19 week of pregnancy

19 week of pregnancy – довольно спокойный период.
If the baby has never pushed you, he can do it in
the coming days. The weight of the crumbs “will reach” about 200 grams, and his
height will reach 15 cm. The tummy can grow so that you
feel the initial protrusion of the navel.

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  • 1 What happens to your body?
    • 1.1 Feelings
    • 1.2 Attention: preeclampsia!
  • 2 Possible complications
    • 2.1 Surveys and analyzes
  • 3 Fetal development
  • 4 How is the future of the pope?
  • 5 Recommendations
  • 6 Видео гид: 19 week of pregnancy — шевеления, что
    occurs, abdominal sensations, pigmentation, convulsions, maternity hospital

19 week of pregnancy

How long was the baby conceived?

19th obstetric week means 17th from conception. What’s best
consider the term, which may thus be difficult to read – read
in this article.

What happens to your body?

Now only the most observant people do not know about
your condition. All the rest of your round tummy already
�”Seemed.” It can be hidden except under a very free
clothes In pregnancy, the twin belly is rounded even more.

Photos tummies (click to enlarge):

19 недель 4 дня
животик 19 недель
животик 19 неделя

When walking, you probably lean back slightly. So
the spine balances your body. You may have already appeared
all known “duck” gait.

But it happens in a different way. If you have recovered quite a bit, but before
pregnancies were physically fit
marvel at the ease of your movements. Just be careful on
the stairs. Do not allow yourself to stumble and even more so to fall.

What other external features are typical for you on
nineteenth week:

  • soft, soft and smooth skin, often pink in color;
  • pigmentation of the forehead, cheeks and chin (“mask of pregnant women”);
  • slightly rounded face, slightly swollen lips;
  • there is a habit now and then to put a hand on the stomach;
  • the navel may well stumble slightly;
  • the look becomes special, and the eyes literally shine.

It is interesting. Now your womb weighs one
about three hundred grams. A volume of amniotic fluid – about 0.5


In the nineteenth week, heartburn and
constipation. Frequent desire to urinate is also a common occurrence.
Lack of sleep, love of tea and coffee, as well as the usual fatigue can
end with a headache.

Many unpleasant feelings can be alleviated. Read our

But there is a lot of good! Perhaps you already feel like
hustling your little one. If not, it means amazing first minute
stirring still ahead, but already very close.

Emotional drops have passed, instead of them everything in life is calm and
OK. You have a lot of strength. Sometimes you even want to start a home repair
or permutation. This desire is easy to realize, if you will
only command. No physical exertion!

Even slender women notice that they have become much smaller.
freeze But at the same time, many future mothers begin to endure poorly
hot weather

Attention: preeclampsia!

You have successfully coped with early toxicosis. Maybe you have
he was not there at all. And yet, no mother is immune from
late toxicosis, or preeclampsia. This is a particular complication.
pregnancy, it is dangerous for a woman and her fetus. The essence of the problem
find out here.

Possible complications


Although the second trimester is considered the quietest time
pregnancy problems enough here.


The threat of miscarriage or fading of pregnancy is always there.
Strong fear, dft, falling on ice or steep stairs – all of this
provoking factors. In some cases, the consequences
adverse events are not immediately apparent.

If you have a stomach ache or lower back, brown or
spotting this can be a signal to the body about
possible miscarriage. Pregnancy is more dangerous. She can
initially do not give any symptoms. In any case, allow all
such problems should doctors.

Your immunity may not have enough strength to maintain order.
in the whole body. Therefore, pregnant women often have their own
thrush occurs, and during hypothermia – cystitis. if you
it hurts to urinate, and traces of heavy
yellow or unpleasant smell, report it
to the doctor.

Surveys and analyzes

if you ещё не был назначен скрининг, вы будете направлены на
examination by your doctor of female consultation. You will take blood
hormones hCG and AFP, as well as free estriol. This will allow
Doctors check the absence of pathologies – for example, illness

Attention. Non-compliance with the norms of one of
tests does not mean 100% probability of pathology in your baby.
Maybe you just didn’t prepare for blood donation.
(for example, could not resist and ate). Conclusion about the problems of fetal development
done based on multiple, repetitive

Depending on your condition and previous surveys
the doctor may refer you to standard blood and urine tests
– on the level of sugar, protein, hemoglobin and other standard

Now (or a little later) you may be assigned an ultrasound scan. Specialist
check the basic metrics of your baby and, possibly,
will tell you the sex of the child (if you are not yet aware, and the baby is successful
will turn). Want your kid to surprise you?
Warn the doctor that you do not want to know what sex

The doctor during the ultrasound should assess the state of the placenta,
cervix and amniotic fluid.

Fetal development

размер плода 19 неделя-

height: 13-15 cm; вес: 200грамм

Главное для вашего малыша сейчас – это возможность
fully grow and improve. You will provide all the crumbs
necessary proper diet and proper rest. And in this
fetal time:

  • the whole body grows up;
  • the brain is actively developing, zones are being improved in it, which
    responsible for the five basic senses;
  • to the formation and strengthening of the immune system “connects”
  • neck muscles are strengthened so that the born baby can already
    turn the head;
  • they improve the movements of the fingers and toes, they
    bend in all tiny joints;
  • the amount of subcutaneous fat increases;
  • the respiratory system continues to develop;
  • ova are actively formed in girls, and with large
    stock (several million of them);
  • about eighteen hours every day the fruit is in
    rest, the rest of the time – moves (periods of activity and rest
    recruited several per day).

The child still has enough space to tumble, so its
perturbations do not “beat in the gut” and do not cause you anxiety, but
only delight.



How is the future of daddy?

By the end of the nineteenth week you have already experienced a lot. Maybe,
quite a bit tired. Everyone around is talking about how beautiful
time is second trimester, and you don’t want anything at all. Only
sit and watch tv. Or browse magazines.

In this state, conflicts with your husband (partner) are possible.
Men see only external changes. They find it difficult to understand which
restrictions imposes a baby on your life. What to do,
if you lack the attention of a loved one?

Ask him to give you time regularly. Spend these important
minutes together on walks or just talking. Come up with
some kind of joint occupation – let it be even folding
simple puzzle! Maybe, отцу вашего малыша просто не хватает
information. Together, find the forums where the dads have already taken place.
share their impressions. There you can find very useful

The main thing – do not be alone next to each other.
Mutual understanding and respect for the “half” you will need
already pretty soon.

Для мужей: инструкция по обращению с беременной


  1. Follow the diet of pregnant women: vegetables, fruits, cereals, meat and
    a fish.
  2. Try to drink jelly more often if you have seizures.
  3. When constipation helps prunes.
  4. Cramps mean a lack of potassium and calcium. Make up the shortage
    dairy products and dried apricots.
  5. Do not drink food with tea and / or coffee, especially with frequent headaches.
  6. Always try to sleep during the day when it turns out.
  7. Sleep at night so much to fully relax. remember, that
    sleep on the weekend before dinner will not make up for a lack of sleep on weekdays if he
  8. Take vitamins and other medications prescribed by your doctor.
    And no more drugs!
  9. Talk with your doctor about wearing prenatal
  10. Take care of your feet: they should not get wet, cold and swell.
    Wear comfortable shoes with low heels or very small
    wedge At home, when you sit or lie down, try to raise
  11. Your underwear and bed linen should be natural.
  12. Sexual life should bring joy. If anything
    afraid – discuss with a partner and doctors. Intimate life will have
    limit if you have a lack of amniotic fluid, you wait more
    or toddler ever threatened you with miscarriage.
  13. Some doctors advise to use during pregnancy
    condoms It is believed that this will protect the fetus from possible
    infections. In addition, a number of doctors believe that sperm can
    cause uterine contractions and provoke miscarriage. This danger
    due to the presence of hormone in seminal fluid
  14. If there are scales at home, weigh yourself every week, for example, by
    Sundays. Better to do it naked – so you get the most
    accurate data on their weight gain. No opportunity? Put on
    the same clothes for weighing. Doctors believe the rate of increase
    250-300 grams per week.
  15. Do not sit with your legs crossed – so you impede the blood flow in
    abdominal and unnecessarily overload the pelvic bones and muscles.
  16. Take breaks at work. Change the position in which you sit,
    go outside or have a balcony, if you have one, go where it is
    possibly. Pick ways for a short rest in accordance with the view
    your labor.
  17. When you go to bed or just relax – enclose
    pads, rollers from towels or something similar under the stomach and
    between the knees. Now you can only put your tummy in bed
    one position – on the side.
  18. Do not decant the colostrum. It should stand out freely. To
    there were no spots on linen and clothes, buy special
  19. Do not be afraid of training bouts. If sometimes the belly is slightly
    tenses up by itself, but then everything passes – this is normal.
    Only следите, чтобы не было болей.
  20. Talk to your baby, listen to your favorite music (not only in
    headphones!) and feel free to stroke your belly.

A little more – and you can proudly say that
survived about half their life
of pregnancy.

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Видео гид: 19 week of pregnancy — шевеления, что
occurs, abdominal sensations, pigmentation, convulsions, maternity hospital

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