20 facts about pregnancy that you might notknow

Pregnancy подобна чуду – за этот период организм
and the body of the future mother is undergoing a lot of amazing transformations, oh
which she sometimes does not realize. We have collected the most amazing
facts about pregnancy that make you wonder how little we
still aware of this phenomenon.



20 little-known facts about pregnancy

  1. It is believed that frequent heartburns indicate the birth of a baby “with
    head of hair. This is not a myth – indeed in most cases
    mommies suffering from heartburn, babies are born with a shock of hair.
  2. From about the fourth month of pregnancy in the mammary glands
    milk begins to appear. Often milk can be excreted.
    у молодых мамочек и беременных рефлекторно – при плаче
    or the cry of any (his or someone else’s) child.
  3. The child begins to show emotions still in the womb –
    laugh, cry, be sad. And the crying of the child in the womb is not always
    caused by the mental state of the baby, just in this way baby
    prepares himself for the difficult process of childbirth.
  4. The appearance of bleeding gums during pregnancy and nasal
    bleeding is no reason to sound the alarm. These phenomena are due to
    increase blood flow in the body of a woman.
  5. The child is really able to taste the food that
    Mom eats because some food flavors penetrate to the fetus through
    amniotic fluid.
  6. The average weight of a newborn baby every year becomes
    more and more: in the 80s of the 20th century this indicator was 2.7
    kg, and at the moment more often children are born with a weight of 3.6 kg and
  7. Only 10% of babies are born on time, i.e. in the fortieth week.
    If a child is born after 43 weeks, it is considered “post-mortem”,
    however, there are facts of carrying a child for 375
  8. At 3-4 months of gestation, a woman’s smell is sharply aggravated.
    – it is believed that in this way nature tries to protect the future
    mother and baby from the use of dangerous, poor quality or stale
  9. The number of births of twins and triplets is increasing every year
    – The chances of giving birth to twins are higher for women of large build.
  10. Already in the first three months, the baby appears marigolds and begin
    fingerprints form.
  11. In 90% of pregnant women, skin color can change, moles appear,
    age spots – all these manifestations disappear after childbirth.
  12. During pregnancy, the hair growth phase is extended, because
    hair looks lush, healthier and more attractive.
  13. Increasingly, at birth, a cesarean section is used,
    especially in multiple pregnancies.
  14. Leg size during pregnancy may increase due to permanent
    swelling and delays in the body of water.
  15. Baby in the womb (in the last months of pregnancy)
    emit more than a liter of urine per day, which he himself drinks.
  16. Of all the available methods of stimulating labor
    only the “technique of comfort” method is scientifically confirmed, consisting in
    massage nipples.
  17. The uterus of a pregnant woman for the period of carrying a baby
    увеличивается почти в 500 раз — от размера персика до размера
  18. All babies at 4-8 weeks have a tail, which after a while
  19. By the middle of pregnancy, the expectant mommy appears pleasant
    physical and psycho-emotional sensations. Smoking women not
    experiencing a similar condition at all.
  20. Song can make childbirth easier – singing makes the hormone stand out
    endorphin, which helps make childbirth less painful and
    It has a sedative effect on the woman herself.

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misconceptions about pregnancy and childbirth. Best compilation: 63 myths

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