • Hard cheese, Adyghe cheese, cheese;
  • Sour-milk food.

From non-animal food accelerate the production of the desired hormone seeds,
carrots, honey, and vegetables and fruits in which a lot

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10. Juices

Freshly squeezed juices. Home-made juices are much healthier.
store, you must take them immediately, without standing in
the fridge. Perfectly cope with the increase in milk juice of carrots,
currant, blackthorn berries. It is important that the juices are fresh, without
preservatives, diluted with water.

11. Barley decoction or barley coffee

Barley coffee is an excellent substitute for tea. It is better to drink such
drinks with honey, sugar and milk. These barley drinks can
buy at the store in the department of diet food.

12. Radish with honey

There is a drink that does not differ fine taste, but it works
no worse than juices. This is radish juice. Squeeze juice diluted equally
water, add to a glass of liquid a spoonful of honey. With
diseases of the gastrointestinal tract such a drink can not be taken.

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13. Dandelions

The best effect to increase the lactation of herbs has
dandelion. It can be applied in the following ways:

  1.  Fresh young dandelion leaves grind in a meat grinder,
    squeeze the juice, salt, let it brew for 30 minutes, and drink 100 ml 2
    once a day in small sips. To improve the taste, you can add
    lemon juice, honey, sugar.
  2. A decoction of dandelions: 1 teaspoon chopped roots and
    dandelion leaves add a glass of boiling water and infuse for
    hours Then strain and drink 50 ml 4 times a day for 30 minutes. before
  3. Milk shake from dandelions. Смешай стакан of milk с 4
    стаканами кефира, beforeбавь 1 ст. a spoonful of shredded dill leaves,
    dandelion petals, 10 g of grated walnuts and beat
    with a mixer Drink half a cup for breakfast.

14. Ginger tea

Ginger root clean, chop, boil in a liter of water 3-5
minutes Cool, drink 50 ml 4 times a day. With желании можно
сbeforeбрить чай меbeforeм, лимоном.

15. Vitamin mass

From dried fruits you can cook not only compote, but also to cook
vitamin mass. For this по 100 г кураги, инжира, изюма,
чернослива хорошо промыть, beforeбавить столько же грецких или кедровых
nuts, all crushed into a homogeneous mass. Allowed to put in
her honey to taste. Кушать витаминное «блюbefore» нужно за полчаса
before feeding the baby, washing it down with warm tea.

16. Hercules

If you eat cereals rich in fiber for breakfast, it will not
только полезно для кишечника young mother, но и повысит выработку
of milk. Especially good for this purpose oatmeal. You can cook poppies
на воде или молоке, кушать мюсли, либо заливать овсянку воbeforeй,
leave overnight and consume with kefir. Kashi perfectly combined with
сухофруктами и меbeforeм.

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17. buckwheat

Experts advise to wash buckwheat, then fry it
in a frying pan and eat like sunflower seeds. It will also benefit
for lactation.

18. Watermelon

Watermelons – a great product for lactation – to buy them
следует только в сезон их созревания (с августа). Not
стоит покупать арбузы before августа, они могут быть опасны из-за
большого содержания нитратов и пестициbeforeв.

19. Carrots and onions

Лук, морковь разbeforeбыть просто, а их способность влиять на
выработку of milk тоже высока. Fresh and boiled, welded,
carrots and onions have a positive effect on lactation, so try
beforeбавлять их во все блюда.

20. Salad

To increase lactation it is helpful to eat any kind of leaf lettuce,
which is seasoned with olive oil or sour cream.

Additional tips for young mothers in the period

  • Not нервничать;
  • Observe the mode of the day, sleep;
  • Rest more;
  • Not beforeпускать стрессов, перегрузок;
  • Be sure to feed the baby at night.

In the store for children or in any pharmacy
presented teas and fees for women during lactation. They
целенаправленно действуют, повышая количество of milk. But worth
remember that a search of lactation may result
застоем of milk в груди и развитием мастита, поэтому все хорошо в

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